Samantha reluctantly decides to give in to her desire

“Your mother and I will be back at 12:00 Sam,” her
father shouted up from the foyer. “Stay inside and keep
the door locked. ”

“No worries Dad!” she called back.

A moment later the sound of the front door shutting
echoed up to wear Samantha stood.

Breathing out a sigh of relief mixed with anticipation,
Samantha hurried through her room to the bathroom.
Kneeling before the sink she slowly opened the cabinet
beneath. She was acutely aware of her heart pounding in
her chest as she nervously pulled out the small
cardboard box her friend Jessica had given her for her
seventeenth birthday a week earlier.

Samantha knew what was inside the Vans shoebox though
she hadn’t had the nerve to open it yet. Such things
were taboo, ungodly, a sin and she knew her parents
wouldn’t approve. She had almost thrown it away a dozen
or more times over the past week out of fear that her
mother might accidently find it, but her curiosity had
stopped her.

Her legs were slightly unsteady as she got up cradling
the box against her chest and walked back into her room.
Taking a deep breath, Samantha sat down on the edge of
her bed. Her fears and a lifetime of Catholic teaching
warred against the shiver of anticipation that ran down
her back as she slowly pulled off the cover.

Samantha’s breath caught in her throat as the purple
vibrator was revealed in all its glory. Her jaw dropped
at its size. It was at least eight inches long and
impossibly thick. She had seen penis’ in pictures before
and knew they came in a lot of different shapes and
sizes, but this seemed far too large, especially for
someone who was a virgin.

“What was Jessica thinking!” she whispered fighting the
surge of disappointment that filled her as she looked at
the massive sex toy.

Fueled and emboldened by that disappointment, Samantha
reached inside the box and lifted the penis shaped
vibrator out. Fascination soon trumped melancholy as her
fingers traced the prominent veins along the shaft of
the purple cock. The silicone was amazingly soft and yet
hard at the same time. An errant image flashed through
her mind as she explored the vibrator with her fingers.
In it she was lying back on her bed squirming with
delight and wanton lust, impaled on the huge phallus.
Her breath caught in her throat and a warm flush ran
down the center of her body at the thought of letting
herself go like that.

The longing to be that girl consumed her as she studied
the beautiful tool. Every second that passed increased
her desire and chipped away at her uncertainty.

“Maybe I could just try…” Samantha breathed deciding
to see if it was possible.

Setting the dildo down beside her on the bed before her
newfound resolve faded, Samantha quickly stood up and
began pulling her yoga pants down her smooth, toned
legs. As soon as her yoga pants were off, she wriggled
out of her thong and let it fall to the carpet. A moment
later she had her workout shirt up over her head.

Almost naked, Samantha paused, then slowly sat down. A
multitude of reasons to abort her plan battled with the
recent sensual vision of what could be. The daydream was
hot and beyond sexy, but her resolve started fading the
more she thought about it. The vision was probably only
a fantasy, something that would never be. She was a good
girl after all and liked that about herself. She didn’t
mind that the boys in high school called her ” a hot
tease.” They were just pissed because she wasn’t about
to give it up to some immature high school boy.

Samantha let out a sigh of resignation and unconsciously
unhooked her bra deciding she would take a shower, then
call her friend Jessica and arrange to give the box and
its contents back.

As her bra slid over her erect nipples a sudden jolt of
electricity rushed through center of her body to her
groin, followed by an indescribable longing. Her nipples
ached more than they ever had and her back arched of its
own will as she struggled to catch her breath. She was
suddenly, intensely aware of the warm air moving over
her skin, the softness of the down comforter beneath her
toned butt, and the increasing wetness between her legs.

“Oh… God!” she panted lost in the new sensations
flowing through her.

She was suddenly past having changed her mind and
reached for the purple toy. A heated breath escaped
Samantha’s full lips as the fingers of her right hand
closed around the dildo’s formidable shaft. Without
thinking she moved it toward her pussy and lay back,
luxuriating in the sensual feel of the soft comforter
against her skin. Another gasp escaped her lips as the
head of the penis shaped dildo made contact with her
shaved sex and again her body arched as if it had a mind
of its own.

The sudden desire to have her pussy full of cock was
overwhelming. She pressed the purple phallus between her
lips frustrated and filled with longing.

“Come on!” she moaned squirming to get the right

When she finally managed to get the head inside, a warm
flush rolled up through her body followed by small
explosions of pleasure she’d never experienced before.
Samantha’s body wiggled trying to skewer itself on the
purple cock to no avail and her shaking arm was too weak
to comply by itself, so she reached for the dildo with
her other hand.

Her body arched and a cry of delight escaped her lips as
she inadvertently touched something on the huge vibrator
and the head started pulsing inside of her. Fear coursed
through her rising above her lust momentarily. She was
going to pull it out when an intense explosion of
overwhelming pleasure erupted between her quivering


When Samantha finally came fully back to her senses, she
was kneeling on the floor with her torso resting on the
soft down comforter atop her bed. She heard herself
panting and was acutely aware of her hard nipples
throbbing with each breath. Nearby, the vibrator lay
pulsing angrily, its head shiny from her juices.

Samantha tried to move her arm and turn off the dildo,
but she was so weak and her pussy felt so unbelievable
that she soon forgot about the buzzing vibrator,
concentrating instead on the amazing rushes of pleasure
still erupting from her sex.

There was an odd rhythm to the pleasure that her body,
even in its weakened state, was responding to. A part of
her mind wondered how it was possible without the dildo,
but the other part of her mind reveled in the dreamy
feeling, not wanting it to stop. Samantha heard her
panting increase through closed eyes and smiled, aware
that the pressure building between her legs was going to
push her over the brink any moment.

Suddenly a heavy weight forced her upper body down into
the comforter and a rough, wet tongue licked the side of
her face. Confusion intruded on the dreamy pleasure.
Something foreign struck the back of her upper thigh.
Utter shock filled her thoughts as realization of what
was happening hit her.

Samantha struggled to get out from underneath the
family’s Mastiff to no avail as the thing hit her again.
She was too weak! Her mind screamed in horror as she
realized she was helpless.

“Gengis!” she pleaded in her most commanding voice.
“Gengis kennel!”

Another slobbery lick coated the side of her face at the
same time as the dog’s cock slid over her butt cheek.

“No Gengis!” she cried helpless trying to ignore the
strange aching. “I don’t want this! Please!”

Heat burned through her body and her nipples throbbed in
rebellion to her words.

A spray of warm liquid suddenly coated the inside of her
left thigh followed a split second later by something
larger than the purple vibrator momentarily spreading
her pussy lips, before running up between her butt
cheeks, missing it’s mark. The sensation stifled
Samantha crying. Her rebellious pussy throbbed with
longing and her body unconsciously arched moving her sex
into position.

“No Gengis…” she moaned into the comforter…

His next thrust brought the tip of his cock into
position between her swollen lips. Samantha felt her
pussy open willingly around the tip as her ass lifted
even more, squirming with anticipation.

Sensing his victory, Gengis pushed forward.

Samantha groaned with pleasure as the huge head popped
into her wet, aching vagina. It was bigger than the
massive vibrator! A second later, the family pet lunged
forward again, his huge, impossibly hot cock pressing
past where the vibrator had gone. The Mastiff’s huge
cock seemed to be expanding in size, filling and
stretching her vagina, but still her butt squirmed
wanting more.

“It’s too big!” she heard herself moan even as her
slutty body pressed back into it.

The huge cock that was stretching her formerly virgin
pussy start to slide out and an odd sense of loss mixed
with the relief that Gengis was finally obeying her. It
was a brief thought, because a moment later she cried
out as the huge cock lurched forward violently opening
her up even more.

Samantha sobbed as the cock came to rest against her
cervix. The pain was so intense she thought for a second
that she might pass out. Just as the intensity of the
pain began to lessen, Gengis pulled partially out, then
thrust in again. The agony was only slightly more
bearable this time.

“Gengis please!” she breathed, “I can’t… get fucked by
a dog!”

Again he pressed himself inside of her to the hilt and
pulled back.

Samantha didn’t know when her screams became moans, when
she gave into the act and reveled in what her family pet
was doing to her; time seemed irrelevant. Her body
responded of its own will as the pleasure built. She
felt her firm, thick tits sliding across the comforter
and found herself pushing back into the dog even harder
than she had, overcome with the desire to mate.

She became aware of Gengis’s belly rubbing over her
back, felt the power of his body and basked in the
feeling the dog’s hot cock produced inside of her.

“That’s it baby!” she cried out urging the family pet

When his knot began to press against her clitoris,
expanding her ravaged opening wider with each stroke,
the feeling was so overwhelming and intoxicating that
she pushing back harder.

With a powerful thrust Gengis managed to press his knot

Samantha cried out as her whole body exploded with
feeling and the orgasm ripped through her being. She
screamed with wanton lust, her howl echoing Gengis’.
Torrents of hot liquid filled her pussy. The intensity
of the orgasm increased.

Over and over her pussy detonated with a pleasure beyond
her wildest imagination. In the midst of her ecstasy she
felt something hot running down the inside of both of
her thighs and knew it was Mozart’s doggy cum but didn’t
care; there was only the moment, the feeling.


Samantha woke up as the front door to the house slammed
shut. Panicked, she looked to the side and saw that the
door to her room was still open. She tried to move and
realized Gengis was still on top and inside of her. The
movement sent a wave of pleasure through her despite her
abject fear. A moan escaped her lips. It was building
again, her parents were going to find her tied to their
dog, but it was building! Tossing her blonde hair back,
Samantha tried to pull herself forward and off the
massive cock, but the pleasure doubled and her body
arched back onto the cock craving more.

She heard herself moaning as she rocked back and forth
under the huge Mastiff. Tears fell down her cheeks
knowing she was about to get caught, but she was a slave
to the massive cock inside her. Samantha knew it would
be the end of her life as she had known it, but her body
had to have more. The pleasure was building and it
couldn’t be denied.

Putting her head down and taking a mouthful of
comforter, Samantha bit down as another massive orgasm
rushed through her. She heard herself moaning and knew
that despite her self-imposed gag, her parents had
probably heard her and were on their way up the stairs.

As her body basked in the afterglow of the orgasm,
Samantha turned her head to the side and chanced a look
toward the doorway.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried to the tear-blurred figure
standing at in the doorway.

“Sorry?” Jessica voice answered. “That is the hottest
thing I’ve ever seen!”

Relief flooded Samantha’s thoughts, but it was tempered
by the fact that her friend might blab.

“Please don’t tell anyone…” Samantha sobbed unable to
stop her body from squirming on the huge cock impaling

“Your secret’s safe with me!” Jessica laughed closing
the door and walking into Samantha’s room. “I wouldn’t
have given you that dildo if I knew you were fucking
your dog. His cock looks huge!”

“I wasn’t… well… ahhhh!” Samantha managed as a
pleasure filled spasm wracked her body. “This is the…
first time… Gengis… raped me!”

“No shit?” Jessica asked putting her hand in Samantha’s.
“Looks like you’re into it though Sam, just sayin.
Nothin like a hard cock inside of you. Your body looks
fucking amazing in that position. Can I take a pic?”

“Jess, no!” Samantha pleaded wiping her eyes.

“Teasin,” her friend said standing up with a grin that
changed into something even more mischievous.

Samantha watched in confusion as the pretty brunette
began wiggling out of her skinny jeans. As soon as she
had kicked them off she pulled down her superman thong
and sat down onto the bed in front of Samantha.

“What… are you doing?” Samantha asked panting as her
vagina contracted around the cock inside her.

For an answer Jessica moved onto the comforter so that
she was positioned in front of Samantha, spreading her
legs to reveal a shaved and glistening pussy. Scooting
forward, Jessica positioned her sex near Samantha’s

“Lick me bitch,” she ordered with a lust filled laugh.
“We can talk about this more when you’re finished

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