Story about an bestiality I had with a girl and her dog during a vacation

It was during my summer vacation in Sweden, a warm and
sunny day at the beach. I was walking around in the
dunes in search of a secluded place to take a pee. I
went up another dune to look what was behind it. And
behind it was such a secluded place: a lower area
surrounded by high dunes forming a pit. But as I stood
there on the brink of the dune I saw something I didn’t

At the bottom of the pit was a beautiful blonde girl
about the age of 25 who was being fucked by a dog – a
yellow Labrador to be precise. She was down on all
fours with her rear up. The dog was behind her holding
her with his forelegs. He fucked her with an amazing
speed. Her eyes were closed. It looked like she was
climaxing right that very moment.

I clearly heard her moaning though it was obvious she
tried to not to be too loud. I saw her trembling and
she had an expression of pure pleasure on her face. I
was so excited by that scene that I forgot that it
would be better to leave before she would see me or
at least hide, since I stood there up on the dune
completely in the open. I was just about to turn around
to leave when she apparently saw me.

“Eh… sorry I disturbed you,” I said. I’m sure I was
red like a tomato. “I’m off then, bye!”

“Why do you want to go so quickly again?” she said to
my absolute surprise (in English with a very cute
Swedish accent, by the way). My heart went even faster
than it was already going. “It seems that you liked
what you have seen judging by the bulge in your
swimming pants.” She smiled at me.

If it was possible at all, my face certainly got even
redder. My cock had indeed become hard as a rock and
the word “bulge” was rather an understatement. Which
wasn’t very surprising since her dog hadn’t stopped
fucking her one moment and you don’t get to see such a
hot scene like every day. It was impossible not to have
a hard-on witnessing that. She asked me to come over to
her. Quickly I went down the dune (what else).

“Well, isn’t it better to watch from here rather than
from that far away?” she asked me. Of course it was.
“Go on, take a close look if you want. I love it when
it makes you horny watching Sven fucking me.” I didn’t
need a second invitation. I went around them to take a
closer look at the action.

“You gotta get lower. Then you can see him pushing his
cock into my cunt.” I did what she told me and what an
amazing view. I’ve often seen this on pictures and
movies on the net, but this was real! The red dog-cock
went in and out of her past her glistening pink pussy-
lips and his large knot was pounding against her
entrance. I wished he wouldn’t be fucking her so fast
so I’d be able to see it all better. But what I was
about to see then was even better than slow-motion-

“Ahhh, I think I’m about to come again. Watch this!” I
heard her saying under heavy moans.

I saw her hand coming through her legs, grabbing the
cock of her dog. Immediately he stopped humping her.
Slowly she pushed his knot into her wet hole. My own
cock was aching – it was hard as a rock. But back to
the dog’s penis: as soon as the whole knot had
disappeared inside the girl’s cunt I could see that a
shiver was going through her body. She was trembling.

“He’s going to cum now,” she whispered, still heavily
moaning. “Yes my boy, shoot all your doggie-sperm
inside me.”

After a few moments she went calmer. Her orgasm was
obviously ebbing down.

“He’s gonna stay there for a while now, he’s got a lot
of sperm to give,” she said with a big grin on her
face. “And what about you? I guess your dick would like
some attention, too. Why don’t you just sit down here
in front of me. I love to give head with Sven in my

“Yeah, but you have to take it really slow,” I told
her. “Or else I’m gonna cum right away.”

“Just leave it to me,” she said. “I know what to do.”

And she did. First she removed my swimming pants, but
didn’t touch my cock right away. Tenderly she let her
fingers glide over my belly, with soft lips she gently
kissed it. What a nice feeling she gave me by doing
that. Her hands went down at the sides of my hips,
still with very gentle moves. Sometimes she barely
touched my skin with the tips of her fingers. Shivers
went through my body and goose bumps appeared all over
it. At the same time she kissed her way down my belly
and more and more she started to use her tongue as
well, not less gentle than she was with her fingers.
She got near my erect dick but she surrounded it first.
When she was below my cock, she grabbed my thighs with
both her hands, opened her mouth and let her tongue
fling over my balls. Then she took one of them into her
mouth sucking it greedily. After she did the same with
the other one she was licking my ball bag like a dog.

“Wow, I love what you do, dear,” I told her.

For a brief moment, she looked up to me and smiled. “I
told you, I know what I’m doing! Oh wait a moment,” she

Her dog had started to attempt a turn. “I have to hold
his cock inside my pussy when he’s turning or otherwise
it’d be going to pop out and we don’t want that now, do
we?” she explained with a big grin on her face. A few
moments later the Labrador stood behind her, rear to

I wished I could have had another glimpse on her pussy
with the dog cock disappearing inside it in this
typical canine sex position, but that wasn’t possible
that moment because she had carried on playing with me
again. She continued to lick my balls as well as the
area around them for quite a while and I enjoyed every
stroke of her tongue.

Finally I felt her tongue going over the root of my
dick. With her head turned to the side she let both her
lips glide along the underside of my dick. Before she
reached my glans she changed to using her tongue again,
but merely the tip of it. She crossed the frenulum of
my dick with it. That alone made me shiver once more
and then she eventually reached my glans. She retracted
her tongue again, slipped her hot lips around my glans
and went down my cock swallowing it completely.

I felt my glans at the entrance of her gullet, but she
didn’t gag in the slightest. She was obviously an
expert-deep-throater. Before going up the shaft of my
cock again she skillfully played on the root of my cock
with her tongue and when my cock glided along her lips
slowly leaving her mouth she kept using her tongue on
it. When she reached my glans I noticed the tight grip
of her lips around it.

With a clearly audible sucking noise my cock left her
lips, she looked into my face once more, still smiling.
I smiled right back at her and she started to swallow
my cock again. Up and down my dick she went, every move
faster than the one before. I really had to concentrate
to prevent myself from shooting my load into her mouth.
I did intend to do that and I was sure she would love
it but not yet.

From time to time I had to tell her to get slower. She
almost stopped then and started all over again. Very
slowly first and then increasing speed. More than once
she brought me to the brink of going off. I’m sure she
got quite a few drops of my pre-cum to taste. But she
noticed it every single time before it was too late,
she quickly stopped completely and went on after a bit
of waiting to give my cock time to rest, using the
waiting time perfectly with licking my balls another

It was such a great feeling, almost like having
multiple orgasms. But of course I had to concentrate on
not shooting more and more and so I was quite glad when
she finally seemed to let go for the time being.
Another surprise was awaiting me.

“Enough of the licking for now,” she said with another
smile. “Thanks for the tasty lust-drops from your dick.
But now I’d have an appetite for some other fluids you
might be able to give me.”

I wondered what that could be and I certainly was
surprised when she went on with her appeal.

“Are you perhaps able to pee now?,” she asked and my
astonishment switched to joy. “I’d love if you pissed
all over me.”

“You little piss-slut,” I said with a big grin on my
face. “Yes, indeed I can do that. In fact I was looking
for a place to piss when I found you. You just made me
forget about it, hehe. So prepare for a lot of my own
champagne now.”

Having said that the first dribbles of urine appeared
on top oft the little slit of my glans which she
quickly sipped with greedy lips. She grabbed my cock
when more and more of the golden liquid sprayed out of
my dick. First she drenched her face with it licking up
what was coming to her mouth. Then she aimed a little
bit further up soaking her beautiful blonde hair with
my piss. It was such a great thing to look at.

I was so glad my bladder had been filled to the brink.
The stream of piss went down over her face again, she
opened her mouth and let it all go in. I have wished I
had been able to piss forever but eventually I had to
reduce the force of the stream of my piss in order to
prolong the act of pissing. She immediately noticed
that and swallowed my now a little softened cock and
let all the rest of the wonderful champagne of nature
ran down her throat. And there was still quite a good
amount of it left.

“How amazing is that?” I thought. How big is the
chance of accidently running into a girl who is as much
a dog-lover as she is a piss-lover? I must be in
heaven.” I must have had a big grin on my face back
then. Maybe I also grinned because of the sensation she
gave me when she was sucking the last drops of piss out
of my dick. From drinking my piss she went seamlessly
to continue on the blow-job she had paused a few
minutes ago.

I laid back and closed my eyes so I could enjoy her
soft lips and her passionate licks. Again she swallowed
my dick down her throat playing with my balls with the
tip of her tongue while doing that. It was amazing what
she could do with her tongue and mouth. I was in sexual
dreamland and so I didn’t notice when her dog
dismounted her. He came over to her to lick my piss
from her face and hair, but I also didn’t notice that
at that moment. I only realized his presence when she
made him lick my cock as well. I opened my eyes to
watch both of them licking my cock.

“I hope you don’t bother my dog licking your dick?”

“Of course not, I love it.” I said to her. “I actually
had the pleasure of a dog licking my cock before.”

She gave me a cute smile before joining Sven’s tongue-
work on my dick again. She took my dick back into her
mouth and her dog was going further down to lick my
balls. I opened my legs a bit in hope that the dog
would caress my perineum and asshole and to my
pleasure he did. A wonderful feeling.

He went up again to lick my piss from her face once
more. She let my cock out of her mouth (or should I say
throat) and let her tongue meet with his tongue in a
lascivious bestial French-kiss while my cock was being
caressed by her hands. I don’t know who enjoyed this
more: she performing the kissing or me watching the
dog’s tongue go into her mouth again and again. She
lowered her face down to my cock again and he did the

They continued to lick my cock and my balls together. I
opened my legs even further and this time it wasn’t
Sven who let his tongue wander below my balls to my
ass. At least he wasn’t the first one. In turns they
pleasured my dick, balls, perineum and asshole with
their tongues and mouths. And she used her skilled
fingers, too I enjoyed it a lot, when she put one of
her fingers into my asshole, massaging my prostate. I
really don’t know how I managed to keep myself from
cumming for such a long time.

“Now give me your sperm,” I heard her say. “I want to
taste your juices and Sven will love it, too.”

That wish wasn’t very hard to fulfill. I felt that I
was about to squirt.

“Okay! I’m cumming now! Aaaaaaaahhh!”

And how I came. The first squirts were so hard I even
hit my own face. Then they licked my squirting glans
together. At the end of my orgasm she put her lips over
my cock again and sucked me dry while her dog licked
the semen from the first squirts from my belly. I had
closed my eyes again when my Swedish lover finally let
go of my cock.

“Look at that! You’ve stained your own face,” she said
and licked the remains of my sperm from my face and we
ended up in a lovely French kiss.

“So what do you think about giving me a little pleasure
with your mouth?” she asked.

Of course I didn’t say no to that and invited her to
sit down on my face. I just made a few strokes through
her slit with my tongue when I heard her say:

“Hey Sweetie, I still have quite a lot of doggie-sperm
inside my pussy. If you don’t want it to go into your
mouth you have to stop for a moment, so I can empty my
pussy somewhere else.”

She seemed to be delighted when I didn’t show any sign
of stopping. Just the opposite, I intensified my
sucking on her hole. And there it came: the dog’s sperm
whose taste was indeed clearly distinguishable from
that of my Swedish lover’s cunt. The liquid that now
oozed out of it tasted a bit salty, but certainly not
bad and it really was still quite a lot. She
obviously had done her best to keep as much as possible
inside her until I would eat her pussy.

“So, you seem to like it, do you?” she asked me after I
had sucked the last drop of her Labrador’s sperm out of
her cunt not that she went dry, she still produced a
lot of her own juices. It just wasn’t as much liquid as
the semen and it tasted a bit different, as I mentioned

“Yes, that was really nice,” I replied with a smile and
continued sucking her clit.

And Sven, the provider of the juices which I had just
enjoyed, still took part in the action. As soon as his
lady had repositioned herself on my face he had
continued to lick my body. He seemed to examine most of
my body with his tongue (what naturally felt very
nice), but he clearly concentrated on my cock, balls
and belly. After a good deal of sucking- and licking-
time, during which she had had a very nice climax in my
mouth, I asked her to lay on her back.

“You don’t want to lick my pussy anymore?” she asked

But that wasn’t my intention. I did want to continue to
eat her out (her pussy tasted just too good) and I told
her so.

“I just want to change positions, that’s all,” I said
when she was dismounting my face. “Maybe then you can
prevent your dog from licking my dick for a while it
needs a little rest and I’ll have it hard and ready
again in no time!” I grinned at her. She happily smiled
back at me.

So she laid down on her back and I kneeled on her side
so I could access her pussy from above while resting
myself on her wonderful velvety belly. I started to
lick her as she started to moan lustfully again. Then I
felt the dog’s head on my side. I had a quick look at
it and I saw that he was licking his lady’s tits. And
she was clearly enjoying it as she pushed them to his

“Yes, Svennie, lick my nipples,” I heard her say (or
should I say moan). “Now that’s a good boy.”

I drew my full attention back to her overflowing cunt
again. It seemed that her dog was also licking her face
again, which was certainly returned by her with another
French kiss. I didn’t look this time since I was too
busy with “my job”, but imagining the kissing was
enough to keep my dick from softening too much.

Then I felt the soft warm hands of my sexy Swedish
beach beauty on my dick and a moment later I realized
why she had done this. Her dog was at my rear again and
she wanted to keep him away from my cock like I had
asked her. But to my pleasure he was more interested in
my now completely accessible asshole. And I must say he
knew how to use his tongue. A wonderful sensation,
especially because the girl had started to caress my
balls and penis with her fingers. She did this very
slowly and tenderly, which was good.

I myself also began to use my fingers. I inserted two
of them into her pussy which was welcomed with a loud
moan. Slowly I fucked her with my fingers while
continuing to rub and suck her clit with my tongue and
lips. I went on doing this for a while. Then I looked
up once more to see how she was doing and again I had
the pleasure to see her French-kissing her Labrador.
But of course soon I lowered my head again for this
wonderfully tasting cunt of hers. When I looked up next
time she was just laid back. I didn’t see her dog
anymore. And he wasn’t at my rear as well.

Then suddenly I felt his tongue at my fingers. He
obviously liked the flavor of his mistress’s cunt as
much as I did. So I withdrew my fingers and then I
carefully lowered my head to her hole again.
Fortunately Sven didn’t seem to mind sharing the twat
with me and so we went on licking and sucking her
together this way I also had my French-kisses with
the dog. To provide both Sven and myself with a better
access to her cunt I asked her if we could slightly
change positions again.

I sat down between her legs and pulled her rear up to
let it rest on my chest. Now I had her puffy cuntal
lips right under my mouth and an enticing female smell
was rising from it. I dug my tongue down her cunt as
deep as I could searching for her juices. My tongue
wasn’t alone for even one second. It was joined by the
one of Sven, who quickly had understood that I didn’t
intend to take his lady’s pussy from him. Now the dog
and I had access to her cunt from opposite sides
myself from her backside, Sven from her belly-side.

Soon I felt that she was starting to tremble and
twitch. With the combined effort of human and canine
tongue it hadn’t been hard to make her cum. And she
rewarded us with torrents of her love juices. To my
joy, she even let a few squirts of piss spray out of
her pussy during climaxing. Finally her orgasm was
slowly fading. I stopped licking her and lowered her
rear so that she laid down on the floor again. Her dog
wanted to go on licking her pussy, but she didn’t want
him to. So she commanded him to lay down beside her,
what he did.

“Your dog is well trained,” I said, sitting between her
spread legs.

“I do have some nice rewards for him if he obeys, don’t
I?” she replied with a big grin.

“I guess so. If I were your dog I’d do virtually
anything for that kinda reward!”

“Would you?” she asked, grinning again. “What about
some more reward for you for this fantastic orgasm you
helped giving me? In case you do like to receive a
Golden Shower as much as giving it? Because I
desperately have to piss now!” It seemed she didn’t
realize that she “lost” a little bit of pee during her

A split second later I was laying on my back.

“Like it?” I said. I’d love to! Gimme everything you
got. I’m expecting to be drenched in your piss.”

And that’s exactly what happened. She stood above me
and parted her pussy-lips with two of her fingers. And
then she let go. An ocean of piss was raining down on
me. She hit me everywhere, my body, my cock and my
face. I tried to catch as much as I could with my mouth
which was not easy. Her piss tasted wonderful. I wanted
more so I asked her to get a little closer and piss
directly into my mouth.

Without stopping she turned around and got down, so
that her pissing cunt was now right above my greedy
mouth. And to make this sensation even better she
started to play with my cock again. And she just didn’t
stop to piss. It was amazing. I really had drunk a lot
of piss when the stream of piss finally did cease. But
of course I wanted to have it to the very last drop
which I sucked out of her hole with lustful smacks.

“Wow, that was amazing!” I said. “Where did you learn
to piss like that?”

“That’s a natural talent!” she told my after taking my
cock out of her mouth again. “And it seems your cock is
ready again. I want you in my cunt now. Just relax and
enjoy the ride.”

The next moment she was sitting on me with my cock
already buried deep inside her pussy. I tell you, she
could ride. I loved it. She was skillfully alternating
her pace. One moment she was fucking me hard and fast
and the next moment she did it very slow again, pushing
my cock as deep into her as possible. A few times I
pulled her down to me to kiss her.

She seemed to love kissing as much as I do. I was in
heaven. During an occasion when she was sitting back
again while fucking me really slow she even stopped. To
my surprise she parted her puffy cuntal lips again and
gave me some more squirts of piss.

“Wow, you still got some of it left?” I asked.

“A little,” she replied smiling lovely.

“Well, I do, too,” I said and squirted one gush of my
own piss into her cunt which was joyfully accepted with
a lusty moan. We repeated this a few times and on two
or three of these occasions she even managed to hit my
face again by using her fingers to narrow her little
pee-hole thus forming a nozzle.

And of course my own piss was coming out of her pussy
running down my balls which was also a very nice
sensation. Up to then I hadn’t moved very much since
she had asked me to relax. I decided that I had relaxed
enough. I grasped her firm ass-cheeks and started to
fuck her actively. I fucked her hard, increasing speed
more and more.

“Yes, dear, that’s good. Fuck me hard!” she screamed.
She definitely liked what I did.

Finally she climaxed again and I closed my eyes so I
could concentrate on letting a few more squirts of piss
into her pussy while the orgasm was rushing through her
body leaving her twitching and trembling on top of me.
Her orgasm had almost gone when I felt another stream
of piss on my belly.

“What, you can still piss that much?” I asked her
without opening my eyes.

“Hehe, I’m afraid I cannot. It’s not my pee,” she said
and I opened my eyes. And what I saw was her dog
pissing all over my body.

“I hope you don’t mind? I guess he was stimulated by
the smell of a all the piss from both of us.” She
dismounted me which made a huge load of my piss that
was still left inside her pussy gush out of it and onto
my cock, balls, ass and belly. Then she quickly turned
her Labrador around, grabbed his still heavily pissing
cock and put it between his hind legs. She sat down
behind his rear, right next to me and let his piss
spray onto her face and into her mouth. I must have had
quite a stupid? Astonished? Surprised? Whatever
expression on my face when I saw that. I couldn’t
believe what I witnessed.

“How could I mind, if it leads to such an amazing
sight,” I said in what seemed to be an eternity later.
“Fuck, I love it!”

“You want some more, too?” Having said that, she
pointed the dog’s pissing dick to mine, drenching my
cock in dog piss. Then she let him piss into her face
again and then back to me since I hadn’t shown any sign
of not wanting it. This time she let it spray onto my
body. Back to her and before he was finished she even
let the final few squirts go into my face. It had quite
a strong taste. Very salty, but since it had been so
less, it was quite nice.

“Well, Sweetie, wasn’t that nice?” she asked me after
her dog had completely finished pissing all over me.

“Yes,” I said. “Actually it was.”

Then she started to lick her dog’s piss from my body.
She started with my cock, and although certainly soon
there wasn’t any canine urine left on it she returned
to my dick every now and then. But mainly she licked
over all the parts of my body where the glistening
drops of dog-pee still remained. After cleaning my cock
she sipped the puddle from my bellybutton. But she
didn’t swallow it right away. Instead of that she
raised to give me a lavish dog-pee kiss. Served like
that I actually loved the taste.

She continued collecting the tasty liquid from my body
and sharing some of it by kissing me from time to time.
She also started to rub her tits along my wet body and
offered them to me so that I could lick the piss from
them. It was just great and when there obviously was
not a molecule of urine left on my body I wished her
dog would have pissed more. I sat up.

“Now that was wonderful, wasn’t it?” she smiled at me.
“I wish there were more guys who appreciate a good dog-
piss, hehe.” I had to grin when she said that.

“Well, I guess I have to thank you for helping me cross
that “barrier”.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetie. But maybe you would also like
to help me say thank you to Sven?”

I didn’t understand. I guess she didn’t expect that I
knew what she meant. She called for her dog who came to
us right away wagging his tail and she started to pet
his soft golden fur. She nodded to me so I did just the
same. Then she began to move her hands towards his
belly and again I followed her lead. Then her hands
went over his sheath beginning to rub it and I started
to understand. I didn’t hesitate doing that as well,
and judging by the look on her face she liked that.

“Hey, you’re doing quite well,” she said. “Have you
done that before?”

“Well, no, but I do have a cock myself, don’t I?” I
said with a broad grin on my face.

She gently pulled back the Labrador’s sheath revealing
his glistening red dog cock again. She pulled it
completely back until his already big knot came into
view. Then she put it through the dog’s legs holding it
behind the knot right below his rear. She lowered her
head and touched the side of it with the tip of her
tongue, licked along the shaft and enclosed its tip
with her lips. Slowly the red penis glided along her
lips deep into her mouth. Sven was panting heavily I
couldn’t blame him, my cock was hard as a rock watching
that. But after only a few moments of sucking and
licking, mere watching was going to be over for me. She
released the dog’s cock from her mouth and offered it
to me.

“Want some, too?”

I guess she still was a bit surprised when I actually
accepted her offer, again without hesitation. I lowered
my head and touched the tip of his dick with the tip of
my tongue. Since there already were tiny drops of
liquid clear precum oozing out of the small slit at its
end, it tasted a bit salty , but of course not nearly
as much as his piss. Then I also took his member into
my mouth and started to gently suck on it. More pre-cum
was cumming out of it.

Slowly I began to shove the hot rod into my mouth. This
was of course the first time I had a cock in my mouth,
whether canine or human. But it was really nice. Not
that I had expected different. I was giving head to a
Labrador, and it made me horny as hell. Actually I
loved it. And that was noticed by my unknown Swedish
Lovergirl, too. It must have been very obvious I guess.

“You don’t tell me that this is the first time you’re
doing a blow-job, do you? You’re a natural talent,

“I never did this before,” I told her with another big
grin on my face when I finally released Sven’s cock
from my lips. “But I have to admit, I did have sexual
fantasies about trying to lick a dog’s dick since quite
some time now.” Again a surprised, yet very happy look
on the beautiful face I was looking at.

“And I love it,” I added.

“No kidding?” she winked and smiled at me. “That’s hard
to not notice, my sweet doggie-lover! Oh look, he’s
already started to squirt pre-cum!”

Indeed the little dribbles of pre-cum were now spraying
out of the tiny tip of the dog’s penis with increasing
pressure. Both of us turned our full attention to
Sven’s dick again, licking and sucking it in turns. We
let his ever strengthening spurts of pre-cum spray all
over our faces when kissing each other.

I sucked his cock while she was licking his balls and
vice versa. Soon he was shooting his pre-cum almost
like piss. The amount of the loads were enormous. And
this was still only pre-cum. We got drenched in it. It
was wonderful, I totally loved it. And I got hornier as
I ever was. My own cock was aching. I was about to ask
her if she’d like to fuck once more when she had
another idea.

“I’m sure Sven would also like to fuck now so that he
can cum for real,” she said. Maybe you would like him
to fuck you? He doesn’t care if he fucks a cunt or an
asshole in fact he often fucked mine.” And again that
cute smile.

“Sure, why not?” I said. Again, I didn’t hesitate a
second because first of all I was horny as hell and I
guess there wasn’t much that I would have refused and
secondly that was actually a thing I also had
fantasized about.

“Very nice,” she said. “You do indeed surprise me. I
wouldn’t have thought that. In return I’m gonna take
care about your dick. He looks like he needs some
attention, hihi.” Oh, my god, she was so fucking cute.

So we let go of Sven’s cock and it was obvious that he
wanted to fuck now. He was very excited. I got on all
fours, arching my back, just as it’s described in all
those “how to fuck a dog”-guides. And as I have seen it
a thousand times in zoo-movies and of course now once
in real life when I had seen my Swedish lover doing it
with her dog. Sven really didn’t mind that it was not
his lady who was waiting for his cock. He got behind me
and mounted me immediately.

“Wait, my boy!” I heard her say (she meant her dog, of
course, but I’m sure she said it for me, because I
guess normally she speaks Swedish with her dog?). “We
do need a bit of lube before you can fuck this cute

I looked over my shoulder and saw her licking his dick
once more to lube it with her saliva. Then she grabbed
his cock behind his knot again, milking him a bit. His
spurts of pre-cum which had weakened a little bit got
stronger again. Now I could feel her fingers on my
asshole, gently “oiling it up” with pre-cum and her

“Okay, I guess that’s enough. I’ll put it in now.”

I closed my eyes. I could feel the tip of his hot cock
touching my asshole. Then, veeery slowly she pushed it

“Everything okay? Does it feel good?” she asked me.

It felt very nice and I told her so. She pulled it a
bit out and pushed it in again. I moaned with pleasure.
She did it again and again.

“Okay, I guess I can let him go now?”

Her Labrador tightened his grip around my waist and
right away he started to fuck my ass. It was really
great. I just had to lower my ass a bit more and I
could feel his cock hit my prostate, so every single
one of his thrusts gave me a great sensation within my
balls and right up to the tip of my cock.

“Okay, now for your cock,” I heard my canine lover’s
lady say.

Quickly she slid under my body in a perfect 69-
position. I felt one of her hands on my cock, then the
other one going over my balls and reaching back between
my legs to my asshole.

“I’ll take care that he won’t harm you with his knot.
Knot in the back entrance is for experts only.”

Then she continued to caress my dick and my balls with
her other hand. I myself began to caress her thighs
with my hands and mouth. It was not easy to concentrate
on that as well, while being fucked in the ass by a
Labrador and getting a cock and ball-massage from a
lovely Swedish Girl. I still enjoyed every thrust of
Sven’s hot prick and the flashes that bolted through my
whole dick every time he hit my prostate even
intensified when I felt her tongue on my glans.

Skillfully she let her tongue circle around the tip of
my cock. And when she took my dick completely into her
mouth I myself started to use my fingers on her cunt. I
heard her moans muffled by my cock which was deep down
her throat. She was doing it still very slow and not
very hard which was good because Sven was doing quite
the opposite, so if she had been faster, too, I
wouldn’t have been able to keep myself from cumming
before long. But as it was it was just perfect. No, I
have to correct myself. It became perfect just at the
moment when she started to piss again. I pulled up her
pussy-lips a bit so that the stream of piss was going
straight up.

First I just let it splash onto my tongue. Just as
wonderful as before. I wiggled her cunt so her piss
sprayed my whole face. And of course then I pressed my
mouth firmly onto her pussy to swallow her wonderful
Golden Champagne. It was again quite an impressing
amount considering how much she had pissed before. I
wonder where she had hidden that.

After I had sucked her dry I continued to suck and lick
her wonderful love-hole. She had increased the speed
and force of sucking my dick and her dog was still
fucking me hard. I wasn’t too far away from squirting
my semen down the Girl’s throat now. I was sure that
whenever I felt my prostate fire an electric shock
through my cock I squirted a few drops of pre-cum into
her mouth. Of course that certainly wasn’t comparable
to the amount of liquid her dog was pumping into my ass
at the moment. My asshole was certainly well lubricated
now. I intensified my stimulations of her pussy, too. I
sucked hard on her clit and fingerfucked her. It seemed
that she wasn’t farther away from an orgasm than I was.
And I was very close now. Her pussy started to twitch
the same moment my cock did.

“Yes, Baby, I’m cumming!” I moaned out loud.

I felt my cock starting to squirt. She kept the cock of
her dog buried deep down in my asshole moving it only a
little to massage my prostate even more. The shocks
that shot through my cock were now coming with no pause
and I shot load after load of my hot sperm into her
greedily sucking mouth and down her throat. The climax
we shared was so intense as I’ve never felt before.
Just amazing.

She let go of Sven’s cock and pulled my hips down to
her. Her dog’s dick slipped out of my asshole and he
dismounted me. Heavily panting I rested my head on her
crotch between her legs with my eyes closed. I had
stopped licking and fingering her, but she still sucked
my dick like a baby, though quite slow and gentle now.
I noticed that I might be able to release a few drops
of piss. It was good that she now was so gentle with my
dick so I was able to concentrate enough. I let a few
drops of urine into her mouth. She gave me an
appreciative moan and sucked a little harder again.

Again I had to concentrate really hard, but then I
crossed the threshold. With a weak but constant stream
I emptied my whole bladder into her mouth. It was
obvious that she enjoyed every single drop of it
again she sucked me totally dry. Eventually she stopped
and I rolled over to the side lying on my back next to
her. She turned around and gave me a long lavish kiss
which still tasted wonderfully pissy. But that kiss
finally came to an end as well and she laid down into
my arm.

“That was… that was… just fantastic!” I said after
a few silent moments had passed. “Incredible!

“Yes it was, Sweetie! It definitely was special!” she
was playing with the hair on my chest.

There we lay in the sun, enjoying the warm weather and
the touch of each others bodies. I must have dozed off.
When I awoke I was alone. She and her dog were gone and
I didn’t even learned her name. When I grabbed my
swimming pants I found a little piece of paper lying
under it. It said: “Thanks, Sexy! I had a lot of fun
with you!” And below the text was a lipstick kiss. I
never saw her again, but I still have the note she had
left me.

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