Aunt Mel’s Dirty Secret

Last summer was one of the most exciting yet unusual
summers I’ve ever had. Between getting our new dog and
my niece staying with us, my life was never the same.

I was an 18 year old girl who was a virgin. I’ve had
boyfriends in the past but it never went anywhere. In
order to get out my sexual frustrations I would
masturbate frequently. Sometimes to my own imagination
but mostly to porn and I like ALL types of porn.

One night while I was masturbating I was trying to
find something new when I came across a bestiality
video. I was disgusted as I watched a male German
Shepard fuck a blond girl with small titties but I
soon found myself rubbing my clit and cumming in a
matter of seconds. I felt ashamed at first but I would
very soon go back and watch bestiality. It became an
everyday thing.

At the beginning of summer my parents brought home a
female golden retriever. We named her Blondie. Blondie
became my dog. She slept in my room every night and
was by my side all the time. Just to be clear, when we
got Blondie I didn’t think of having sex with her
because I figured she was a girl dog so she wasn’t
hormone driven like male dogs were. And it wasn’t like
she could fuck me anyways so I just didn’t bother with
it. Well I was wrong about the whole thing.

One Saturday, my parents went to go visit my older
brother out of town and pick my niece up since she was
going to stay the summer with us. My brother was
really older than me. He was married by the time my
parents decided to have me. And when I was two my
uncle had my niece Claire. So I have a 19 year old

Well anyways I decided this was the perfect time to
get some alone time to masturbate. With Blondie lying
next to me I took of my clothes, turned on the porn
and starting rubbing myself all over. Usually when I
masturbate I keep my clothes on since my parents are
usually home. But when they leave I get completely
naked. In the middle of everything, Blondie suddenly
got up. I paid no attention to her until she got
directly in front of my open legs and started licking
my pussy.

“Blondie no! Stop it.” I tried to push her head away
but she kept coming back. I really tried to make her
stop but the feeling was incredible and soon I just
gave up.

“Oh my god Blondie. That feels so good.” She continued
lapping at my pussy and licking up my juices. That’s
when I noticed she was swallowing! She was legit
eating my pussy juices and she was enjoying it. I was
seriously horny. I forgot all about the porn I had
going on. This felt so incredible that I didn’t even
have to think to cum. Blondie was licking all over my
pussy and then she brought me to the best orgasm I’ve
ever had.

“That’s it Blondie lick my pussy. Oh hell yeah. Fuck.
Fuck. FUUUCK YEEAAH!” I came and Blondie licked faster
to get all my juices. I was still in shock from the
whole incident when I heard my parents pull up. I
quickly got dressed and made it to the front door just
as they walked in.

“Aunt Mel!” Claire said as she hugged me. Pressed
together I could feel her breasts rubbing on my still
sensitive nipples. It sent shivers through me. I will
be honest, I had a hot niece and trust me, she was no
virgin. She had dark hair just like me, round perky
breast and a nice ass. I mean a REALLY NICE ass. I
wanted to touch it all the time but I figured she’d
just freak out.

“I’m so excited we get to spend the summer together!
We’re going to have so much fun Mel.”

I loved my niece. But we were more like cousins since
our age was so close together. I was excited she was
staying with us but also disappointed because now I
wouldn’t be able to masturbate as often. She’d be
staying in the guest room but I know she’ll always
want to do something together.

“Let’s go do something.”

“What do you want to do Claire it’s getting late?”

“We can go to the lake?”

They drive to the city lake was filled with music from
the radio. As soon as we got to the lake Claire jumped
out of the car, took off all her clothes and ran into
the water. So there was my hot niece in not but her
bra and panties dancing around in the water. If I was
a man, it would be obvious how turned on I was.

“Come on Mel!” I didn’t want to. I didn’t have the
smoking hot body Claire had. I shyly took off my
clothes and made my way to the water. “Whoo look at
that hot mama!” She yelled.

“Gah shut up.” I laughed. Once in the water we
splashed each other, tackled each other and rolled
around in the shallow water. There were a group of
three guys on the other side of the lake staring at
us. “That’s so hot!” One yelled.

“Hey Melanie, You wanna give those boys a show?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just follow my lead,” she said.

Claire unhooked her bra and threw it off in the water.
The boys started shouting. She then reached around me
and took mine off.


“Chill out this will be fun.” She then wrapped her
arms around me so our breast were touching. My nipples
were instantly hard.

“Oooh is it cold in here or are your nipples just
happy to see me.” Claire laughed. I was so
embarrassed. Then Claire grabbed my head, pulled me
closer to her and kissed me. It was like electricity
went through my body. They boys went crazy. They were
screaming and shouting how sexy it was. Claire took it
a step further and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we
were fully making out. I didn’t want to stop but she
pulled away.

“Damn!” she said. “You’re a good kisser.”

“Thanks.” I blushed.

“Hey y’all stay there! We’ll be there in a sec!” The
guys yelled.

“Shit! We gotta go Mel!”

We ran to the car and drove away before the boys got

“Wow that was fun!” Claire said. “I didn’t know you
had that in you Aunt Mel.”

I was too embarrassed to reply so I just turned on the
radio until we got home. We ate dinner with my parents
and not a word was said about what happened. Soon it
was time for bed. We said our good nights and Claire
hugged me. She pressed her body against mine and I
swore I felt her hand move down to my ass but it was
so fast and swift I couldn’t tell for sure. That night
I masturbated 3 times just replaying the scene we had
together over and over in my head.

A week went by without anything random happening. Life
was pretty normal.

“Melanie, your father, Claire and I are going to the
store do you want to go?” My mom asked.

“No I’m good.” I just wanted to get Blondie in my

“Okay bye sweetie.”

Once I heard the truck leave I got Blondie, got naked
and once I spread my legs she knew what to do. I
thought of all the things I wanted to do with Claire
while my dog ate me out.

“Mmmmm yeah that’s it Blondie.”


I jumped up. “Claire what are you doing here I thought
you left.”

“I was going to go but I decided to stay. I’m sure
glad I did. Damn Melanie you’re not so innocent you
nasty slut.”

“Please Claire don’t tell anyone. Please.”

“Oh I won’t tell,” she said.

I was confused. “You’re not?”

“Nope.” She walked over to my bed. “Move Blondie.”
Blondie jumped off the bed and sat on the floor. “I’m
not gonna tell because now I get what I want.”

“What are you…” I was cut off when she jumped on me.
She straddled me with her legs as she took her top and
bra off. She then grabbed my hand and put each one her
breasts and squeezed.

“You like your 19 year old nieces young tits don’t
you, you nasty bastard. Answer me!” She smacked me
across the face. God I didn’t know she was so violent
but it really tuned me on.

“Yes I love them.”

“Good.” She smiled. “Suck on them.” She stuck her
perfect breast in my face and I gladly flicked my
tongue over her nipple and it instantly became hard. I
put my lips around it and started to suck on it like a
baby drinking breast milk from its mama. Then I gently
started to nibble on it.

“You’re so dirty Aunt Mel.” She moaned. She stood up,
took her pants and panties off and sat back down on
me. She kissed me and then made her way down to my
breast. She lathered my tits with her tongue then she
moved down to my pussy. I knew what was going to
happen next. I waited in anticipation until she spread
open my pussy lips and gently stroke my clit with her
tongue. My whole body shook. I thought Blondie’s
tongue felt good but this was incredible.

“Oh my god Claire don’t stop.” I moaned.

“God you’re pussy tastes so good Aunt Mel.” She
continued to eat my pussy until she brought me to an
orgasm. “Ahh aah aaaah Claire! Shit! Mmmmm fuck me!” I
came and she didn’t lick up my juiced like I expected
her to. Instead she called Blondie up to eat it all.

“Good girl Blondie. Eat that pussy.” She said as she
stroked Blondie’s head.

I got up and pulled Claire down on the bed. With
Blondie still eating my juices I began sucking on my
niece’s clit. She moaned and screamed more than anyone
I’ve ever seen.

“Oh yeah Aunt Mel. Eat my pussy you dirty whore. Damn”
Her wish was my command. I could eat her pussy all day
if she wanted me to. And If I could I would spend
every second of each day meeting her sexual needs.
Blondie had gotten done with me and moved up to where
I was. I was still licking Claire’s pussy when Blondie
joined me. Both of us were eating the same pussy. Our
tongues occasionally met and licked each other but it
wasn’t a big deal. It made the whole thing sexier if
you asked me.

Claire loved the both of us down there. She was
moaning and wiggling all around. I looked up and she
had her eyes closed and her fingers rubbing her
nipples. She then got quiet. At first I was confused.
Had I done something wrong? But then I tasted the
sweet taste of her cum on my tongue. Blondie and I
fought to get all of the juices but of course I won.

“Come here. Let me taste my pussy.” Claire leaned
forward and kissed me. She sucked on my tongue and
stuck hers all around my mouth. She then patted
Blondie on the head “Good girl.”

“Damn Claire, I didn’t know you had this in you.”

“I could say the same about you.”

“I’m glad we did it.”

“Me too” Claire said. “We need to do it more often”

“Agreed but I have to ask, how did you know. When you
walked in on me and Blondie and said ‘I knew it’.”

“Oh well see I was in my room one night naked and she
just came up and started licking my pussy. And I knew
that was trained. It wasn’t random. So I figured I’d
try to catch you in the act.” Ha if only she knew that
it wasn’t trained. We had many nights like that
together over the summer. I was sad when she went back
home but Blondie kept me satisfied.

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