A female teacher at an all girl’s school falls in love with her student

This sex story is totally fiction!

Donna seemed like any other everyday person. She had an
rather large build. She was 5’9 and quite stocky with
long blonde hair. She was a teacher at an all girl’s
high school and seemed to favor particular students
openly; all but one whom she favored in a different
way. She was a sophomore and her name was Angelica.
Donna particularly admired Angelica’s beauty. She had
long brown curly hair, green eyes, full lips, and stood
at a petite height of 5’2 with a slim figure.

Every time Angelica walked into her class Donna’s eyes
lit up. She glanced at her every minute she could
without looking obvious. One day, she couldn’t take it
anymore and wanted more than to just be able to look at
her beautiful Angelica, so she devised a plan. She knew
Angelica went home by herself certain days of the week
and decided to take advantage of one of those days. She
waited until a rainy Wednesday and followed in her car
at a distance to remain unseen. When she caught her at
a secluded spot, she drove up next to her and honked
the horn.

“Hi sweetie, need a ride so you don’t have to walk in
the rain?”

“No thanks Ms. Greene,” she said with a soft smile.
Obviously not intending to drive her home, she
continued insisting until Angelica finally accepted.

When she entered the car Donna began driving the
opposite direction of where Angelica needed to go, to
which she said, “I think you might have made a wrong

Donna laughed and replied, “Honey, you’re mine; you’re
not going home.”

Now worried, Angelica tried opening the car door which
was locked and screamed for help. Donna quickly pulled
over and held the screaming girl down while covering
her mouth with her hand. “Make another sound and I’ll
snap that pretty little neck of yours.”

Angelica’s kicking beneath the hold subsided and her
screaming hushed into whimpers. In the time she was
calm, Donna sedated her with a needle and the girl
slowly fell into a deep sleep.


Angelica awoke hours later tied tightly to a bed with
her legs spread and arms together above her. The only
things she had left on her were a bra and panties.
Donna walked in and stood over her. “Hello gorgeous,
have a good sleep?”

“W-what are you doing to me?!” said Angelica while
struggling against her bonds.

“Ever since the first day I laid eyes on you, I loved
you. Everything about you; the way you look, the way
you walk, your voice…” Donna approached the girl, ran
her hands up her sleek thighs, and reached for a
scissor to cut her bra and panties off.

“You sick bitch!” Angelica shouted while tearing up.

Donna reached for the roll of duct tape and ran her
fingers over Angelica’s lips while softly saying, “It’s
a shame to have to seal those sexy lips.” She cut a
long piece off and pressed it onto the struggling
girl’s mouth. She kissed her cheek and fondled her
right breast while touching herself as the girl cried.

Donna rubbed her wet pussy at the sight of the girl of
her dreams bound gagged and crying on her bed. She then
began rubbing the outside of Angelica’s pussy as she
squirmed around on the bed. Donna held down Angelica’s
stomach and continued touching the girl. She used some
of her own juices to transfer onto Angelica as she
moved her finger up and down her slit. She played with
her nipple and moved down to lick her sweet pussy and
slowly around her clit. She was only further aroused by
Angelica’s soft whimpers behind her gag.

“I’m gonna make you cum, my love,” she whispered. Donna
vigorously moved her manly hands down to Angelica’s
pussy and circled her clit with her fingers. She saw
juices beginning to flow from Angelica’s pussy as she
was forced to orgasm. Within minutes the girl’s entire
body shook and a long moan was forced out of her. Donna
did this until the girl reached 7 orgasms and was
crying with pleading eyes to stop.

She kissed her cheek and said, “That was the beginning
of my joy with you, darling.” Then she reached into a
draw and pulled out a box with what appeared to be a
thick 10 inch dildo. She slowly twisted the tip into
Angelica’s pussy and soon about 6 inches of it.

The screams behind Angelica’s gag made her so horny.
Once she pushed in about 8 inches, it began to vibrate.
She got up and said, “I’ll be back in a little bit,
don’t you worry.”

Angelica lay in agony for 30 minutes forced to orgasm
multiple times and desiring for it to stop. Donna
returned with a whip and a candle. She slowly pulled
the vibrator out and fondled Angelica’s body. She
lashed the whip down on her hard.

“Did that hurt, sweetheart?” Donna lashed it again
another 5 times and subtlety laughed upon the sight of
her continuation of tears. She then took the candle and
began to drip the hot wax on her slim little stomach
and listened to Angelica’s muffled screams. She groped
her perfectly small round breasts and kissed from her
neck down to her stomach. She licked her cheek and
smiled looking into her captured beauty’s eyes.

“I’m so happy to have you, baby. I’ve been waiting for
this day for a long time.” She kissed her forehead and
headed toward the door. “Get a good night’s rest, my
love. You have a lot to prepare for tomorrow.”

She flipped the switch and walked out leaving Angelica
in fear of what was to come.

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