Don’t mess with Mistress Alicia

Alicia woke by degrees. Nudged first into basic
awareness by her inability to turn over onto her
stomach. Soft snores, not her own, invaded her
consciousness next. She didn’t remember, what? Her lack
of memory was the final impetus to full consciousness.

Eyes open. Alicia lifted her head and surveyed the
room. Same basic scheme as her own hotel suite, same
hotel then. Slight movement in the corner of the semi-
dark room. A man in white. Asleep. She shook her head a
little, still trying to clear away the cobwebs that
persisted. She looked again in the corner where he
apparently slept in a chair.

She revised her first impression as the snore that
issued from his lips divided into two separate tones.
Two men. Young men. In white. She squinted a little.
They looked like sailors in dress whites, without the
black neckerchiefs. Understanding dawned and Alicia,
Mistress Dark to a select few, tried once again to move
her arms. Turning her head to the side she noted the
location of the missing neckerchiefs.

No need to panic. Yet. Both men were clothed. For now.
She was clothed as well, she noted with a little sigh
of relief. Why couldn’t she remember what happened last
night? She mentally went over what she did know, hoping
that it would jog the latter events (particularly how
she wound up bound up here in a hotel room not her

She’d come to Chicago on an errand for her friend Sasha
who was supposed to be screening a potential client but
had come down with the flu. Alicia had met the man for
dinner. So far so good. They’d gone on to a popular
club and…and that’s where everything essentially went

She refocused her attention on the first sailor. Blond.
Good looking at least in sleep. His legs were long and
muscular from what she could see. The bulge in his
white slacks wasn’t displeasing either. If the
situation were different. Alicia shifted a bit and
tried to see the other man. Not much to see there. His
dark head was buried in his arms as he leaned over the
table in sleep.

God, had they slept like that all night? If so, why the
hell was she tied up on the bed? Questions needed
answers. She tried to speak. ‘Excuse me’ was lost
somewhere between her parched vocal chords and the
cotton in her mouth. She cleared her throat and tried

“Excuse me? Hello?”

The fair-haired sailor’s eyelids fluttered then opened.
Blue, she mentally bet against herself.

“You’re awake,” he said nudging his friend, “Hey, Jack,
she’s up.”

Jack sat up and stretched while looking at her
sleepily. He wasn’t shy on good looks either. Too bad
she couldn’t remember what precipitated this whole

“Uh, I’m a little fuzzy on how I ended up in your hotel
room tied to the bed,” she cleared her throat again
attempting to dislodge whatever it was that made her
sound suddenly like Jessica Rabbit.

Both men suddenly looked guilty and sheepish all at
once. They looked at one another in a silent war over
who would get to do the honors. The blond lost. Or won,
depending on how one viewed it.

“Well, we were at this club and you and another guy sat
next to us…” he paused.

Jack shook his head. “You’re making a mess of it Andy.”
He turned to her, “You’d just gotten there and you went
to the ladies room. That guy put something in your
drink and when you came back we tried to tell you but
you were already halfway through the thing. Andy here
knocked the glass out of your hand and that started a
fight with your boyfriend.”

“He wasn’t my boyfriend,” Alicia protested.

“Well, whatever he was, he wasn’t too happy about us
nosing in on his action. We all got tossed from the
club and while we were waiting for the police, you got
combative. Jerk boy bolted and we decided the best
thing was to get you out of there too.”

“Okay, since I can’t remember anything after I got back
from the restroom, I’ll pretty much have to take your
word for it. But that doesn’t explain why I’m tied to
the damn bed!”

Andy got up from the chair and came over to the bed.

“I think it’s safe to remedy that. You were still
really riled up when we got you back here and then we
discovered you didn’t have any ID. If we’d have let you
go, you could have gotten picked up by Chicago P.D. and
maybe led them back to us and accused us and that would
have been really fucked up, pardon the expression

“It’s Alicia, and it’s Mistress, never ma’am if it’s
anything at all.”

Now why did she say that? She eyed Andy warily then
shifted her gaze as Jack came over and sat on the other
side of the bed next to her. Shit.

“I didn’t take you for a hooker even if you didn’t
carry any identification,” he mused lightly tracing a
finger across her jaw line.

“I’m not!” she said irately struggling against the
black ties that held her tightly to the bed. “I’m…”
she trailed off.

What was she going to say? That she occasionally
trained willing men to be completely subservient to her
every command? What to say. More important, what to do!
She turned her attention back to Andy.

“Please untie me and I’ll get out of here and you can
forget about this whole episode and forget about me and
anything I might have said or done. Really, I’m sorry
for any trouble I might have caused and I’m really
grateful that you took care of me when I was obviously
drugged against my will,” she pulled futilely against
her cloth bounds once more, “Please?” she said doing
her best little girl lost imitation.

“Jack, untie the lady okay?” Andy said as he reached
for her wrist.

“Hold up a minute! What do you think she’s going to do
to us when we let her go? Geez! No matter that we
didn’t do anything to her, she could go to our command
and really raise trouble.”

“She’s not like that man, look at her, she’s really
scared now and she doesn’t need to be.”

Her right hand slipped free and she immediately turned
to untie the other wrist, eyeing Jack warily. He
allowed her to work the knot loose and extended a hand
to help her up. She swayed dizzily as the room lurched
to the side.

“Maybe you ought to sit back down for a few minutes
ma’am. Mistress Alicia if you prefer,” Jack said as she
leaned against his broad chest.

He smelled good. She allowed him to reseat her on the
edge of the bed and looked up at him. Tall. She guessed
at least 6’4″. Black hair trimmed military style. Sharp
blue eyes. She turned her head to see if she’d lost the
bet with herself on the color of Andy’s eyes.
Confirmed. Green. Back to Jack. Broad shoulders, trim
waist, noticeable bulge in his slacks.

The dizziness eased and her mind cleared a little more.
She was in a room with two very good looking young
sailors, untied finally, and one thought she was a
hooker. Well, that wasn’t so good. Not necessarily so
bad either on second thought.

A twist of desire shot through her. Gave her license to
do something she might not do otherwise. She ran her
hand up a muscular thigh and traced her finger lightly
across the now more prominent protuberance.

“I think that I have been most ungrateful to you two
very sweet young men. Perhaps there is some way I could
repay your kindness?” Alicia said in her best come
hither voice.

Jack’s blue eyes blazed and his erection leapt to full
capacity. Andy coughed like he’d choked on his own

“Uh, you don’t have to do that ma’am, Alicia, whatever
your name is. As it is, we couldn’t pay for your
services anyway, not that I think…oh hell, I don’t
know what I think!” Andy finished lamely.

“Let’s get a couple of things straight guys okay? I’m
not a hooker. I’m a bank manager. In my spare time I
occasionally train lovers to be submissive. Yes, sex
slaves of a sort. That guy last night was actually
being screened for a female friend of mine who is in
the market for a new toy. Let’s just say he failed
miserably and if I track him down I’m going to
prosecute the bastard. What that leaves me with is no
one to recommend to my friend. Unless the two of you
would be willing to audition?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Jack said emphatically.

“Oh hell no!” Andy said just as emphatically.

Alicia turned to Andy. He hadn’t backed away. And he
didn’t look nearly as appalled at the idea as he’d
sounded. He needed more assurance. She reached into a
hidden pocket in her dress and withdrew her license and
business card.

“Here,” she stated simply handing them to the young

Jack toyed with a lock of her chestnut hair as she
watched his friend scan the business card and her
license. Andy still looked dubious. Although a lot less
resistant. More persuasion then. Alicia slid across the
bed and took his hands. They were trembling just
slightly. Nervous. Whatever for? Red-blooded male with
good-looking female suggesting a threesome, what was
the problem here? She tugged lightly at his waistband.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea ma’am,” Andy said,
rapidly engorging cock belying his words.

“I think it’s a hell of an idea you virginal prude,”
Jack said to his friend.

Jack elaborated to Alicia, “He’s a virgin. One of the
last in the Navy I’m sure. And it ain’t got nothing to
do with his looks which are fine. He’s just too
nervous. Like he’s going to do something wrong. I mean,
it’s fucking, what’s to do wrong?”

Alicia traced the outline of Andy’s now fully erect
cock through the white nylon slacks. Nice. She quickly
unzipped his fly before he could protest further. Tight
white underwear strained by the pressing member, see-
through at the tip of his cock, slick with pre-cum.

“I don’t think there is much you can do wrong here
Andy. You have been, and as I see it currently are,
quite an upstanding gentleman,” Alicia nearly purred as
he unconsciously pumped his hips against her questing

“He’s never even had a blow job,” Jack volunteered from
the other side of the bed.

“Oh, perhaps I should remedy that?” she said.

Andy didn’t move as she pushed his slacks down and
carefully lifted the waistband of his underwear over
the swollen tip of his penis. He did do a sharp intake
of breath as she exposed him fully and traced her
fingers down the nearly eight inches of throbbing

“Damn Andy! That’s what you’ve been hiding under your
towel at shower time?
Dude, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Shut up Jack, or you won’t get to play at all. If you
want to watch Andy here get his first blow job, do
something useful with yourself other than providing
running commentary. ‘Jack’ off if you like but do stop
chattering away,” Alicia said rather forcefully.

It was good to be back in control.

She looked up at Andy to see his reactions. Stunned,
unsure, and horny as every good sailor ought to be.
Outstanding. She scooted closer and delicately flicked
her tongue across the sensitive helmet. She was
rewarded with a moan from her sailor in hand. Jack had
moved closer to better see what she was doing. He’d
taken her seriously at her word and was rubbing his
hard-on through his slacks.

This was definitely going to be an all hands adventure!

Alicia concentrated on the stiff cock at hand, or
rather in mouth, sliding her mouth slowly down the
throbbing shaft. Virgin territory. She mentally sighed
as she relished the sweet/salty taste of him. Velvety
flesh touching the back of her velvety throat. She
wondered idly if she would come before he did.

Back up to take a breath, tongue teasing at the
sensitive slit, eyes to the side to see her other
sailor slowly pumping his prick in hand as he watched
her suck off his friend. Slow slide down the slick
column to bury her nose in the dark blonde pubic hair.
Hands cupping the tense balls. He was close. The groan
confirmed it.

“Oh God, I didn’t know it would feel this good,” Andy
said as Alicia sucked purposefully on his aching prick.

“What? You thought it was going to suck?” Jack
puckishly punned.

“No, but I’m about to blow!” Andy returned through his
near orgasmic haze.

Amazing. She was going to have a threesome with two
comedic sailors. Andy tensed and tried to pull away.
She reached behind him and held him in place with her
hands on his now clenching buttocks. Almost there.
Three seconds at best until her mouth would be filled.

His cock twitched and he groaned loudly as the first
shot hit the back of her throat. She pulled back a
little and sucked hard at the head, tasting him fully
as the second spurt coated her tongue. For a few
seconds she wondered if he’d been storing it up since
birth as she swallowed reflexively trying to keep up.
His butt quivered and Alicia knew his knees were about
to give way. She reluctantly let go of his still
twitching member and he gratefully sank to the floor.

“That was a great show,” Jack said pulling on his cock,
“Is it my turn?”

Alicia licked her lips and watched him masturbate. “Not

“Ahh, damn!” he groaned, thick streams of semen
erupting over his still pumping fist.

She watched him shudder as his orgasm abated and
shivered herself in sudden need. She stood decisively
and stripped off her dress, skimmed the panties over
her hips and showed her glorious body to both young

“Strip boys. I’m not about to stand around naked

Andy snapped suddenly to attention. “Aye aye Mistress!”
he said saluting with a flourish.

He learns quickly she thought, watching him divest his
muscular frame of the uniform. Jack on the other hand
moped rather miserably.

“I didn’t get to come in your mouth,” he whined.

“That’s because you spent yourself in your fist,” she
said taking Andy by the hand and drawing him onto the
bed. “In any case, if anyone should complain, it’s me.
I haven’t come at all yet!”

“May I kiss you Alicia?” Andy asked softly.

“I think that’s a lovely idea,” she said gently pushing
his head to her throbbing crotch.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as Jack began
to get the picture and undress. Andy trailed kisses
down her torso until he was facing the lightly furred
juncture between her thighs.

“I’m not sure what exactly to do here,” he said,
inhaling her feminine fragrance.

“Dive in!” Jack said as he kicked off his shoes and
stripped the black socks off, finally standing
completely naked.

“Do what comes naturally Andy,” Alicia said spreading
her legs wide and revealing her soaked sex.

“Scoot over man,” Jack said as he settled beside his
friend between her legs, “Let me show you a thing or

Alicia nearly came at the sight of the contrasting men
staring at her sex. Damn! She toyed with her taut
nipples and waited to be touched, wondering who would
be the first. It was Andy. Tentative at first, tenderly
stabbing at her swollen nub. Jack lathed his tongue on
her thigh, waiting his turn.

Andy continued his gentle exploration until she was
nearly dying with pleasure, on the verge of orgasm but
unwilling to come just yet. Jack spoke suddenly,
breaking the reverie.

“I want to get in on this action, Alicia, sit here on
my face,” he said turning on his back, “I’ve always
wanted to see what it was like to give a ‘rim job’.”

She obliged and sat over his face pressing her ass down
onto him. She thought he must have inhaled first but
was completely lost when Andy pressed her back onto her
arms and resumed licking her pussy. Two tongues
swirling around her most sensitive areas. Too much.

Alicia exploded just as Andy slid two fingers in her
tight snatch. Jack never missed a lick and continued to
tease her ass as the juice ran down his chin. She
shuddered as another orgasm wracked her pretty frame
before pushing off Jack’s face and settling on the bed
beside him.

“Andy, I think it’s time you were divested of your
innocence,” she said pulling him over her once again.

He kissed her fully on the mouth for the first time,
tasting himself faintly on her tongue. He balanced
himself on strong arms above her as she guided him into
her heat. He took it slowly, relishing the pleasure as
he sank into her inch by inch.

Nice. Alicia tightened her muscles around his hardness
and pushed up to meet his thrusts. Very nice indeed. He
kissed her again before pushing deep into her pussy.
She turned her head and met Jack’s intense blue eyes.

“No kiss for me?” he asked plaintively.

She smiled at him and allowed his lips to touch hers
before turning her full attention back to Andy. His
face was lined with concentration as he struggled to
maintain control. She squeezed his cock tight inside
her and felt his response.

“I’m sorry Alicia. I’m about to come. Do you want me to
pull out?” he gasped.

“Not on your life,” she said as liquid heat spread from
her center through her body.

Andy groaned and froze above her, cock pulsing deep
inside her, sending her once again over the edge and
into orgasm. Alicia moaned as waves of pleasure washed
over her again and again. Her blond haired lover
withdrew and collapsed beside her.

“Is it finally my turn?” Jack asked urgently.

“Yes, but first you must clean up. Or is that swab the
deck? With your tongue, Sailor Boy.”

“No way!” he said emphatically, “I’m not putting my
mouth where Andy’s just pumped his load!”

“But you’re willing to put your dick there? You are
very stubborn and in need of some serious obedience
training. You want to fuck me?”

Jack nodded. He looked pained.

“Clean up then. A little cream never hurt anyone and I
can vouch for the fact that Andy tastes just delicious.
It’s not as if you’re getting it from the source.”

Andy gently turned her face to his and kissed her
deeply. Jack apparently made up his mind and settled
between her slick thighs. After a few tentative licks,
he got into the spirit of things and tackled his task
with vigor. Alicia moaned in Andy’s mouth as her body
responded with several small quakes. Her swabbie wasn’t
unskilled despite his initial resistance to the task.

Jack lifted his head and slid over her, nudging Andy to
the side.

“Please?” he begged.

“All right, but you’re going to have to share,” Alicia
said wickedly. “On your back.”

Jack immediately obeyed and Alicia straddled his trim
body, teasing his lips with her elongated nipples
before sinking slowly down his pole. He was hard and
throbbing in her.

“Andy, are you ready?” she asked.

He nodded and moved into position behind her as if he’d
been having sex for years instead of a couple of hours.

“Just go slow. If you do, you won’t hurt me and you
will enjoy the different sensations better.”

She couldn’t see if he nodded or not but he must have
understood as the thick head of his cock gently nudged
her anal opening. Jack was slowly pumping in and out of
her quivering pussy as Andy breached the entrance and
pushed slowly at the thick ring of muscles. The feeling
was incredible and she shivered as another mini-orgasm
shook her.

Jack grasped her buttocks and pulled them further apart
just as Andy’s cock popped into her rectum. He slid
slowly forward until Alicia was completely impaled on
both throbbing pricks. The feeling of extreme fullness
was exquisite as both young men continued their slow
pace. They easily matched the other’s rhythm and
stroked to counterpoint until Alicia was shivering and

Her nipples were twin points of sensation as they
rubbed against Jack’s lightly furred chest. Spread wide
for both men, her clitoris was teased as each pressed
into her. Andy’s lips on her back, Jack’s tongue in her
mouth, each point of contact a searing jolt to her
senses as they pushed her relentlessly to the final

Alicia’s shivering moved to full body shudders and she
moaned uncontrollably into Jack’s mouth.

“I’m going to come,” Andy said urgently as he pushed
deep into her bottom.

Jack’s confirmation of his own precarious status was
muffled in her mouth. Her body felt strange to her. The
orgasm seemed to start at her scalp and the soles of
her feet simultaneously before spreading like twin wild
fires rushing to some middle ground.

The scream of pleasure was finally torn from her throat
as both cocks erupted. The addition of boiling hot come
in her pussy and ass only fueled the fire that raged in
her belly. She screamed again, convulsing around their
pricks, milking them for all they were worth.

Alicia had no idea how long the pleasure lasted. She
was exhausted by the time Andy slowly withdrew his
softening member. Jack just held her as the tremors
slowly subsided, twirling a lock of her hair gently as
his other hand trailed up and down her back.

“You’ll never have it as good as this again Andy,” Jack
said as Alicia slid off his still hard dick. “Hell,
I’ll never have it this good again!” he said with some

“I think you underestimate yourselves,” said Alicia as
she padded to the bathroom and started the shower.

Both men looked at each other and grinned. High praise
from the Mistress. Chief torturer and pleasure bringer.
Andy got up and headed to the bathroom to join her.

“You coming Jack?” he asked.

“Nah, just breathing heavy.”

“Get up you ass, that fine ship in there needs
detailing! Can’t send her off looking any less gorgeous
than when we climbed aboard.”

“I’m there,” Jack said as he rolled off the bed.

An hour later Alicia stood fully clothed at the door.
Her hair gleamed and her skin glowed. The hair owed its
luster to the two grinning bath attendants. Her skin
owed its sheen to their unflagging determination to
please her every sexual whim.

Andy stepped forward and kissed her.

“Thank you for a truly amazing first time,” he said in
her ear.

“You’re more than welcome,” she handed him a card.
“Tell Sasha you passed the audition.”

He blinked once and stepped back, staring at the neat
writing in some wonder.

“Jack, you have my card. When you’re not on duty, you’d
better be at my house, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mistress Alicia,” he said with a mischievous grin.

The door shut behind her and both young men stared at
each other for a long moment.

Alicia walked slowly down the hall. All in all, despite
a rather shaky beginning, it had been a thoroughly
enjoyable experience. Sasha would certainly be more
than happy with the hearty but tender Andy. Then there
was Jack.

Ah Jack. Stubborn. Willful. Delicious! Despite her
recent exploits, a tingle of desire shot through her as
she looked forward to the further training of the black
haired blue-eyed sailor.

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