Sisters hit the shower

Julie and Jennie giggled as they entered the locker room.
They were the last girls to leave the pool, Julie giving
Jennie a little lesson that would help her make her turns
a bit tighter and faster. All the things Julie had been
teaching Jennie over the years had paid dividends. Jennie
was in particularly high spirits. It wasn’t everyday that
a freshman made the varsity swim team and her exuberance
was contagious to her cousin Julie and they both were
getting very silly.

Jennie had admired Julie for years and they had for years
been more like sisters than cousins. Especially since
that sad time six years ago which brought Jennie to live
with Julie and her aunt for good.

Most of the other girls on the team had already showered
and left. Betty and Mary were in the physical therapy
room. Betty was stretched out naked on the table while
Mary massaged Betty’s shoulder. Betty had pulled a little
muscle during workout and Mary had ‘generously’ offered
to massage the pain away. The pain must have migrated
some though as Mary’s probing fingers were spending as
much time on Betty’s soft, rounded butt as on her

“Hey guys! Better finish that up elsewhere. You better
not fall asleep and let Mr. Marston find you again!”

Betty and Mary both smiled at Julie’s comment. They
remembered well the time not long before when they had
drifted off on that same table only to be discovered in
each other’s arms by Mr. Marston, the school janitor!
There were rumors circulating around the school about Mr.
Marston and how he had a thing for the girls! There were
even rumors that he had been with some of the kids and
that he wasn’t a bad lover! And the sizeable bulge he
displayed in his pants when he had been looking at them
showed he wouldn’t have minded getting it on with them!
Not that either Betty or Mary would have really minded a
little three-way playtime! Both girls were bi-sexual and
horny little things to boot! But they had both freaked so
when they had seen him, and had run out of the therapy
room in such a state that he did not try anything with
them. Being suddenly awakened by a strange man in a
strange environment with your fingers nestled within your
girlfriend’s pussy was not necessarily conducive to
positive sexual response!

But for now Betty settled back down, losing herself to
the wonderful sensations of Mary’s knowledgeable fingers,
her large breasts flattened against the table. Her
breasts were large by any standards and especially so on
a female swimmer. Her upper body strength was
proportionately well developed to overcome the drag
produced by her generous mammaries. Despite extra tight
swimsuits and other attempts to minimize their
deleterious impact, her breasts remained obstacles to be
overcome. But only in the pool while swimming! On dates
Betty’s breasts were NEVER an obstacle and ALWAYS led to
faster action!

Julie and Jennie quickly skinned out of their wet suits
and, grabbing their towels, headed towards the showers.
The girls of the school generally did not use the showers
after their physical education classes for two reasons.
One was for lack of time. Teachers in post-gym periods
never understood that if you showered after gym there was
absolutely no way to be on time for next period. Better
to stink than to serve detention! The other was because
this locker room used to be the boys’ locker room. After
the new gym and pool had been constructed, the old locker
rooms were going to be demolished. But just after the old
girls’ locker room had been torn down, and just before
work had commenced on the boys’ facility, there had been
an explosion and fire in the chemistry lab. The lab had
been located above the new girls’ locker room and the
fire had resulted in the complete destruction of that new
facility only weeks after its opening. So the girls had
inherited the old boys’ locker room. Only temporarily!
Two years ago! And this old locker room had gang showers!

Some of the female bodies of the student body resented
being ‘put on display’ as it were in these showers. To
the girls of the swim team it was not a problem though.
They had seen each other in various stages of dress and
undress so often that casual nudity in each other’s
presence was second nature. In their acceptance of the
openness of the showers there was also an additional
element at work!

A portion of the girls of the swim team had for some
years now represented a particularly close group around
school. They studied together, ate lunch together, and
hung out together, as well as swam together. Not all the
girls of course, but most of the team. This select core
of girls also loved together!

It had started several years ago when two young lesbian
members of the team were interrupted in mid-embrace in
the showers by one of their teammates. Instead of shock,
the intruder had responded with curiosity and passion and
the duo became a threesome! Later the trio was expanded
to a quartet and a legacy had begun. Some of the girls
were gay, some were bi-sexual, but all grew to love the
special friendship that was the basis of their ‘clique.’
Now, when new girls made the team they were carefully
checked out as to their orientations and attitudes. If
the signs appeared favorable, a member of the ‘select
committee’ of the team approached the new member. If
first contact was successful, the new inductee was then
introduced to the rest of the inner circle.

Jennie did not know it yet, but she had been the subject
of much discussion by that inner circle even before she
had first tried out for the team. And even before her
name had been posted as having made the team it had been
decided that Julie would be the one to make the first
overtures. Some of the girls had first thought the
incestuous nature of a Julie-Jennie liaison ‘weird’, but
they were made to realize that if Jennie WERE to be
accepted into the inner circle she would have to be able
to relate to ALL the other girls. That her cousin was one
of them did not make a difference!

Though Julie had shared a room with Jennie since Jennie
had come to live with her, and had as a child bathed with
her, there had been no prior direct physical intimacy
between them. Though their mutual bathing had been
stopped by Julie’s Mom years before, they were quite
comfortable with each other and had seen each other nude
more times than either could count. And since it had been
decided that it would be Julie who would ‘check out’
Jennie if she made the team, Julie had been trying to
introduce sexual overtones to most of their conversations
trying to figure out what Jennie’s initial response to
her might be.

So far Julie had concluded that Jennie was a much hotter
little number than she had ever given her younger cousin
credit for being. Though a virgin, Jennie was aching to
be loved, both emotionally and physically! Her teenage
hormones had her in such a state that Jennie had even
admitted that she wouldn’t mind playing around with
another girl if she couldn’t get a nice guy to love her.
And soon! Several times at night Julie had heard the
noises of Jennie’s mattress moving and Jennie’s muted
moans as Jennie let her fingers explore her sensitive
little spots. And she knew Jennie had on occasion heard
her doing the same thing to herself! Playing with one’s
own pussy wasn’t as nice as having someone else do it for
you, but it sure beat not getting it played with at all!

And so, towels in hand, Julie and Jennie raced each other
to the showers. Only Francesca was still there, and Julie
noticed Jennie’s mouth drop a bit and her eyes fixate on
Francesca’s body as Francesca stretched her limber body
and washed away the last of the soapsuds. Francesca was
VERY serious about her swimming and did all she could to
wring every bit of speed out of her passage through the
water. Her hair was exceptionally short. But what caught
Jennie’s eye was the fact that Francesca shaved.

Jennie had heard about women shaving their pussies, but
she had never seen the smooth depilated snatch of a grown
woman before! So much smooth flesh down there was
certainly different from the smooth flesh sported by the
baby girls she had babysat and diapered. She felt her
insides tighten a bit as she stared as the gleaming wet
slit of Francesca’s furrow. Julie noticed the object of
Jennie gaze and smiled. This was going to work out great!

Francesca smiled at the newcomers as they began to lather
up, and congratulated Jennie on having made the team.
Francesca felt her own insides tighten as she gazed on
Julie’s familiar figure and on the softly rounded curves
of the team’s newest member. Though through with her
shower, she lingered under the water a bit enjoying its
warmth and the sight of her teammates’ bodies. The team
was well aware of Francesca’s total lack of interest in

“Hope to see you tonight,” Francesca said to Jennie as
she turned off her shower and began to leave.

If Francesca’s comment was a bit puzzling to Jennie, her
next act was positively amazing. As Francesca passed
Julie, her hand slid over Julie’s tight breast and
pinched lightly at the prominent nipple.

Francesca gave a bit of a moan that soon turned to a yelp
as Julie’s hand gave Francesca a swift swat on the butt!

“Save that for later!”

Francesca gave a little pout and then a smile as Julie
smiled at her. She left the showers, her small tight butt
twitching and one check showing the pink mark of Julie’s
hand. Poor Jennie still looked a bit shocked after
Francesca had left and Julie took note.

“What’s the matter, hun?”

“What she did to you! The way she touched you!”

“Oh that!” Julie smiled at her cousin as she reflected on
Francesca’s touch and how nice it had actually felt.
“Francesca is a sweetie, but she is also the horniest
thing! She gets the hots for other girls and isn’t at all
afraid to show it.”

Julie moved from her shower over next to her cousin and
stood just inches from her. The two girls were just two
inches apart in height so Julie was able to look deeply
into Jennie’s eyes as she spoke.

“It really felt rather good you know. And it isn’t like
Francesca hasn’t touched me before!”

Julie watched Jennie’s eyes widen as the full impact of
her words registered.

“You mean you and she.. .”

Jennie’s voice trailed off to nothing. She could not put
words to what her mind was thinking. That her cousin and
that girl had BEEN together was such an incredible
thought! That they had been naked together and had DONE
IT with each other!

“You know Jennie, you’ve said yourself that you wouldn’t
mind someone loving you, even if it were another girl!
Well, lots of girls on the team feel the same way! It’s
not like we’re all gay like Francesca or anything. Lots
of us still like guys too. We just don’t mind playing
around together. It’s fun! And you sure can’t get
pregnant from another girl!”

Jennie did not recoil from her cousin, but her mind
worked feverishly trying to comprehend everything that
Julie was saying. Though she admittedly had once said to
Julie that she wouldn’t mind a little action, regardless
of the other person’s gender, she had never really
translated those words into specific thoughts. But now
all she could think of was her sexy cousin cuddling naked
with that sleek young swimmer. It was kind of turning her
on. And she thought of the special thrill she had gotten
down in her own secret place when she had looked at
Francesca’s denuded girl slit!

Jennie looked back into her cousin’s eyes as Julie

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. All you
have to do is say no and I will stop and that will be the
end of it. You will still be on the team and everything.
You just won’t be a part of the best part of being on the

Julie reached up and rested the tips of her fingers on
her younger cousin’s shoulder. Jennie trembled slightly
at the contact, but did not move away. As Julie’s fingers
began to slide down Jennie’s arm Jennie just closed her
eyes, let her head fall back, and moaned.

“But Julie! We’re cousins. We shouldn’t”

“It’s OK Jennie. Haven’t you ever heard of ‘kissing

Jennie opened her eyes and just looked into Julie’s. Both
knew a threshold had been crossed as they closed their
eyes and their lips met softly.

Unknown to Julie and Jennie, their situation was not as
private as they assumed! The sight of the two young girls
kissing in the shower was almost enough to make Cindy
collapse right there! She had been watching that sexy
little Francesca soap and caress her sleek little body
and had been thrilled when Julie and Jennie had joined
her in the shower. And now this! This was just TOO great!

Cindy Adams worked the middle finger of her right hand
deeper into her very juicy girl hole and her left hand
frantically squeezed her breasts still confined in her
sports bra. The lights in her office were out and the
blinds parted just enough so that she had a wonderful
view of the showers but the girls had no idea she was

Cindy Adams had been the girls’ physical education
teacher and swimming coach here at Midvale High since she
had graduated from Teacher College 6 years before. The
most wonderful day of her career had been when the new
locker room had been destroyed and the girls had been
assigned the boys’ old facility. The first time she had
seen the gang showers with her office just feet away and
with a magnificent view of the comings and goings at the
shower her cunt had absolutely ached.

For the only thing Cindy Adams enjoyed more than making
love, whether to herself or another woman, was watching
the soft bodies of other women as they made love. Even if
they were not making love, just watching other women
turned her on! It had not always been easy, but she had
done everything in her power to delay and subvert the
reconstruction of the girls’ locker room. Always
discretely of course! But this present arrangement was
for her a dream come true!

Cindy Adams had never had much use for males. In high
school they were always trying to grab at her lush body.
When they failed in this, they used to say hateful,
hurtful things about her. It was not until college that
she fully realized that her attraction was to other
women, not to men. A lesbian professor taught Cindy much
more than philosophy during her matriculation. She taught
Cindy the joys of female love. She also ingrained in
Cindy the strength of character Cindy needed to accept
and embrace her homosexuality.

During her later years of college, Cindy expanded her
social and sexual horizons to include other women.
Sometimes alone, occasionally with her lesbian mentor,
Cindy slowly but steadily pushed back the limits of her
sheltered adolescence.

Since coming to Midvale, Cindy had enjoyed several
relationships. Most had been with women uninvolved in
education, but recently she had embarked on a new affair
with a beautiful young girl fresh from college and
recently hired to teach science. Together they had
discovered quite a bit about their mutual interests in
biology and chemistry! Once she had even brought her
lover down to the pool late at night and the two had gone
skinny-dipping before they made love next to the pool!
And while she frequently enjoyed viewing the lush young
bodies of her students, she was not about to jeopardize
her welfare and future for the sake of a passing
attraction to a student.

Her relationships had never altered the pleasure she
received from gazing on other women’s bodies and right
now that pleasure was mounting steadily. Pausing in the
frantic frigging of her cunt, Cindy stripped out of her
sports bra and sweat pants and panties. Being nude felt
ever so much sexier and better and she resumed her self-
pleasuring as she watched the two teenage girls. She had
already ensured that her office door was securely locked
lest her peeping and pleasure be interrupted. Over her
heated flesh her hands roamed but always returning to the
soft swells of her breasts with their exquisitely
sensitive long, dark nipples, and to the wet, wonderful
slit of flesh between her legs and the tight, receptive
cunt nestled therein.

While Julie and Jennie kissed and caressed in blissful
ignorance of Coach Adams’ watching, none of the three
were aware that another set of eyes was watching each of
them! Mr. Marston, the school’s janitor, was currently
seated before a bank of television monitors. His clothes
lay in a pile next to the chair and his cock was huge and
erect as he stroked himself and alternated between views
of the two young girls on one screen and Coach Adams’
masturbation on another!

Jim Marston had been the school’s custodian since he had
been RIF-ed from the SEALS several years before. Jim had
loved the Navy and would never forgive Clinton and his
bitch wife for their anti-military attitude that had
resulted in his being parted from a job he had truly
loved. Initially forced to take the custodian job to pay
the bills, Jim soon turned his misfortune to advantage.

After several break-ins, the school had been installing a
closed circuit security system to record activity around
the school after hours. This installation just happened
to coincide with his arrival at Midvale. With his
electronics training, Jim easily completed the
installation of the system himself, earning the gratitude
of the principal and the administration for all the money
he had saved them. What they did not know was that Jim,
while working on the security system and supposedly on
the building’s plumbing and wiring, had vastly expanded
the scope of the system beyond what had originally been

The only thing Jim had ever loved as much as the Navy was
women! And while he and Cindy Adams would NEVER have
agreed on much of anything, had each known of the
voyeuristic peculiarities of the other they would have
been forced to agree on the statement that there was
nothing more wonderful to watch than women!

Jim expanded the security system to monitor public areas
such as the gym, the pool, and classrooms and offices. He
also expanded the systems monitoring to include locker
rooms, showers, and offices, including Coach Adams’
office. Many of the monitors did not record directly to
the ‘approved’ recorders that were kept in a small office
off his custodian’s closet, but were tied to a relay that
transmitted images to monitors Jim kept at his own home.
Of course in theory he could be in big trouble if his
surveillance activities became know, but over the years
Jim had compiled a nice library of ‘insurance’ tapes.

Included in his inventory were the principal mounting his
secretary atop his desk and elsewhere; a history teacher
getting a blow job from a young student eager for ‘extra
credit’ to bring up her grade; the football coach
buggering his star quarterback; the girls’ swimming coach
skinny-dipping and lady licking with the new science
teacher; and ultimately, the superintendent himself
getting his hands on a cheerleaders ‘pom poms’ and
teaching her a few cheers she hadn’t known before! This
did not include a number of tapes of students, both male
and female, getting it on! The straight shower activity
tapes though were strictly with a female cast and were
purely voyeuristic stroke material.

Both voyeurs, Jim and Cindy, became totally engrossed in
the action in the girls’ shower which was definitely far
steamier than the water! The gentle kissing that had
begun Julie and Jennie’s activity and intensified to
include lusty embraces and ever intensifying passion. The
girls’ hands slipped over the slick wet back and flanks
of each other. Julie’s crept inward to cup and caress
Jennie’s sweetly mounded puss. Jennie buried her face in
Julie’s shoulder as the wonderful sensations of this new
and intimate caress swept through her. Julie eventually
broke their embrace and her gentle caressing of Jennie’s
soft feminine folds to kneel in front of her cousin and
gently lower her face to Jennie sweet little slit.

Though neither girl could hear it, Jennie’s moans were
precisely mirrored by moans from Cindy Adams as she sank
another finger into her cunt, and from Jim Marston as his
hand flew up and down the length of his very long, very
hard cock! And just as Cindy rubbed and squeezed her
breasts, Jim pinched and pulled on his nipples! Both
voyeurs felt that this ‘show’ was one of the best in a
long time.

Julie could feel Jennie’s legs becoming weak so she
helped lower her cousin to the shower room floor. There,
with the warm water cascading onto them, Julie buried her
face deeply into her cousin’s cuntal opening. Her tongue
snaked out lashing against Jennie’s throbbing clitoral
bud, and then downward probing deeply into her still
unfucked, and previously untasted cunt! Jennie squeezed
her breasts and rocked her head from side to side
overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations Julie was
generating inside her. She had never felt as good or as
sexually alive as she did at that moment.

Though lost in the wonderful feelings Julie was
generating in her cunt, Jennie was aware that the pace
and angle of Julie’s licking changed. She opened her eyes
and realized that Julie had pivoted her body such that
Julie’s sweet, hair fringed opening was now positioned
directly over her own face! She raised her head and for
the first time brought her lips into contact with another
girl’s sex! Soon her tongue flicked out and slipped
between Julie’s aroused and open cunt lips. From Julie’s
trembling Jennie knew that she was succeeding in giving
Julie the same sort of pleasure that Julie was giving to

At some point the girls rolled slightly so that each girl
was now on her side with her head resting on her cousin’s
thigh and her face buried in her cousin’s snatch. Lick
and suck, touch and probe, the two girls brought each
other closer and closer to release! Finally Jennie’s body
stiffened and shuddered as she climaxed, followed moments
later by Julie’s climactic twitching.

The two girls relaxed and the wonderful waves of orgasm
subsided. Cindy Adams staggered over to the cot in her
office and frantically bucking her hips forced her cunt
harder against her impaling fingers. Circular rubbing of
her clit with her fingertips was interspersed with deep
and forceful impalement of her hot woman hole by her
stiff fingers. Harder and harder, faster and faster she
soon stiffened and whimpered as her climax arrived.

Cindy’s climax was the final straw for Jim Marston as he
closed his eyes and pumped his cock. Soon he too was lost
in orgasm, his thick white sauce jetting out of his penis
and arcing onto his chest in jet after jet until the
final dribbles just sort of oozed from the tip of his now
softening phallus and dribbled down its length. Though
all were for the moment very satiated, soon four very
satisfied persons felt ‘normalcy’ returning to their very
satisfied bodies and minds.

Julie and Jennie roused themselves from the shower room
floor and returned to the locker room where they began to
dress. Both were very quiet at first, but speech slowly

“Hope you enjoyed that Jennie”

“Oh Julie! You KNOW I did!

“I’m glad hun! Betty is having a special party at her
house tonight. After what just happened, it is also going
to be sort of a ‘Welcome to the team’ party for you.
Francesca and the other girls are going to be there. And
remember what I said earlier about what some of the other
girls like? Well hun, this is the kind of party you DON’T
have to dress for!”

Julie was pleased with the look of delighted excitement
that lit up Jennie’s face!

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