Horror on Honeymoon

My brand new husband and I met on the Internet about six months ago. My name is Linda and I am a Chinese- Canadian, and until yesterday, lived in London, Ont. His name is Richard and is from the southern part of the USA. I am 32, 5″ 1,” and only weigh a hundred pounds.

A Marriage Marred in Heaven – Extreme sex

It’s hard to describe the turmoil of the last two years. A part of my beautiful wife, soul mate, lover and idol has been taken from me and I have some responsibility for the loss. We’re in our early forties, comfortably off, well-paying jobs and rediscovering some freedom as our son and daughter have fled

The Best Prostitute In The World

“Espresso for one,” I asked the young lady with a cheeky smile and adjusted my shirt as the black-haired maid tapped my order into her faded and outdated till. It fitted in with the rest of the little cafe perfectly, with its tired maroon decor and outdated menu, but it was my favourite cafe in