Interracial Foursome

My name is Alyssa. I am 23 years old. I’m 5 foot with, blonde hair and around a hundred pounds. Men say I am very pretty for my size and very sexy. Kind of built like a gymnast. I don’t feel my breasts to be very big, but boyfriends in the past have liked to rub on them.

My friend works at a local restaurant and of couple guys she works with, detail cars. I was interested in getting my car detailed and she said that she could probably help me out. So I took my car to the restaurant she worked at and one of the guys who was the cook, came out and introduced himself as Tyrone. He said he’d be happy to do my car and wouldn’t charge me a lot. I said I would bring the car to him later on and we would work something out. He said it was no problem he could just take it now and have it done in a few hours. So I gave my keys to him and he took my car and I went and had a few drinks with some friends.

A few hours later, my friend called and said that my car was done and I could come there now. When I got there, I didn’t realize that he needed a ride back to his house. My friend asked me if I could give him a ride and I agreed.

Instead of me driving, he said it’d be much easier for him to drive because he knew the way to the house and it would be easier, instead of trying to give me directions.

On the way there he started asking me really strange questions. If I had ever dated a black man or if I ever would. I said I’ve never dated anybody outside of a white man and wasn’t interested in dating anybody at that time anyways. We drove in silence for a while and then came to his house.

Instead of parking in the driveway he had pulled into the garage and I asked him what he was doing? He said that it would be nice if I came in and had a drink with the fellas. I told him I really wasn’t interested, I had already had a couple of drinks and wasn’t looking to have anymore. He said his friends would be upset if I didn’t and to just come into the house. I didn’t want to upset him, as he had just helped me out. So I agreed to come in and have a drink and meet the other guys.

I went in and he introduced me to his two friends Jaquan and Marcus. Like Tyrone they were both muscular black man and we’re kind of ghetto looking.

I was handed a beer and sat on the couch. Jaquan and Marcus both look like they were barely out of their teens and I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. They put on some music and started to dance Tyrone asked me to come dance with him and I told him I wasn’t interested, but he persisted so I did. After a little bit Jaquan came up behind me and started grinding into my backside and at that time I started more uncomfortable, so I went over, sat back down on the sofa and realized my beer had been replaced with a full one. I told them I didn’t want to drink anymore, but they started to get a little bit angry and I caved.

They started to smoke pot and handed it to me. I told them I didn’t do that, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I took a hit and passed it on. They handed it back and forth to each other, then to me again. I told him I was done and didn’t want to do anymore and was going home.

Jaquan started running his fingers through my hair and Marcus rubbing my leg a little bit. I told them I was uncomfortable with what was happening and really needed to go home. They told me to relax and everything would be ok. I was really starting to feel light headed and woozy. Things were starting to get out of hand and I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this.

Then Jaquan went from my hair, down to my shoulder and started rubbing softly down my chest. By this time I was losing control of my senses and was struggling a bit to keep them from advancing. Jaquan slowly went over my breasts a few times, then ran his hand down my stomach, to the bottom of my tanktop. He ran his hand under my shirt and up to my chest. I was only wearing a thin camisole, so his hands and my breast, was only separated by thin material.

My head was spinning and my body was tingling all over. Then I realized Marcus had untied my yoga pants, slid his hand in my pants and was starting to rub me through my panties. I didn’t want any of this to happen, but it was happening so fast that I couldn’t stop it.

Marcus then ran his hands up to the top of my and then into my panties. He started rubbing my vagina in slow circles. Jaquan and Marcus were working on my body, that I had almost resigned myself completely to their advances.

I didn’t notice at first, that Tyrone had taken off his shirt and pants and was in his underwear. But, when I did, I noticed buy the bulge in the front of his underwear and could tell he probably had a really big penis. Then Tyrone came up slid my shoes off and slowly and deliberately slid my yoga pants over my hips, down my legs and off my body. He started to gently caress my thighs, it made me shiver.

By this time Jaquan had started to kiss me and I was trying to resist but the multiple hands running over my body, made it very difficult.

Tyrone was still rubbing my legs very gently. The mixture of the beer and pot made my legs tingle and shake. While Jaquan was kissing my lips Marcus was kissing my neck and ears, they had taking me over mind, body and soul.

Tyrone slowly pulled me to my feet, put my back against his chest. Reached around me and slowly rubbed my breasts.

I am what a lot would consider it good girl. I don’t date a lot and I’ve only slept with a couple of guys. So for me to be allowing this, was way out of character.

Tyrone started to run his hands slowly down my stomach took the bottom of my tanktop and started lifting it over my head. Now I’m only standing in my camisole and my panties. He slowly goes back up to my breasts and rubs them very gently, while he kisses on my neck and ears.

At this time I look up and there is a mirror in front of me and I can see everything that he is doing. I’ve become aware again and try to push away, but he only grabs me tighter and pulls me closer.

Up to this point it has been very gentle. All of the sudden he starts rubbing my breasts a little bit more aggressively and I start to get very nervous. I asked him to let me go so I can go home and go to sleep, but he only pulls me closer. I am looking in the mirror, as he runs his hands up to the top of my camisole and rips it off of me. My breasts bounce free and look much bigger, than normal.

Now Jaquan and Marcus come up to either side of me start kissing on my neck and rub my vagina, slipping a finger in every few strokes. I get even more nervous as the seconds pass.

As I’m lowered to my knees, I know what they want.

Jaquan and Marcus have now stripped to their underwear and all three are standing around me. Tyrone instructs me to pull his underwear down. As I do, I am shocked, as his erect, very large penis, about hits me in the face. I am instructed to do the same, to both the Jaquan and Marcus. As I do, I am equally shocked at their size.

I look at them and half-heartedly plead with them not to make me do this. They look down at me and say that I need to do this as payment, for detailing my car and that is that. I told them that I could go to the ATM and get them money. They said no amount of money would be better than my body.

I was instructed to take Tyrone’s penis in my hand and to rub it softly. At that time I did what I was told and Jaquan took my other hand and put it on his penis I have never in my life done anything like this. This is way beyond the norm. Then Tyrone told me to open my mouth I reluctantly did, but before he could get his penis in my mouth, I told him that the boyfriends that I’d had, really enjoyed oral sex from me and would be willing to do it without being forced at all. I asked to make a deal with them. If I could make them all cum in a certain amount of time, they would let me get dressed and go home. Tyrone said, if I can make them all cum in 5 minutes, they would allow me to go home without anything else happening. I agreed.
I didn’t know if I could make it happen, but I was willing to try, so I didn’t have to have sex with three black guys, who had penises that were at least 9 inches long and thick.

So I took Tyrone stroked him for a little bit and put him in my mouth. The taste was not pleasant and I didn’t like it, but knew that this was the only way I would have a possibility not having sex with 3 huge black penises.

Pretty soon Tyrone was moaning and instructed me to suck his balls. They looked like tennis balls in his sack. After a bit, I was pulled away from him and Jaquan inserted himself in my mouth and I started pleasuring him, while I was stroking Tyrone and Marcus. I alternated between the guys, doing whatever they wanted. I did my best. But in the end, 5 minutes had come and gone. And they were nowhere close to cumming.

I tried to plead with them to not make me do this. But they told me the deal was a deal and to lay down. Tyrone Pulled my panties down and got in between my legs. I asked him if he would please use a condom, but he said he did not like the feel of them. I knew that I had never taken a man of his size and I knew it was going to hurt. I asked him to please go slow and be gentle. He kissed me on my neck and my chest. I could feel the head of his penis at the entrance of my vagina. He rubbed the head of his penis up and down on vagina, which was wet with my juices from being aroused.

Then with one jarring thrust he entered me and I never felt a sensation fullness, like that before. It hurt so bad! Marcus and Jaquan knelt at the side of my head and put their penises near my face. Tyrone instructed me to suck their dicks, while he fucked me.Tyrone continued to thrust in me, at a feverish pace. My mind completely left my body. I turned my head to the side and open my mouth and Jaquan pushed his penis between my lips. Tyrone had picked up his pace and was having sex with me very hard. Jaquan and Marcus were taking turns moving my head back and forth, and putting their penis in my mouth, so I could pleasure them.

Jaquan looked at Tyrone and said let me have some of that. Tyrone got off of me and Jaquan climbed between my legs and entered my vagina. I was on the verge of having an orgasm I don’t know how, because I didn’t want this to happen. But, my body was so aroused it didn’t matter.

Tyrone left the room for a little bit. Jaquan got off me and Marcus climbed between my legs and entered me and as he did I had an orgasm like I’ve never had before. My legs rode high on his hips and subconsciously, I was opening my vagina for deeper thrusts.

Tyrone came back in the room and Jaquan laid on his back, with his penis standing erect in the air and told me he wanted me to ride him. So I straddled his pelvis and he guided his penis into my vagina. He told me to rock my hips back and forth and as I did, I lost control and started rocking faster and faster and as Jaquan was thrusting upwards, I had a mind shattering orgasm.

At that time Jaquan took me to his chest and my breasts are pressed tightly against his. I felt his legs lower a bit. I turned and looked. Tyrone was rubbing my back and I saw a bottle in his hand. I felt a cool liquid go on to my anus and I felt Tyrone start rubbing my anus with his middle finger and soon he stuck finger in my anus.
I tried to pull off, but they were both too strong and very forceful. I couldn’t stop them.At that moment Jaquan slowed his thrusting and I felt Tyrone get behind me. I had a feeling I knew what they were going to do, but was unable to stop them and slowly Tyrone entered my anus the pain was horrible and I started to cry. Marcus came up beside me and told me to open my mouth, I tried to resist, but when I did Tyrone forced more of himself into me and my mouth shut open, Marcus then inserted his penis into my mouth and started having sex with my mouth.

I was now having sex with three guys at the same time. This went on for what seemed like an hour but was probably only a few minutes. I was in so much pain and they were being very rough now. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to make it stop, but then the fire started building inside of me and I knew that I was going to have another orgasm. I was shocked that my body would allow me to have a feeling ecstasy, when I was being violated so violently.

They took turns in this position for a while and I had another orgasm. The guys dismounted me and I had just realized none of these guys had cum yet.

Marcus laid down had me straddle him facing away told me to ride him, as I went to guide him into my vagina he told me wrong hole and guided his penis into my rectum, the pain was just as bad. Then Jaquan came in between my legs and inserted his penis into my vagina. I have never felt anything like this and I was totally in shock! Lost in the moment Tyrone came around and put his penis in my mouth. I told him no, because that he had been in my anus and I was not going to do that. At that point once again, Jaquan thrust it up hard and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. My mouth came wide open. Tyrone inserted his penis in my mouth, I could taste the nasty excrement on it, along with blood. They took turns with me in this position for a while. Then laid me on my back and had sex with me, until they were about ready to cum.

When they were ready, they placed me on my knees and had me perform oral sex on them until they were ready to ejaculate Marcus was the first to cum and shot what seemed like a gallon of sperm, on my face. Jaquan was next he inserted his penis into my mouth, had sex with it for a few minutes and shot all over my forehead. Tyrone came up roughly grab me by my head and shoved his penis in my mouth and down my throat. He did this for what seems like a long time. Then when he was finally ready he laid me on my back and shot his sperm all over my chest.

I laid there for a little while felt so dirty and used. As I was laying there, I looked down the hall and saw a young black girl a little bit taller than me and maybe 18 years old in a white negligee, white stockings and high heeled shoes. She was very pretty.

I heard her ask the guys if this was the last time and they said yes if you comply completely.

I laid there motionless as I heard them tell her to go and lick the cum off of me. She approached me, kissed me very gently on the lips and started to lick the sperm off my face. I was shocked that I had actually kissed her back as that is something I have never done or would do. I had forgotten that that they had cum on my chest and shivers went down my spine when she started licking the sperm off my chest. She slowly and deliberately lick the sperm off my chest, concentrating on my nipples. Alternating between the two. She then slowly kissed down my stomach and started licking my well used vagina.

Once again I started to lose control. I grabbed her by her head and held her mouth where I wanted it. She then stuck a finger in my vagina and my back arched. She was deliberately fingering and licking my vagina. I had the biggest orgasm of my life. It was powerful!

When she was done she kissed back up my stomach and chest. Kissed me delicately on my neck and sucked on my earlobe. She slowly moved a little bit passing my cheek and sticking her tongue into my mouth kiss to me deeply. I started rubbing on her sides and down her stockinged legs and back up them. I slowly lifted her negligee off of her body and revealed her breasts, which were bigger than I thought. I slowly started to massage her breast. I leaned up and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I heard her moan deeply and she started to grind into me. I put her on her back and kissed her upper body all over concentrating, on her breasts and nipples.

I slowly started kissing down her stomach and came to the top of her lace panties. I took her panties in my hands and slowly pulled took them down. I was shocked how beautiful she was and wanted to make love to her. I lowered my head to her vagina, and slowly stuck my tongue out and started to tongue her vagina. She arched her back, grabbed me by my head, held me in place and asked me to put a finger in her. I inserted a finger slowly and deliberately. I heard her orgasm just like I did. I did this for a few minute. She tasted so good.

I then felt a pair of hands on my hips. Tyrone had knelt behind me. In one big thrust, he was deep inside me. But, this time there was no forcing me. I was willing and ready to do whatever they wanted. My mind completely left my body, once again. I raised up from her vagina so I could get used to his size again. At the time I looked up, Marcus put his penis to my mouth and Jaquan put his penis in her mouth.I opened my mouth willingly and he entered my mouth, instead of him forcing me this time, I willingly grabbed his penis and I started performing oral sex on him.

In just a few moments both the Jaquan and Tyrone we’re starting to moan uncontrollably and I knew that they were almost ready to cum. So Jaquan pulled out of my mouth, took the girl and entered her vagina. At this time Tyrone sped up the pace, I didn’t realize that he could and real soon after, I had an earth-shattering orgasm. Then all of the sudden Tyrone pulled out and stood up. Jaquan pulled out of the girl and stood up, as did Marcus.
They pulled to my knees. In turn they all came in my mouth and I swallowed their cum. I collapsed onto the floor, after they were finished.

By this time it was dark outside, so I’d knew this had gone on for at least 3 hours.
I got up, and Tyrone led me to the shower and turned the water on. I got in, started washing up and no sooner I started washing up, Tyrone was in there with the soap rubbing on my breasts again. I can hear out in the living room that they were having sex with the girl and she was screaming loudly, but not a hurtful scream, but screams of pleasure.

As I’m trying to wash up, Tyrone is still behind me rubbing on my breasts and now he’s starting to rub them between my legs. Once again I’m starting to get aroused, so he turns me around and puts me on my knees, I put his penis in my mouth and I get him really aroused and hard. He picks me up bends me over and enters me with such force, that it almost knocks me to the ground. He has sex with me for a few minutes really hard and once again I have a huge orgasm. I almost pass out this time and just before I do, I hear him grunt, feel the warmth inside of me and I know that he has just shot sperm inside of me and my body quaked once again. I have never been so tired and satisfied, all at the same time.

He leaves the shower, I wash up inside and out. I got done and dried off.

When I get out into the living room they have the girl on her knees and they are doing the same thing to her. He tells me thank you, I can go my debt is paid somewhat. They may call on me again. I told him, I’m done, I’ll never do this again and he said we’ll see.

A few days later I get a package in the mail and it has a DVD in it. It had some weird markings on it, so I put it in my DVD player and press play. I was shocked and horrified, to see me on the screen doing, everything that I did a few days before. They put a personal message at the end of it, that they would be calling on me and I would be taking the place of the young girl. But that’s a story for another time.

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