The night I entertained the troops and got off in my first three-way

I just had to tell my story about what happened to me
tonight!! My ummm I would say boyfriend, but I guess
the best way to describe him is my “fuck buddy” Scott
called and told me to meet him at the club that we
liked to hang out in.

I was glad to hear from him as I had no plans tonight
and he was a lot of fun. He told me to put on my tight
little half shirt and my mini skirt and those sexy
thigh high hose. He said, “Don’t worry about picking
out the sexy underwear that I have.” It is always fun
when he tells me what he likes me to ware.

I dressed as he asked and left for the club. When I got
there I spotted his truck and knew he was there. I was
getting a little excited. I walked in and spotted him
on the other side of the club. He was playing darts
with his roommate Paco and did not see me come in. I
ordered 3 shots of schnapps and started over. It made
me smile when he spotted me as he threw his dart and
missed the board; he is an expert dart player.

I giggled and gave hugs to Paco and then Scott. We
drank our shots. Paco is a sweet guy and I feel sorry
for him as he can not seem to get past a first date
with a girl. It is nice to get a smile from him. I have
so often felt odd knowing that on the other side of
Scotts partition wall is poor Paco having to hear us

Scott and Paco finished the game and showed me back to
their booth. Scott took me to the bar for a shot and
pulled me close and told me that he liked that I was
dressed like he asked. I felt his hand move up my leg
past my skirt. When his hand hit the crotch of my tiny
little thong panties I was starting to get excited. He
stopped and looked at me with an odd look in his eye.
He told me that “Don’t worry about picking out
underwear” meant leave the underwear at home. I was
shocked, having never been in this spot before.

Scott said “you have one more chance go to the bathroom
and get those panties off.” At first I told him no way
but the few drinks that I had and when he said that I
was too afraid to have some fun I headed to the
restroom. I have to admit that I spent a long time in
there as I was debating as to weather or not to do

When I left the bathroom I whispered in his ear and
told him that I did it. The smile on his face made me
feel very hot!

Scott shocked me when he asked me to prove it. He said
that I should go to the pool table and lean up on it
and move my leg up so he can see that my panties are
off. I thought that it is early and that the bar is
empty so I walked back to the table and sat up on it
and lifted my right leg. There was no doubt that I had
no panties! Scott stepped up and kissed me and said
that I was very hot!

Scott was challenged to a dart game and he “butched up”
and left me. I went back to the table to chat with
Paco. For a lonely guy he was very smiley. He waved
down the waitress and ordered drinks and shots. When we
downed them both I was feeling a little buzzed. Before
I knew it I felt a hand on my inner thigh. It could
only be Paco but I thought what the fuck Scott bailed
on me and Paco is a nice guy (add alcohol and this is
the thought process). I looked around and could see
that Scott was still playing so I just let it happen.

I was bad and moved my legs apart a little and he moved
in. His fingers found my bare pussy in no time. I guess
between the danger and the drink I had a mind blowing
orgasm in about a minute. He was fingering me for only
a few minutes when Scott came back to the table he
snapped his hand back. I then had a choice to say
nothing or to point the finger of blame!! I thought
never to get between roommates I would just stay quite.

Scott looked at Paco and asked if he was having fun
with me here alone at the table. I just looked away and
waited for him to say that we were just waiting for him
to get back. Instead he said as he lifted his finger to
his mouth and said, “God damn dude, that pussy is as
sweet as you said it was!”

I should have been pissed but I was a little drunk and
Paco’s fingers were great. Turns out he was in the line
of sight to see me prove that I had lost my panties. I
tried to be mad at Scott but after a bit we were all
laughing about it.

After a few more drinks Scott told me that we were all
going back to the dorm to have some fun. He was giving
the orders and I liked it. We all got in to Scott’s
truck and started to the base. I, of coarse was in the
middle. Before we even left the parking lot Scott’s
fingers were in my already wet pussy and my hand was
around Paco’s 8-inch hard cock. Scott made cum twice
before we got to the base and Paco loved the hand job.

We had to quickly get dressed before we got to the gate
as we still had to face the MPs. I think when they seen
us they knew what was going on and what was going to
happen. Then it was on up to their room.

In the room Scott told me to take my top off and show
them my tits. Don’t know why but it seemed all I wanted
to do is do what he said. I stood there with my short
skirt on with no panties and my tits in full view.
Scott told me to leave the skirt on and get on the bed.
The guys got undressed and joined me. I took turns
sucking each of there cocks they were both about 8-
inches but Paco was much thicker, I had trouble getting
my mouth around it.

After I went back and forth a while the guys put me in
a doggy style with me sucking Scott’s cock and my ass
in the air. Paco moved in behind me and slid his hard
fat cock in to my wet pussy. It felt so good that I had
trouble concentrating on the blow job that I was giving
Scott; his hand on the back of my head reminded me real

I heard them give each other a high five and say that I
was the best piece of ass that they had ever had. I
should have been offended but I think I took it as more
of a complement. Just then I felt Paco shoot his load
in me. It was quick but I can’t blame him, the poor boy
had been teased too much. When he pulled out Scott
moved around and took his place. It was very juice down
there but he did seem to mind.

I tried to use my hands on Paco to get him back in the
game but he must have been too sensitive after Cumming.
He would not let me touch his cock. He watched as Scott
pounded my pussy like a jack hammer. Between the
fucking and knowing that we were being watched made me
cum so hard that almost blacked out.

Just after my explosion stopped I felt Scott launch a
load in my pussy. I was filled to over flowing. It took
a few minutes before I could move again.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and get
dressed. My panties were still gone so I had to go with
out. I could hear the boys getting dressed and
bragging. They took me back to the club and I stayed
and partied for a while as it was still early. I did
not have any more sex that night as I was a little
sore. I did feel the occasional drip down my leg and
the cool breeze on my bare pussy reminding me of my
first threesome.

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