A young woman answered my ad in a swingers newspaper

Everyone’s had daydreams (or night dreams) about being
with a couple, especially if you’re single and bi.
Well, I’m no exception. When I lived in Denver there
was a lot of sexual activity in that area and it was
pretty easy to come by (no pun intended). There was a
swingers’ newspaper there called the “Rocky Mountain
Oyster,” which of course referred to pussy.

I didn’t care that much for raw oysters, but I sure did
like raw pussy and I often answered ads, or placed my
own, in the Oyster for sexual encounters. Had pretty
good luck with that, too. I met with couples several
times but usually the guy wasn’t interested in touching
or being touched. Usually it was just two guys on the

One exception, though, was one of the times when I had
advertised for couples in the Oyster. I got a call from
a nice sounding girl who said her name was Karen. She
told me her boyfriend’s birthday was coming up. She
said he had been wanting to try sucking another guy and
she wanted to set something up to give him a shot for
his birthday. We talked about what we could do for a
while, and then she actually made a date to come over
that night (a Saturday). This was pretty unusual and I
thought to myself, “Sure, I’ll bet,” but I tidied up
the place anyway.

But they did show up, and even more surprising she was
a real cutie and he was even cuter. He was tall, lean,
with a big wide grin. After getting acquainted with a
couple of drinks, we headed for the bedroom. It wasn’t
the least bit embarrassing, they were real open as to
why they were there. We stripped, and jumped into my
big king bed and started playing with each other — all
three of us. He and I were naked and she wore a little
blue frilly top but no panty.

Pretty quickly, he was on my cock, sucking away. He
wasn’t very good at it, but I wasn’t paying too much
attention to him ’cause I was pretty busy lapping her
pussy as she straddled my head, and playing with her
pert little tits. But Kevin (his name) kept on my cock,
licking and sucking, but too fast. I tried to slow him
down, and then she moved down and kind of took over a
little and showed him how to do it right. And she knew
how to do it right, too — she was very good.

Kevin learned pretty quickly and when he took over
again he was smoother, more erotic. In fact it felt so
good I swung around so I could suck him, too. His cock
was a little longer than mine (maybe a little over 7″)
but thinner, too. But I could tell from his movements
that he liked what I was doing. Then his girlfriend
joined me down there and we really gave him what for a
few minutes, then she switched and helped him with me.
She played with my balls, rubbed my thighs and butt
while Kevin sucked away on my cock.

It wasn’t long before it got too much for me and I shot
a load. I warned Kevin I was going to shoot, but he
just got more excited and kept on sucking, taking me
deep. So I let it go, squirting three or four big ones
for him, which he happily took and swallowed. I noticed
when I looked down at him that his eyes were big and
focused on his girl friend. I think he was really proud
of what he’d done and kind of looking to her for

After that, we both fucked his girl friend some, and I
ate her some more (I love eating pussy) while he
snarffed my cock again. I finished up finally by
fucking her again and shooting in her, which made me
happy and didn’t seem to bother her or Kevin a bit.
They stayed the night, and we had one more go around of
sucking the next morning and then he whispered to me
that he wanted me to fuck his butt.

I was always game for that with a really cute guy,
which Kevin was. So, we started kissing and stroking
there in the early morning with the sunrise just
peeking in over the mountains and through the blinds. I
asked Kev if he’d ever been penetrated before. He told
me no, but said he had wanted to for a long time. I
told him that I preferred to fuck him bareback and he
said breathlessly, “That’s great, Jim.”

I kissed my way down his long, lean body — he wasn’t
skinny, just lean and perfect — until I was sucking
his hard cock again. Then I raised his legs and worked
my way back to his lean butt. I spread his cheeks apart
and began breathing my hot breath on his anus while I
rubbed his own generous creaming up and down and around

He was moaning and squirming, so I could tell this was
unusual pleasure for him, maybe even a bit ticklish to
him. So I dived in and began rimming him lightly,
producing a deep heartfelt groan. By this time his girl
was awake and raised up on her pillows watching us
intently. I had both of his legs pushed back to his
check as I licked and slurped on his butt crack and
hole, thoroughly wetting him for penetration.

I had some Platinum Lube which I squeezed out liberally
all over his anus and my fingers. I pushed two fingers
into his anus, worked them around inside him for a bit,
then three fingers. He was having no problem taking
three of my fingers, so I figured he could take my
seven inches without too much trouble.

I quickly applied more Platinum to his ass and to my
cock. Then I raised up on my knees between his uplifted
legs, lifted his largish balls up and out of the way,
grasped my cock and pointed it to his ass. I pushed
forward until I felt the head of my cock make contact.
I kept pressure on his legs and told Karen to slide one
of the pillows under his butt as I pressed him upward.

Then I was ready to enter this beautiful boy’s butt. I
pushed against his ass again, telling him to relax —
he was pretty tense. Relax and just push back at me
just as if he were trying to take a dump. I said that
would help open him up for penetration. He said okay,
his eyes wide as he strained to look down to where my
cock was pushing against him.

I began to apply firm pressure to his butt hole. The
Platinum did its job and my cock head began to slide
inside his tight ring. He kind of went, “Ummmhhhhh…”
as I did, but he was trying like a champ to push back
and keep himself relaxed and open. In fact he did such
a good job that I felt good about pressing myself on
into his bowels.

Slowly I entered him, deeper, deeper until my balls
were tight against his muscular ass cheeks. His cock
had lost its erection during penetration but soon began
rising again and filling with blood as I held myself
deep in his ass. I grasped his cock and gave it a few
strokes as I leaned down and kissed and sucked his
perky nipples.

Karen’s eyes were huge and her mouth hung open as she
watched. She had started to play with her clit and
would no doubt soon be getting herself off.

Then I began withdrawing my wet cock from his hot butt,
almost all the way out, then slowly pushed back in
again. Everything went easier this time, so I began to
speed up some, gradually increasing until I was fucking
Kev like a madman, pounding in and out of his ass as he
groaned and encouraged me: “Fuck me, Jim, fuck
meeeeee…” And that’s exactly what I did, for a good
seven or eight minutes I fucked Kev’s ass, his legs now
over my shoulders.

But then, feeling my cum gathering and that sweetest of
feelings starting deep in my own ass, I grasped his
lean, muscular buttocks and pulled us closer together.
From then on, there were no more long strokes, only
those short little goodies when your cum is rising and
finally a deep, deep penetration and arching as the cum
shoots out far up there.

I cried out that I was cumming as I started to shoot my
juice into his bowels. He answered me that he was too!
And I felt his hard cock ejecting his own cream all
over my belly and his as I gave him all I had. God! He
was strong; as he arched he lifted me right up too and
I had to support myself with my legs as I finished one
of the best cums I’ve ever had. I believe we all three
came together that morning as the sun rose.

I know we collapsed with my dick still in Kev, and
Karen came over and snuggled up to both of us for a

After a bit, Karen hopped up and fetched a couple of
hot washcloths from the bathroom, came back and cleaned
us both up and dried us off. We said our casual
goodbyes, as they both had to go to work.

Then that was it. No telephone numbers exchanged and
they never called again. Got what they wanted, I guess,
and I definitely was a happy camper. But I’d sure have
been open to repeat sessions with those two.

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