My Bi-Polar brother in-law meets me

Let me begin by saying I am not proud of what
happened, I am overwhelmed with guilt and dismay. I
feel dirty and worthless because what happened, is
not me. That is not the person I am. But I can’t
dismiss the fact that “it happened”. I’m telling my
story because I have to get it out, I can’t keep it
in any longer, call it therapy if you will, but I
must. Let me begin a little further back so you can
understand how it all happened.

My name is Suzanne, I am 54 years old, tall, and thin
with blonde hair. I am told I am beautiful which
makes me wonder why I can’t keep a functional long
term relationship. My husband Jeremy was bi-polar and
is in essence a nut case. To this day he is still
destroying our children who are 22 and 20. We never
did agree on how to raise kids plus his verbal abuse
to me, it came to the point I could no longer stay in
the marriage.

By trade, I am a professional counselor, very
successful and very well thought of. Since divorcing
my husband, which was 8 years ago, I have sought to
be involved in a long term relationship which would
eventually lead to marriage. However, things just
have not worked out as I thought they might.

My first relationship after divorcing was a man who
was younger than me, highly dysfunctional and
grieving over a girlfriend he lost to cancer, guess I
was a convenient target, especially since I was
lonely as hell, guess men can sense that kind of
thing in a woman. Mike did, that’s for sure. He
aggressively pursued me and when I finally relented,
mostly out of loneliness, it turned out to be a

He could not function sexually and our relationship
consisted of multiple blow jobs from me. The part he
loved most was when I would let him cum in my mouth.
It didn’t take long for me to realize he was just
using me for his own personal pleasure but as
desperate as I was, I let it go on for much too long.
He did nothing to pleasure me and only cared about
himself. I finally ended it

My next relationship was with a Dr. that aggressively
pursued me on line. I finally relented again from
loneliness, and that also turned out to be a
disaster. I thought I was in love, not only with him
but the thought of what he could do for me and my

I gave myself unconditionally to him; I fell head
over heels in love with him and tried to meet this
every desire and fantasy. Even to the point where I
let him take me in my ass at his bidding, something I
would have NEVER allowed or agreed to previously. But
the more I gave, the worst he treated me. I took as
much as I could and finally walked away after 7
months. The problem is, I was still in love with him,
and just couldn’t seem to get over him. It took me
another two years to finally get him out of my heart
and mind, and I’m not really sure to this day if he
really is or not.

My most recent relationship which just ended after
two years, which by the way, was not my doing, was
with a wonderful man who I fell in love with in a way
I never have been in love before. He was older than
me and I can say without reservation that he knew how
to treat a woman. Sexually, he was the most amazing
man I have ever known, he took me places I never knew
existed. I never knew that intimacy could be so deep,
satisfying and wonderful.

He cared only about my pleasure which prompted me to
give more and more of myself. You may ask, if it was
so good, then why is it over? Very simple. I am a
fucking idiot. He tried to tell me over and over what
was important to him in our relationship but I didn’t
listen. For two years because of my shame and
embarrassment from previous relationships, I fucked
with his head and it just finally came to the point
that he could not take anymore and ended it.
Doubtless to say, I am devastated.

Now, my story. Bob, my brother and law, and his wife
Kathy were always sweet, sweet people. In spite of
being Jeremy’s brother, and also being bi-polar, he
controlled it wonderfully with medication. Bob was 10
years younger than me, is 6’6″ tall, 236 lbs and just
a darling of a guy. A big teddy bear so to speak. He
and his lovely wife Kathy have a wonder marriage and
two adorable kids, which makes this ordeal even more

Bob was a copy machine rep and has a huge client in
the city where I have my practice. Because he and
Kathy lived so far away I hardly saw them, so when he
would come to this area he would call and we would
get together for lunch and catch up. Never was there
ever a sign of anything out of the ordinary. He
highly respected me and I him. This occurred for over
8 years. Fast forward to March of 2012.

Bob has Facebooked me letting me know he was coming
to the area for a follow up with his biggest customer
and wanted to know if I wanted to have lunch. As
usual I said sure, just let me know. He responded by
saying that he would let me know if it all worked

On Monday I got a text from him letting me know he
would be in town on Thursday and was I still up for
lunch? Sure I responded. No problem just let me know
what time and where. Thursday was here before I knew
it and I got a text saying we would meet at a
favorite local restaurant at 1pm. Told him I would
see him there.

About noon I got a call from Bob saying he was tied
up with his client and that he had to stay over till
Friday and would I be up for dinner instead of lunch.
Well, since Thursday’s are basically my Friday’s
because of my schedule I said yes. He said he would
call me later and let me know what time and where,
being he did not know what time he would conclude his
business. I told him I would wait for his call.

The day flew as I had appointments all afternoon.
Then about 5:30 my phone rang, it was Bob, I had to
tell him I would call him back because I was with a
customer. I retuned Bob’s call at 6:05 after my
appointment left and he went on to tell me that he
was staying at the Sheridan close to my house and if
I wanted to meet him there for dinner at 7:30. I told
him that worked out fine as I could go home and check
on the kids and get them some dinner before meeting
him. So, it was all set.

I ran home, made dinner for the kids, freshened up a
bit and left to meet Bob. When I arrived he was
waiting at a table in the hotel restaurant. He
greeted me with a big bear hug which was his usual

For the next two hours we talked about his brother
Jeremy and what a jerk he is, our kids, our
relationships and jobs. In all the years we had been
meeting as a family, and one on one for lunch, I had
never heard Bob say anything negative or off color
about his wife or family. But when I asked him how
everything was going with Kathy he began to open up
to me like never before.

You know Suzanne, he said, in all the years I have
been married to Kathy, as much as I love her, it has
been very frustrating and challenging.

What do you mean Bob? I asked.

Well first of all Suzanne, I’m sure Kathy has shared
with you the “package” I carry around.

I felt my face begin to flush when he mentioned that.
I had no idea he knew that Kathy had shared with me
years ago that Bob was so big that she was never able
to take all of him.

At best he was only able to get about � of his dick
in her. It made her feel very inadequate and
sometimes like a failure. But Bob being the sweet
person he was, never made her feel inferior and
always assured her that everything was fine and that
it was satisfying for him. Well tonight Bob began to
tell me that not only was that frustrating for him,
but that Kathy never liked oral sex, whether it was
giving or receiving. Said it made her sick. I had
never quite heard Bob talk like this and it concerned
me. I was hoping he was not off his meds as he seemed
really bummed. I decided to try and find some
positive aspect to his dilemma so I asked him a few

Well tell me Bob, I asked. When you do have
intercourse with Kathy, does she enjoy it?

Well she tries to make me feel like she does, but I
think it is so painful for her that she doesn’t.

Did she ever actually say that? I asked.

No, but I just sense it.

Do you sense that she ever reaches fulfillment? I

I think she has. But only when I don’t move and she
moves and brings herself off. If I move, I have to
tendency to push too hard and it hurts her.

Well that’s good isn’t it?

I guess so.

I could sense some hesitation in his voice.

Why do you hesitate when you say that Bob? Blushing,
Bob replied.

Well it really hard for me to climax that way because
I never get enough stimulation to fully cum.

Then what do you do? I asked.

Still blushing, Bob replied, I usually have to finish
myself off by jerking off.

Now it was me who was blushing. I felt so sorry for
this kind gentle soul.

I’m so sorry Bob I replied. Then he continued,

If only she would finish me off with her hand I would
at least feel she was engaged and cared about my
feelings. But no, she just turns over and goes to

Well you said she didn’t like oral sex either, is
that right? How come?

It was a combination of me being so big and the fact
that she couldn’t stand the smell and thought it was
just disgusting.

I’m sorry to hear that Bob, I replied.

I noticed a tear in Bob’s eye as he recounted his

Have you gone for any counseling Bob? I asked.

No, Bob replied. Kathy won’t go, she doesn’t think
there is any reason for it. As I watched Bob’s face
he began to turn very white.

Bob, I asked, are you ok?

I think so, Bob replied, I just feel really sick.

There were beads of sweat coming from his forehead.

Are you on your meds? I asked.

Well I missed a couple of them today because of the
meeting I had. I had left them in my room and forgot
to take them with me.

Having lived with his bi-polar brother for 20 years I
knew the best thing was to get him in a lying
position and put cold towels on his head, in addition
to giving him his meds.

Do you want me to call someone Bob, maybe Kathy? I

No, Bob replied.

Then you need to get up to your room right away and
take your meds and get some cold towels on your head.

You’re right Suzanne. he replied, as he stood up and
began to walk toward the elevator on very shaky legs.
I ran over to him and took hold of his arm to steady
him. Here, let me help you Bob I said as I pressed
the button on the elevator and waited for the door to

What floor? I asked.

The 5th floor Bob, replied. I pressed number 5.

Once the door opened I asked Bob what room and if he
had the key. He said it was in his coat pocket, so I
reached in and pulled it out and slid it and opened
the door. Steadying Bob I led him over to the bed and
laid him down as I went to the bathroom and got some
cold towels and brought them over and put them on
this head. I also found his meds and brought him a
glass of water to take them with.

Are you sure you don’t want me to call Kathy? I

No, Bob replied groggily, she will only worry,
besides, what’s she going to do anyhow?

I kept putting towels on Bob’s head and feeding him
water till finally the color began to come back into
his face. I sighed a sigh of relief.

Thank you Suzanne. I really appreciate your concern.

Well I couldn’t just leave you, I replied.

My brother was such a jerk Suzanne forever treating
you the way he did. You deserve so much better. Thank
you Bob, I replied.

I then became very embarrassed; while I was talking I
glanced down and saw this huge bulge in Bob’s pants.
Bob happened to catch my glance and became very red

I’m sorry Suzanne, sometimes it just happens.

We both became silent for what seemed like hours, but
it was only minutes. Bob finally broke the silence by
looking at me and saying.

Suzanne, have you ever in all these years thought
about being intimate with me?

WHAT?! I snapped. I jumped up off the side of the bed
and told Bob that I was leaving.

Suzanne, please, don’t be upset with me. Wait, don’t
go. Please!

The pain in his voice was so pathetic; I hesitated
for just a moment.

Please come back Suzanne, Bob begged, as he looked at
me with those puppy dog eyes.

I reluctantly turned around and walked back over to
the bed and sat down. Bob then reached out and took
my hand in his.

Suzanne, I’m sorry for asking you that, but I just
need to know. Please?

A million thoughts passed through my head as I
contemplated whether I should answer him or not.

Bob, I said. You’re happily married, Kathy is a
wonderful human being and I’m sure if you make a
concentrated effort you could work out these
frustrations together.

You’re right Suzanne, and I have been trying. But I
asked you a question. Would you please answer? Bob, I
said looking away, that would not be appropriate, and
would serve no useful purpose. Suzanne, please.
Answer my question.

Well, I replied, there have been a fleeting thought
on occasion, but only because I respect you and see
how you treat your wife as compared to your lousy

Thank you Suzanne, I needed to hear that. I really
did. I have to also confess as well that the thought
has crossed my mind more times than I care to admit.

Taking my hand in his he thanked me again and
apologized if he put me on the spot. So sweet I
thought. But then Bob took my hand and moved it
toward him, and looking me straight in the eyes
brought my hand to rest on his bulge. I could feel my
face turn red and was stunned that he would be so
aggressive. Bob, I stuttered, what, what the, what
the hell are you doing?

He just looked at me and held my hand firmly against
him. It felt like he had a baseball bat in his pants.
Ok Bob, I stuttered, that’s enough. Let, let, let
loose of my hand.

By now I was visibly shaking.

I can’t, he said, please Suzanne, as he began to move
my hand back and forth over his bulge.

Suzanne, please, please help me. Please?

The poor man was begging me to rub his dick, he was
so desperate.

Bob, this isn’t right. We are friends, why ruin that,
and what about Kathy? I can’t do that to her.

You’re right Suzanne.

But he kept moving my hand back and forth. Oh God I
thought to myself. What am I going to do here? This
man is so pathetic, so needy. Then I felt my hand
involuntarily begin to move by itself over him. Bob
mouthed the words, thank you Suzanne, as his eyes
went back into his head. I began to blush again as
Bob took his hand off of mine and just looked at me
as I continued to rub him.

My God Bob, you are so huge! I exclaimed. No wonder
Kathy has an issue with it.

What can I say Suzanne, it’s what God gave me, I
can’t help it. If I could I would.

Bob must have seen my demeanor soften as a little
smile came over his face.

I really appreciate this Suzanne, I so need this, you
can’t imagine.

I thought to myself, I can imagine more than you
think. Then I concluded that I was going to help this
man, just this one time.

No longer involuntarily, I moved my hand back and
forth over his huge manhood, squeezing gently as I

Squeeze it harder Susanne.

Wh-what? I heard myself say.

Squeeze it harder, stroke it.

The tone of his voice had changed and it was more of
a command than a request. I don’t know why but I
complied by squeezing him harder as I started to
stroke him on top of his pants. Bob grunted as he
felt the effect of my ministrations.

Suzanne, unzip my pants, I can hardly feel it.

No Bob I snapped, this is all I’m going to do.

Suzanne, unzip my pants, NOW!

At that moment I should have got up and bolted out of
that room. But for some reason I didn’t. Instead, I
moved my hand to his zipper and began to move it
downward. Looking me straight in the eye he said. Now
my belt buckle and snap.

I felt numb and mesmerized as I unbuckled his belt
and unsnapped the top of his pants. Then with both
hands, Bob lifted his torso and pushed his pants and
underwear down below his knees. Staring me in the
face was the biggest male organ I had ever laid eyes
on. Oh my god I thought. It must have been 11 inches
long and so thick.

I was frozen as I gazed upon it. Bob must have seen
the fear and wide eyed wonder in my face because he
then reached up, took my hand in his and moved it to
his huge tool. It was as hard as a rock on one hand
and so soft to the touch on the other. I could see
the pre cum glistening as it seeped from the little
hole on top. I heard myself murmur. Shit Bob, holy

With my hand still in his, Bob began moving it in an
up and down motion, slowly stroking himself with my
hand, while all the time never taking his eyes from
mine. Then he removed his hand from mine as my hand,
on its own, continued moving up and down. I had never
touched anything so huge in my life and I shook with
a combination of fear and arousal.

Use both hands Suzanne, Bob said, as his words
snapped me out of my stupor.

I shifted slightly on the bed as I placed both hands
on his dick. Even with my hands on top of each other,
I still never came close to covering his whole dick.
There was plenty left. Then Bob shocked me by taking
his thumb and rubbing it over the head and wetting it
with all the pre cum that had accumulated.

He then took his thumb and moved it to my mouth. I
jumped with shock and pulled my head away, but he
took his other hand and put it behind my head and
pulled it forward, then he took his thumb and rubbed
it across my lips, then he mouthed the word, “open”.

I slightly parted my lips and he inserted his whole
thumb in my mouth. Without even thinking about it I
started to suck on his thumb.

Oh god, what a sight that must have been. There I was
sitting on the side of Bob’s bed, his pants down to
his knees, both my hands on his huge tool stroking it
up and down, and his thumb in my mouth.

Then without a word being spoken, Bob took his right
hand that was behind my head and pulled it toward his
cock. I knew what he wanted, but I shook my head NO,
my heart was pounding so hard and loud I thought it
would explode in my chest. Closer and closer he
pulled my head until my mouth was just inches from
the huge head. Removing his thumb from my mouth I
heard him say, “lick it Suzanne”.

No Bob, please I heard myself beg, this has gone way
too far, just let me finish you off with my hand.

He pulled my head once more and snapped.

Lick it Suzanne, I’m not going to tell you again.

The tone in his voice caused me to fear greatly, his
brute strength could overtake me in a second I
thought. I don’t want to piss him off. So I extended
my tongue and it made contact with his big knob. Bob
moaned as my tongue came in contact with his
sensitive cock, I moved my tongue over the head,
lapping up all the wetness that was there. Using his
hand to put pressure on the back of my head I knew
what he wanted next. He wanted me to take him in my
mouth and suck him. Still stroking his cock, I parted
my lips wide and slid my mouth over the huge knob. It
stretched my mouth to the point that my jaws ached.

He grunted as my mouth took his knob inside, he then
took a hand full of my hair and began to move my head
up and down on him. He was gentle but firm as he
manipulated my head up and down . With no more than
the head of his cock in my mouth I felt Bob begin to
tighten and his torso began to shudder. I knew what
that meant, so I braced myself as he held my head
firmly over his cock. As I continued stroking it I
felt him begin to harden even more.

Oh gawd! Bob grunted. Oh gawd Suzanne, stroke and
suck faster!

With that I felt him begin to gush like a fire hose
in my mouth. I began to see stars as torrents of hot
cum shot to the back of my throat. I began to gag and
swallow all at the same time as he pushed my head
further down and thrust his torso upward. There was
just so much cum, I couldn’t handle it all. It was
gushing down my throat, out of the corners of my
mouth and out through my nose. I had never seen so
much cum in my life. It was as if this poor man had
not cum for years. I felt myself gagging but he would
not let go of my hair.

Suck it, suck it Suzanne.

I did the best I could.

Finally his climax subsided. There was cum
everywhere. In my hair, on my face, all over his cock
and stomach, my eyes were watering and I struggled to
catch my breath. When I could finally speak I said,
“What the hell was that Bob?”

Years of pent up frustration my dear Suzanne, he

I tried to pull my head back up into the upright
position but Bob spoke,
Not yet Suzanne, lick me clean my dearest. I know you
love the taste.

I was shocked at his words. Had he spoken to his
brother, did the son of a bitch share our sexual
encounters with his brother? I have to say it took me
aback. But I complied with his wishes and began to
lick him clean. But he was right, I do love the taste
of cum. I licked his stomach, up and down his shaft,
his balls and anywhere else I could find a drop of
the sweet nectar.

When I was finished, Bob pulled me up to him and put
his arms around me and kissed me hard, plunging his
tongue in my mouth, tasting himself. I kissed him
back hard as we played tongue tag for what seemed
like hours.

Then without any warning, Bob took his left hand and
thrust it up my skirt, between my legs and grabbed
hold of my pussy with his huge hand. No Bob I
screamed as he held tight. I took care of you now
take your hand out and let me go. I’m leaving. NOW!!!

With one arm around my shoulder and one hand over my
crotch he had me in a hold that was impossible to
break out of. I struggled, to no avail and Bob just
smiled as he opened and closed his hand over my
female treasure using his thumb to massage my
clitoris. I began to protest again but Bob put his
mouth over mine again and started kissing me. Just
then he took his big middle finger and slid it into
my pussy.

I went right over the edge, I started to buck and
scream in his mouth as my climax hit me like a ton of
bricks. His thumb was rubbing my clit as his finger
vigorously fucked me hard, I was drenched and could
hear the slapping of his hand against me each time he
reentered me. Then a second climax hit, then a third,
then a fourth then a fifth, oh my god, I was going
crazy, cumming like a wild person Bob held me tight
around the shoulders as my torso was convulsing all
over the place, number six, number seven, number

That’s when I fainted. Everything went black…


I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up
Bob was sitting on the edge of the bed and had a cold
towel on my forehead.

Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone faint from
having multiple orgasms. Thanks for the memory. It’s
not funny I murmured.

Damn Suzanne, I never would have guessed you were so

My heartbeat had finally returned to normal as I lay
there wondering how this ever happened.

Bob then lifted up his right hand where he had my
panties. He put them to his face and took a big wiff.
Mmmmm. Your panties are soaked Suzanne, they smell
and taste wonderful.

I felt my face flush as he looked at me and grinned.
That’s when I realized, I HAD NO PANTIES ON!!!

Ah, you should give me back my panties Bob and I
should be leaving now. Bob just gave me a little
snicker and leaned over, pulled up my skirt and
buried his face in my pussy.

No Bob I protested, no, enough is enough, but I was
no match for his strength and he took hold of my legs
and spread them apart. As hard as I tried I could not
close them. Then I felt his tongue licking me from my
butt hole to my clit. Long, slow soft licks.

How in the hell are you supposed to resist that? So,
I just relaxed and let him lick me. The moans that
emanated from my inner being were a turn on to Bob
because he increased the intensity of his lapping.
Well, it didn’t take long till I was bucking like a
wild filly again. My orgasm hit me with such
intensity, but Bob never moved his mouth from my
pussy from the beginning to end of it.

For god’s sake Bob. Please stop this. We have gone
far enough. Please Bob, please, stop, now. I’m
begging you.

Bob lifted his head up from between my legs and said
to me.

Well my dear sister in law, one thing is for sure.
Before the end of this evening you will be begging,
that’s for sure. But not in the way you think.

Bob had this mischievous grin on his face and I knew
I was in trouble. I did what any good counselor would
do, I tried to reason with him.

Bob, I said, I know you are a good man, and I know
you have a good marriage and you are a man of
integrity. What we have done here was in the moment,
I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me too. But
this has to stop now. We have to walk away and chalk
this up as a passionate moment and just leave it at

My dear Suzanne, Jeremy was right about one thing,
even if he is a jerk.

What’s that? I asked.

That you are so fucking na�ve Bob barked. So fucking
naive. Do you think for one second after sucking my
cock, swallowing my cum, and climaxing till you
fainted that I’m going to just let you walk out of
here without fucking your little ass off?

That’s when I panicked. There was no way he was going
to rip me apart with that ball bat size cock of his.

Bob I will get on my phone and call your wife right
now if you don’t let me leave.

Go ahead Suzanne, you fucking idiot, do you think
anyone will believe you? Do you not think that
Jeremy, Kathy, your kids, will believe this was not
all your fault? Everyone knows how fucked up you are
and always have been, So go ahead, call them, tell
them your brother in law raped you.

Then he threw the phone at me.

Call them you stupid bitch go ahead he yelled.

Oh god, I pissed him off I thought, I had never seen
Bob mad in all the years I had known him.

Here’s the deal sweet Suzanne, before you leave here
tonight you’re going to get fucked, whether you can
take all of me or not is another story, but one
thing’s for sure, you’re going to try. Now, we can do
this the easy way or the hard way, I really don’t
give a shit, because I’m going to shoot off inside
you and fill you fuller than you have ever been
filled before, understand? It’s your call. Make your
choice now, we are wasting valuable time.

All I could hear in my head at that moment was my ex-
boyfriend’s words to me over and over again.
Decision�..Consequence. Why didn’t I listen to him?
He was always right. But now here I am, with no way
out… but I tried.

Bob you know this will be rape I said as I attempted
one last time to speak to whatever remained human in
him. Bob just laughed as he stood up and took hold of
his rigid cock.

Rape huh, you think? Suzanne, just let me enlighten
you on something. It isn’t rape when the female is
begging for it, now is it?

I’m not begging for anything I retorted, with an
irritated tone to my voice.

Then he grinned. Maybe not right now my dear, but you
soon will. You will indeed.

I was frozen with fear as Bob moved toward me. I
tried again to reason with him.

Do you hate me so much Bob that you want to hurt me
and destroy me with that thing?

El contraire Suzanne, this beautiful thing is going
to only bring you pleasure, pleasure like you have
never known before, or will ever know again. And
whether this is the last time we do it or not, well,
we’ll let you decide at the end of the night. Now
spread your fuckin legs.

My head was reeling and my mind was completely blown.
Here is a man that I loved and respected as a
relative who has become someone I don’t even know.

Take the skirt off Suzanne.

I just laid there, frozen by what was going on.

Then fine, I’ll do it for you.

With his cock in his left hand he reached down with
his right hand and pulled my skirt off my hips, down
over my thighs, over my calves and off my feet. He
took my skirt in his hand and thrust it across the
room. He stood there looking down at me smiling as he

Are you ready for me Suzanne?

I will never be ready for this Bob, never.

Well ready or not…

With that Bob climbed upon the bed, positioned
himself over me and told me to spread my legs.

I hesitantly responded.

Good girl. Good girl.

He then positioned himself between my legs, still on
his knees and sitting back on his legs. He reached
down and ran his fingers across my clean shaven

Ah, good Suzanne, you are nice and wet, as a matter
of fact, you are soaked. Maybe you don’t want this,
but it looks like your body may be betraying you.

Bob, I pleaded, this can stop now and we can walk out
of here, still friends, regardless of what else has
happened tonight. Bob just shook his head no and

Does this cock look like it is going to let you leave
without fucking you?

Then he lowered himself over me.

Put your hands on my shoulders Suzanne.

Bob was so big, his shoulders were wide and his chest
was very hairy. I believe in college he was a
defensive linebacker. Whatever he was, he sure was
built for it.

Now sweet Suzanne, he said, snapping me back to the

I reached up and placed my hand on his shoulders.

Pull your feet up so your knees are in the air; then
spread them.

I pulled my feet up almost to my butt and then I
spread my knees wide. Goo, nice target, Then he
looked down at my pussy and smiled.

Now listen, I don’t want this to hurt, so if you
cooperate I will go slow till you have taken all you
can, but if not, I will fuckin rip you apart, I don’t
give a shit, ok?

I shook my head yes as a tear formed in the corner of
my eye and dripped down my cheek.

Please Bob, I begged, don’t hurt me.

No reason to cry honey. If you cooperate, this will
be good for you too. I promise.

With that, Bob took his right hand and took hold of
his enormous cock as he steadied himself with his
left. Then I felt him move his cock up and down my
crack. He started at my butt, moved it up over my
opening and then over my clit. I shuddered from the
sensation. Bob just smiled.

Good Suzanne, this is going to be real good.

He continued this maneuver for about 2 minutes when
finally the head of his beast came to rest right at
my entrance. I gasped as I knew what was coming.

Just relax Suzanne, just relax.

With that he moved slightly forward and I felt his
knob make its entrance into me. It was so big, but he
was gentle and before I knew it, the entire knob was
inside me. It had really stretched me but because he
was gentle it did not hurt. Then he began to move the
head in and out in slow methodical strokes. Get used
to it honey, breath normally and just get used to it.

Oh gawd, I could not help myself, the sensation was
unbelievable, being split open by this monster and
now feeling it move in and out.

Ok Suzanne, I’m going to move just a little more now.

Then he moved forward slightly and the head moved
further in and I felt another inch of him enter me. I
looked him in the eyes as he gently slid the head and
another inch slid inside me with the same motions as

Oh gawd I moaned, as I moved my head back and forth.

You like honey?

Bob, oh Bob, oh Bob, I’m getting ready to cummmmmm.

Go ahead Suzanne, go ahead and cum.

I began to convulse as my orgasm moved through me, it
felt like molasses’s as my body responded to his slow
methodical fucking.

Oh gawd Bob! Oh gawd! I screamed as he continued his
unrelenting rhythm. Then without even realizing it,
it was ME who pushed toward him and two more inches
of his fabulous cock found its place inside my
convulsing pussy.

Good girl Suzanne. Good fucking girl. Now you’re
getting the hang of it.

He continued to fuck me slowly as my pussy was on
fire. I was moaning and thrusting my head back and
forth as my climaxes continued to hit me one after

Damn Suzanne you are amazing, fucking amazing, as you
are cumming, your pussy is opening up, I think it
wants more, do I give it what it wants Suzanne? Tell
me Suzanne, do I give it what it wants?

Bob was like a wild man now.

Oh fuck Bob I panted, do it, give it more. With that
Bob thrust forward and I felt his cock thrust deeper
into me. I couldn’t breathe, I was panting, my body
was convulsing and my pussy was on fire. Oh Bob, oh
Bob, oh Bob.

What Suzanne, what?

Oh Bob, don’t stop, please.

Suzanne, let me understand, are you BEGGING me to
fuck you?

Oh gawn I moaned, oh gawd.

Well Suzanne? Are you BEGGING me to fuck you? Answer
me NOW.

Oh yes Bob, Oh yesss! For god’s sake Bob, fuck me,
fuck your sister in-law!

Ok Suzanne, you asked for it. You are asking for it,

Yes, yes, yes! I screamed. I’m begging you for it
Bob, is that what you want to hear? You want me to
fuckin beg?

You’re damn right that’s what I want to hear dear
sweet sister in law.

With that Bob pushed and his entire cock buried
itself inside of me.

Oh fuck Bob, it is too big, too deep I screamed as I
beat on his back with my fists, oh gawd. Bob stopped
his thrusting and just laid still.

Ok Suzanne, I’m going to stop for a moment so you can
get adjusted, ok?

Breathlessly I responded. Ok, ok. Thank you.

We lay that way for about 5 minutes, when Bob finally
broke the silence.

You ready honey?

I think so I heard myself reply. Please be easy
though. Please.

I will honey, don’t you worry. Suzanne ok?

Yes I responded.

Now wrap your legs around me and dig your heels into
my back, and hold on tight, you hear? Yes Bob yes.

Then, very slowly, Bob began pulling his cock all the
way out and when just the head remained buried, he
began moving forward and slowly and methodically slid
his entire cock back into me till I could feel it hit
my cervix. I was holding on for dear life. My arms
were around his neck, my legs were wrapped around his
waist and he had his big hands under my ass as he
pulled me toward him.

Ok baby, I think you’re ready. Are you ready Suzanne?

For what Bob I panted.

For the fucking of your life Suzanne, that’s what.

I WAS ready. Readier than I had been for anything in
my life.

I looked Bob straight in the eye and said, then give
it to me lover, give it to me the way you have wanted
to give it to Kathy for all these years. Bob grinned
and began to pick up speed, he would pull out and
then drive his cock hard deep, I could hear his big
balls slap against my ass every time he bottomed out.

You’re incredible Suzanne, no woman has EVER taken me
the way you are right now.

I was panting as I replied, and don’t you ever forget
it Bob, don’t you ever forget it. With that Bob
attached his mouth to mine and started to French kiss
me, it put me over the edge and I started to cum. I
was moaning and screaming in his mouth, as he fucked
me deeper and harder than I had ever experienced in
my life. I pulled my mouth away from his and placed
my lips by his ear.

Fuck me Bob, fuck me Bob, fuck me Bob, fuck me Bob,
fuck me Bob. My words drove him crazy as he began to
thrust in me with all his weight, I thought I would
break in two. I kept taunting him and he kept driving
in me. I was cumming non-stop by now and it didn’t
seem like it was anywhere close to subsiding.

Then Bob began to shudder. I felt his cock begin to
swell up.

I’m cumming Suzanne!! I’m cummmmming!!

That was all I needed to hear.

Yes lover, cum, cum in me, fill your sister in law
with your wonderful love juice.

And fill me he did, torrent after of torrent of his
hot cum shot deep inside me, he was moaning and
grunting as he continued driving in me. He came till
he could cum no more. I felt his hot boiling cum
drench my insides as he came and came and came.

Then Bob collapsed on me, he was spent, but I wasn’t
done yet.

Bob, please, I need a little more, please.

I can’t Suzanne, I’m finished.

I started to panic, I needed more.

Bob, turn over on your back, hurry. Bob turned over
and I mounted him putting my hand between us and
grabbing his cock, I directed it toward my hole and
inserted it. Just lay there Bob, I’ll do all the

With my lips on Bob’s I began to drive my pussy up
and down on Bob’s still hard cock, with every motion
of my ass I drove his cock in deep and then lifted my
ass till it almost came out, then I would push again
hard taking his entire cock inside me. With my head
beside his I screamed into the bed, oh fuck Bob, oh
fuck, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming!!

Air began to escape from my pussy and my ass as I
continued to pound his hard cock, cumming, cumming
and cumming. Finally, I reached the point where I had
enough and collapsed on Bob’s big hairy chest.

Damn Suzanne, you are one insatiable bitch.

I was too tired to reply.

Now you got my cock going again you little slut. I
need to cum again Suzanne.

Oh shit I thought, I’m totally spent. Then I got an
idea. I rolled off of Bob’s big body and onto my
back. Here Bob dearest, straddle my chest, just don’t
put your weight on me or you will crush me.

Bob rolled over, got onto his knees and straddled my
chest. There he was towering over me with that huge
beautiful cock and those massively hard balls staring
me right in the face. Ok baby I cooed, as I took his
cock in both hands and began to stroke it, let that
sucker blast off on my tits, on my face and in my

Give it to me baby, don’t hold anything back.

Bob’s balls were rock hard as they bounced against my
chest. I felt his cock start throbbing and Bob was
breathing hard.

Come on baby, I taunted him. Come on and cum all over
your Suzanne.

With that Bob began to squirt like a hose, all over
my tits, my chest, my face, in my hair and then I
took the head of his cock in my mouth and got the
last squirts of his tasty cum.

Mmmmm! I moaned, as the last drops of his juice
dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. Then Bob,
looking down at me, took his hand and wiped the cum
from my chest and tits, then he took his cum drenched
hand and began wiping it all over my face. Pure
protein, what a facial I laughed, and so did he. Then
he took three fingers and pushed them into my mouth
and I sucked them till they were clean.

Just when I thought he was done, he reached back,
took those same three fingers and shoved them in my
pussy and moved them around getting them nice and wet
with my juice and his cum.

Treat time Bob laughed as he brought his fingers back
up to my face and stuck them in my mouth again. How
do you like the taste of your pussy Miss Suzanne?

Mmmmm, wonderful as long as it is mixed with your cum
I said. We both laughed as I finished cleaning his
fingers off.

Then Bob rolled off of me and laid on his back. He
then pulled me close to him and started kissing me
again. Soft and tender kisses, and lots of tongue. We
kissed for ten to fifteen minutes before we both came
up for air. Then Bob spoke.

Well Suzanne darling, do you love me yet?

Do you even have to ask that question?

It’s been a year now since our first encounter. I did
make a decision, and that was, I could not live
without that incredible cock. I told Bob no at first,
but then laying in my bed one night, I knew I was
hooked. I couldn’t live without it. So I called Bob
and told him I was wrong and would he give me another
chance. Doubtless to say he made me beg like a dog.
And I did. Over and over until I convinced him that I
meant it. So he set the terms.

I, at my own expense would pay for a room at least
once a week or whenever he decided he wanted me. He
would call me, I was never to call him. And even if
he called on a moment’s notice, I was to drop
whatever I was doing and come to him. Yes, I know the
terms are humiliating and unreasonable, but those
were his terms, take it or leave them. I TOOK THEM.

He has been very reasonable and has never called on a
moment’s notice. He has respected the fact that I
have a job and a family to tend to. But in the
bedroom, he won’t settle for anything but total
submission. Whatever he wants, I must be willing to
give or it’s GOODBYE. So I give him what he wants. My
job, according to him, is to make all his fantasies
come true, and trust me; he has pushed me to the
limit, even to the point of bringing someone else in
the bed with us.

The hardest fantasy for me to perform for him was for
me to be with him and another man, with me on my
hands and knees, sucking off one guy while Bob fucked
me from behind. I was so reluctant at first, but
after it happened it really was not that bad. Bob was
like a wild man fucking me as he watched me suck off
his friend Matt. We all came together, I had cum in
my mouth and cum in my pussy. I was filled from head
to toe.


Then later when we recovered Bob insisted that I fuck
Matt while he watched. Matt was not as big as Bob but
he really knew how to use what he had. He kissed me
and fucked me in my mouth; in my pussy; and yes, even
in my ass, for over an hour he continued using me
before he finally came, I watched Bob as he stroked
his big cock and came too, but I came over and over
again in the meantime.

So, the saga continues to this day, I want to stop
but I can’t, I’m too deep in. In essence, I’ve become
Bob’s whore. But he treats me respectfully and like a
woman, which is what I long for so desperately, that
is, so long as I give him what he wants, and his
demands are great. He said I am too amazing to keep
just for himself, says he has lots of friends he want
s to share me with.

I don’t know how I feel about that but I have no
choice, I’m hooked now, and I can’t go back.

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