A Mother’s Seduction

My son had been dating this hot little 18 year old
Greyfork Honeybees cheerleader for several months now,
and every time they were together, they were all over
each other, kissing, hugging, sucking, and fucking.
They were never quiet nor discrete about it and many
times I masturbated myself to sleep listening to
Nikki’s loud unintelligible grunts and Alex’ moans as
he came in her. Their nasty talk really got me off, and

One night I heard them in the living room, just
starting, so I tiptoed down to the landing and crouched
down and looked through the railing. I saw Nikki riding
Alex like a cowgirl in a rodeo. He was pumping her tiny
pussy full of his sweet cock as she screamed out, “OH

I watched as she lay on Alex, kissing his neck and
nipples as his exquisite dick pushed in and out of her
eager little pussy; the condom-covered shaft glistened
with her lubricious juices; their naked bodies
practically fused to each other as they fucked wildly
on my couch. Nikki rose and tilted her head back to
scream my son’s name as her orgasm hit her powerfully.

I was amazed she lasted so long. My son rammed two
fingers into her taut, sweaty bottom. Nikki looked
toward my room then back to Alex, both panting huskily
as she commented, “I hope we aren’t too loud for your
mom; she’s so cool to let us fuck like this,” she got a
very distant look, “she’s so beautiful, I wonder if she
ever has mind-blowing sex like we do? I know tons of
guys who’d love to have her.” I almost fainted as she
playfully added with glee, “women too.”

I couldn’t sleep well that night; thoughts of those two
gorgeous children ran threw my head like a blinding
collage in my brain. My son’s beautiful, pussy-slicked
cock pounding Nikki’s drooling, ripe cunt right before
my eyes. The thought of other women being attracted to
me; the thought was incomprehensible but at the same
time so taboo and innately erotic. I masturbated and
was finally able to get a little sleep.

The next morning I was in the kitchen bright and early
before my son, whom I was sure would sleep in, went to
work. I had just finished making us a big stack of
buttery pancakes a perennial favorite. Alex came
downstairs and gave me a big hug and kissed my neck
like his father used to. I felt a pang of sorrow at the
thought, “You’re up early; I figured you’d sleep in
this morning?” He sat at the table and said sheepishly,
“Yeah, I guess we were a little loud last night; Nikki
can be very vocal, can’t she… what smells so good?” I
smiled and served him a big stack, “Pancakes, with
butter, syrup and sausage links just like you like
’em.” He looked at the giant stack of flapjacks, “Gee
mom, you’ve outdone yourself!” I leaned against the
sink and smiled as he took a bite, “How long have you
been up?”

I reached up to put the pancake mix box back in the
cupboard. Alex gave me a whistle, which made me blush
“Geesus Mom you’re incredible,” I smiled and looked
back at him, “would you like anymore spice, baby,” I
asked with a little wiggle of my butt, which made us
both chuckle a bit then all was soon forgotten. I
cleaned up the counter while Alex wolfed down his

My hands were still in the dishwater when I felt his
arms hug my waist and felt his body against mine,
“You’re very pretty, Mom; you know that?” I could feel
his erection between my panty-clad bum cheeks and I
stammered, “U-u-urr, umm… urr… thank you honey,
that’s sweet of you to say.” His hands felt so good;
it’d been so long since I’d been touched.

“Mom, there’s no reason you should be alone, I know Dad
wasn’t the best man, but there are plenty of good ones
out there,” he sighed in my ear and whispered huskily,
“You have so much to offer a man.” I turned in his arms
and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, “You’d better
get to work, Big Boy.” He gave me a playful squeeze on
my behind as he added, “You’re much too pretty to go to
waste… love you, Mom… enjoy your day-off!” I just
smiled, “Love you too!” Then he left.

I leaned back on the stove; my pussy was soaked, and
every moment he stood there was near-agony. The bath
had my name on it, so I went upstairs and got in the
shower. The earthy, heady aroma of my drenched pussy
wafted to my nose, as I knew it would, “an excited
pussy is a powerful pussy,” as my father always said
throughout my childhood; the double meaning kind of
amuses me now. A strong pussy is more of a curse in the
women of my family, but its power over men is

I got in the shower; the lukewarm water felt so good as
it cooled my fiery body and gave me time to think. I
chastised myself for being attracted to my own son, but
decided it was more the deep lust I’ve built up for the
past few months, when Alex and Nikki started fucking
all over my house Quothe the Raven, Only this and
nothing more.

As I dried my hair, I got a thought and went into my
bedroom with a towel wrapped around my naked body. I
took the towel off and appraised myself in the mirror,
“long auburn hair, nice decently proportionate body; my
breasts are too small, but my nipples are extremely
sensitive and enthusiastic they get hard at the drop
of a hat and my hips are wide, but give me beautiful
curves. I hate my boobs though, it doesn’t matter my
husband left me for a younger, bustier model. My pubic
hair is soft and downy I stopped shaving it after
Alex’ father left and with him went my sex drive.” I
lay on my bed and idly rubbed my pussy while thoughts
of my son and Nikki fucking on my couch went through my

I must’ve lain there for about half an hour, because
the doorbell rang about noon. I turned on the outside
monitor and saw Nikki standing there with Alex’ school
jacket tied around her little waist, had to admire the
girl, her body was in perfect shape, especially for a
cheerleader; I saw why my son liked her so much, so I
put my robe on and went to answer the door.

Nikki stood there with a sweet grin and had a basket of
various things, “Alex told me you spent your days-off
alone in this house, so I figured I’d come over and
keep you company, hope you don’t mind,” she brushed
past me, and my nipples responded as always by getting
hard and stiff, “I brought some goodies too.” I watched
her bounce into the room very energetically and took a
seat on the couch in front of the TV. She patted the
spot next to her.

We talked for a few minutes about my ex husband and her
ex boyfriend and how she didn’t feel like she could
date until Alex came along. She detailed there meeting
and falling in love. Then she stood and announced she
was going to pour us some of the red wine she brought.
I was getting quite turned on sitting in the spot my
son and this beautiful young lady rabidly fucked just
hours ago; I could feel my pussy getting wet. I
tightened my robe as best I could so as to conceal my
growing arousal, “What am I thinking,” I thought, “I
shouldn’t be getting this excited over thoughts of my
own son naked with this girl.” I’d never been with
another woman, but I couldn’t deny the effect I was

Nikki returned with a couple glasses of wine and a
gorgeous smile and sat down to my left, “I really want
to thank you for letting me and Alex have sex in your
house, Mrs. H, not many Mothers would be as great as
you have for the past few months,” she scooted a little
closer to me; I could smell her lovely scent fresh,
clean with a hint of sexy musk this girl was sex
personified, “I know we can get a little loud, hope we
don’t keep you awake!”

I just smiled and took a drink of my wine, “Oh, it’s
perfectly fine; I wanted my son to find a healthy,
energetic girl and not go all over town to hunt one.”
She smiled softly and put her arm around my shoulder,
“so you enjoy us havin’ fun in your house?” I smiled as
I took another drink, “At least I know you two are safe
and not goin’ around all over the place, so it’s worth
it!” I leaned into Nikki a bit on that last part,
feeling really good not just from the wine.

“So you masturbate while listening to us?” Nikki asked
this shyly, and it came off so cute and youthful. My
face reddened a bit as I sipped the sweet drink, “Well
you’re a very energetic girl, and you remind me of me
and Alex’ father when we were younger.” She gave me a
devilish grin, “He was a good fuck, huh? Have you been
with anyone since?”

I just looked at her as I sipped my drink, “What is
this, I’ve never tasted anything like it?” I asked
taking a big greedy gulp, “You like it? It’s a little
concoction I make, vodka, honey and wine, with just a
pinch of cinnamon for kick.” I smiled and motioned for
a refill, “It’s very, very good. Barely one glass and
already I feel buzzed.” She smiled sweetly and patted
my knee.

But she wasn’t deterred, “Really, no shit? I’ve had at
least three guys already,” she winked as she added with
a devious little grin, “the third was a threesome with
Alex’s friend Jeremy.” She stood up in front of me and
stuck her butt out a bit, “Alex was fucking me like he
does, pumping m soft and gentle getting me very wet
your boy’s a wonderful lover, always takes his time and
listens to my body and all of the sudden, Jeremy
comes in and smiles at Alex then to me.”

Nikki retrieved a baggie from her basket and unwrapped
the contents, a tiny cylindrical vibrator, then got
back into her previous position, “Then sweet, innocent
Jeremy stood right in front of me, as Alex was fucking
me into a seething frothy rush, and took his pants off,
pressing his beautiful cock up to my lips for me to
kiss.” She mimicked her actions with the vibrator,
“Alex pumped my hot cunt full of his sweet cock as I
massaged Jeremy’s tasty cock with my tongue. For
several long minutes, we fucked and sucked each other.
It was so wild!”

“Oh god! This wasn’t fair; I’d barely gotten over my
son this morning, now this hot little girl has got my
pussy screaming for the fire brigade.” I thought
devilishly, “I can’t keep taking showers bad for the

“They fucked both my holes for a few minutes, it felt
so amazing, then they took turns back and front, Jeremy
even slipped the tip of his dick into my ass; that set
me off like a firecracker.” She quivered and squealed
huskily, then took bow as I applauded her sexy

She sat down beside me and patted my knee while
smiling, “Looks like you liked watching me get fucked,”
her hand rubbed over my nipples lightly, and all I
could manage was a proventive whimper as she leaned in,
“You’re going to love this, Dana!” She took the
vibrator from her other hand and pressed it into my
sticky pussy lips; I tried to squirm hesitantly, “Shh,
relax, baby,” and then she kissed me as the buzzer hit
my enthusiastic clit. I was feeling very comfortable
and getting into her ministrations, spreading my thighs
apart to give her access to my steaming pussy.

She ran the vibe up and down my creamy slit as I
squirmed and writhed with more lust than I’ve felt in a
long time. “Just relax, baby, let mamma Nikki take care
of you.” She stood up in front of me and wiggled her
hips, “Did you like the way Alex and I moved last
night?” All I could do was nod not really hearing
as she danced for me. I watched, stunned, as she turned
around and bent over, almost touching her toes, while
looking at me looking at her.

She danced and gyrated for me a moment, and then stood
directly in front of me; her curvy waist mere inches
from my face that musk was much stronger now, and I
saw why. Underneath my son’s jacket, Nikki has no
underwear or even leggings. She threaded her fingers
through my hair, “I see you like my ass,” before I knew
it, she undid the jacket and gave me a birds eye view
of her overheated slit, “You’ll love my pussy!”

Almost involuntarily, I dove into her beautiful,
glistening muff, savoring the flavor as her juices
cascaded from her molten pussy. This girl had me in a
sexual haze; the likes of which I hadn’t known in all
my life, and I loved it! For several too brief moments,
I sucked and slurped her tight, young, succulent pussy
for all I was worth. Nikki pressed my head harder to
her, “Mmmmmm, you’re certainly not out of practice.” I
sucked her clit hard and nibbled it for the compliment,
which made her knees go weak, “Oh god yes, baby, like
that,” she proclaimed through gritted teeth.

After a few minutes, she screamed out loud as she came,
“Mmmm, that was delicious, Dana!” I licked her engorged
lips and smiled my agreement. “Now sit back and let
this Bee find some honey.” I lay back as she spread my
legs a little further, “Oh my, Dana, you’ve got a
beautiful pussy, so wet and quivery,” she rubbed her
hand over my sparse pubic hair,” Alex’ll love this!” I
barely heard her as she dove into my lubricious pussy,
sucking and licking ravenously; her tongue tracing my
every crease and seam.

We played with each other and every toy she brought for
hours, just sucking and fucking each other into
oblivion. I must have cum at least 30 times; I lost
count after about eight. This girl drove me wild like
no other, and I never wanted her to stop. The room
smelled of heated pussy and girlcum as Nikki was
bringing me to at least my 31st orgasm of the day. The
massive climax washed through my body with such force
and bathed Nikki’s sweet face yet again in sexual
bliss. Panting, my body felt saturated with Nikki’s cum
and ached from our games, hopefully she felt the same.

We’d gotten in a 69, and I was so drunk off her
inebriating sexuality that I didn’t even notice my son
tiptoe through the kitchen door and come over to us,
licking and slurping obliviously. Nikki sat back on my
face a little, filling my nostrils with her fresh,
musky aroma, and ground her clit into my lips, “Mmm,
baby,” she started, “you’re the best thing to happen to
pussy since tongues.”

Then she slid off, revealing my beautiful son standing
behind the couch naked; he was very nicely developed
and sumptuous, “But I’ve got somethin’ better, let’s
see how you do with a real cock.” I slid down and
rested my hips on the couch arm. Nikki presented my
swollen pussy like a letter on Wheel of Fate, “Back
from an extended hiatus, I give you, the ninth wonder
of the world.”

Alex took my thighs into his hands and sunk his immense
man-meat into my eager cunt, pumping me vigorously as
Nikki watched with glee. For the next few minutes, my
son and I fucked while Nikki voyeured. Alex was very
enthusiastic, pounding my already soar cunt, and came
like a rocket, spurting his seed all over my chest,
which set me off again for my umpteenth orgasm of the
evening. We all collapsed from utter exhaustion and

Nikki helped me upstairs and we took a shower together
while Alex crashed on the couch. As the water massaged
our aching bodies, we washed each other and cuddled,
“So, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?” Nikki looked
at me and smiled.