Ted’ family ecounter part 2

Moving rhythmically and not stopping for a second,
Ted worked to give Melissa as many orgasms as her hot
little teenage cunt could churn out, struggling all the
while to hold back his own. Even after her whimpers of
pleasure had died down, Ted kept up his pelvic
movements, till he was sure the girl had completely
finished cumming. Then, when her body started to relax,
and her muscles weren’t quite so flexed, he withdrew and
lay down on the grass beside her, his still-rampant cock
resting wetly on her creamy thigh. Ted ran his hands
over her hot, damp flesh as she lay panting beside him.
Her eyes were closed and her breath came in deep,
exhausted gasps.

“I bet none of your little boyfriends ever made you
come like that, sweetheart?” Ted whispered hotly into
her ear. He began stroking the girl’s small, heaving
tits, rubbing her nipples gently between thumb and

“Ohhhh, God no!… Never!” she breathed, throwing
her arms around him. “I’ve never felt anything so
wonderful in my life!… It was fantastic!”

Ted looked down into her beautiful young eyes and

“Anything to please my little baby girl!” breathed Ted
slipping two of his
fingers into her juicy, gaping cuntslit.

“Oooooo, you naughty, naughty Daddy!” giggled
Melissa, rotating her hips lewdly on Ted’s probing
fingers. “Mmmmmm! God, if you keep that up, you’re
gonna get me all hot again!”

“That’s the whole idea, sweetheart!” grunted Ted,
sinking his fingers as far as he could into the slick
velvet depths of her gaping cunt. “Play with my cock
while I get you good and ready for more, baby!”

Melissa reached for his prick and gasped with
surprise when she felt its pulsing rigidity.

“You didn’t come!” she said with wonder. “This
afternoon when Robbie fucked me, he came before I did!
It wasn’t much fun at all.”

“Little boy’s are like that, Melissa honey. What
you need is a man’s cock.” said Ted, nodding down at his
formidable hardon.

Melissa stared at the huge throbbing organ nestled
in her hand. It glistened with moisture, and her little
heart skipped a beat with excitement as she realized it
was still covered with her cunt juices… her own sticky
girlycum. It looked so big and red and angry against the
whiteness of her tiny fingers. The look, the feel and
even the smell of it excited her terribly! Now that she
knew how utterly fantastic it felt plowing in and out of
her hot little cunt, she wanted more… much, much more!

Ted saw the hungry look in her eyes and smiled to
himself. She was hooked, he thought. His fingers found
her clit and he played with it, stroking and rubbing the
stiff little bud expertly. He watched her squirm.

“How many times did you come before, baby!” he

“Oh, Jesus! So many times I lost count! I think I
even blacked out for a moment, it was unbelievable.”
Suddenly, she looked up at him longingly.

“Will it be that good every time?”

“I certainly hope so, honey!” smiled Ted.
“Good, let’s do it again… right now!” she said
enthusiastically, pulling on his prick. Melissa lay
back as she had done before and spread her pretty
little legs wide, her tiny, gaping slit more than
ready to receive his big, stiff cock.

But Ted had other ideas. He grabbed the naked girl
by the hips and rolled over, pulling her on top of him
until Melissa’s little cunt was poised above his erect
cock. She was on all fours, her knees straddling his
hips, and her hands on his shoulders, supporting her
weight on stiffened arms.

“Now, sit on my cock, Melissa honey!” groaned Ted.
“That way you can have as much of it as you want….
You’re in control now, baby… go for it!”

Melissa reached down between her thighs and grasped
his cock with trembling fingers, pressing the swollen,
purple tip against her open cunt. It pulsed and jumped
anxiously, nuzzling her slippery pussy-lips with its
bulging head. The girl shivered with pleasure at the
delicious contact, moaning deep down in her throat as
she rubbed his cockhead up and down the length of her
juicy, quivering little slit.

Her involuntary response made Ted’s cock twitch, the
rigid organ throbbing with excitement at the sight of
the youngster’s undisguised lust. He could feel the
tender tissues of her cunt opening as she lowered
herself slowly onto his upthrust prick. Ted watched and
felt with growing excitement as her cuntlips parted, and
his cock entered her, slicing deeply into her hairless
cuntmound as the girl hunched downwards onto him.
Although her little cunt was well lubricated from their
previous fuck, her weight alone wasn’t sufficient to
overcome the resistance of his thick cock in her tight
pussy. Ted grasped the cheeks of her ass and literally
pulled her cunt down onto his upthrust prick. The fit
was tight and hot, and Ted moaned once more as he felt
his entire cock deeply imbedded in the girl’s snug
little fuckhole.

“Oh, baby girl!… Damn, that’s tight!” he gasped
as Melissa settled herself fully on him. “God! Jesus,
you gorgeous, sexy little cunt!… Am I ever gonna give
you a fuck to remember, baby!”

“Oooooh, Daddy!” she purred. “Oooooo, yesssss, fuck
me! Fuck my pussy! Oh, yes, yes! Mmmmm, your cock feels
soooo good up there! It’s all the way in, Daddy! Now,
fuck me good! Fuck my tight, juicy little cunt real

“Unnnggghhh!… Jesus!…. I will, baby!….
Mmmmmmm, believe me I will!”

Ever so eagerly, the excited young fourteen-year-old
began to hump her
tightly-stretched little quim up and down on Ted’s cock,
whimpering and moaning incessantly as the rock-hard
shaft fucked in and out of her tiny cunt. Her firm
young buttocks clenched and relaxed with the effort and
her slender back arched in ecstasy as Melissa took her
pleasure. Her cute little ass and firm, budding breasts
wiggled sensuously as she bucked around wildly on his
upthrust prick.

Ted’s grinding hips moved solidly as he worked his
long, steely prong ever so deeply inside of the young
girl’s bucking hole. Her bright pink cuntlips were
pushed wide apart by his massive cock, and mashed
repeatedly against the base of his thick shaft each time
he lunged up into her.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Goddddd! Fuck, what a cock!”
squealed Melissa, bouncing up and down on him like
crazy. “Ohhh, fuck me Daddy! Fill my hot little snatch
with your big, fat prick and fuck me!… Ohhh! Ohhh!
Daddy! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Hearing her urgent cry, Ted
hunched his cock up at her as hard as he could, burying
his stiff, throbbing pole as deeply as possible inside
the girl’s slippery, squirming little twat.

“Mmmmmm! Damn, that’s fantastic!” he moaned. “Uhhhh,
yeahhhh! Hot and tight and wet!… Jesus, I love young
pussy! … Ooooh! Shake that cunt for me, baby! Yes,
that’s it, grind it down real hard!”

They both made noises like wild animals, the inner
muscles of Melissa’s tight little cunt clasping Ted’s
plunging cock like a vice. He began pumping harder,
knowing the horny young teenager was ready for
everything he could throw at her. Melissa gasped aloud
with each powerful stroke, arching her back and
thrusting her hips down to meet his pumping cock. She
bucked and jumped wildly around on top of him,
whimpering deep down in her throat as she worked to push
Ted’s rock-hard cock further and further inside her.
Melissa felt as though she was losing her mind, his huge
throbbing penis was ramming so far up her drooling
little cunthole it hurt… but it hurt so good that the
girl only wanted to feel more and more of it.

“Daddy… Daddy… Daddy!” she screamed, unable to
contain herself any longer. “Fuck me!… Ohhhh, fuck me
harder, faster! OHHHH! GOD! FUCK ME!!”

Her tiny, naked titties heaved and jiggled, and her
long brown hair swirled around her shoulders as Ted
rammed his cock in and out of her eagerly bouncing
pussy. The rigid cock between her legs seemed to be
getting bigger and harder with every deep penetration,
and soon Melissa began to cry out, screaming with
ecstasy at the excruciating pleasure caused by the
battering her sex-starved little pussy was receiving far
up between its tautly stretched lips. Her cunt was on
fire, and each stab of his prick sent waves of pure
ecstasy coursing up her spine. Soon it became just too
much for her.

“Ohhhh, God!… Oh, God! Ohhhhhhh, Goddddddd!…
Yes! Yessss, Uuuhh, uuuuh, I’m gonna come!”

Her cunt-juice covered his balls now, and as Ted
continued pumping, more began to flow from her cock-
ravaged little cunt, saturating both their crotches with
her warm, creamy fluids. He was close to orgasm, too,
and sped up his strokes so that they would come at the
same time.

“Come, baby! Come with me! I’m gonna shoot, too, I
can feel it!” grunted Ted. Melissa suddenly felt his
cock swell to unbelievable proportions, stretching her
pussy even wider as the spunk welled up in his balls.

“Oh, Daddy! Yesss! Come in me! Fill me with your
fuckin’ spunk! Uhh! Uggh!” Ted felt the hot little
teenager stiffen and shudder, whimpering with pure
pleasure as she climaxed. Her tiny hole gave his cock a
mighty squeeze as her spasming cuntal muscles contracted
in orgasm once more.

But still Ted hadn’t come. He was real close, he
could feel it, all it needed was a few deep jabs and
he’d be there.

“Fuck, baby! Squirm your cunt on my prick! Uhhh!
Mmmmm! That’s it!
Squeeze your pussy! Oh, christ! Here it comes!…
Uhhhhh! Fuck, Melissa!… FUCK!… Fuck your cunt onto
my cock like crazy, honey! Arghhhhhh! I’m cummmmming!”

She felt him tense up, then his prick jerked inside
her. In a flash, there was an eruption deep in her twat
that sent her young mind reeling. A geyser of hot,
steaming jizz splashed against her womb in jet after
jet, making her climax immediately. All she could do to
keep from fainting was to scream.


It seemed to Ted that his balls were being milked
dry by the girl’s tight sucking cunt as the last drop of
semen dribbled from his tool and he went limp. Melissa
had slumped forwards onto his chest, and the two of them
just lay there panting with exhaustion for several
minutes, trying to catch their breath. Ted’s prick was
still buried deeply in the girl’s twitching cunt, he
could feel the muscles of her satisfied little pussy
massaging the throbbing shaft from base to tip. He
reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass. The firm
little mounds fit perfectly into his hands, and as he
began squeeze and fondle them, Melissa reacted by
grinding her cunt down onto his cock, the fires of lust
quickly rekindled in her adolescent loins.

“Ohhhh, Jesus, that was even better than the first
time!” she moaned, nuzzling his neck. “I came so hard I
almost fainted. Was it good for you, too?”

“You bet your cute little ass it was, honey!”
replied Ted. “I don’t think I’ve got a drop of cum left
in my balls. Your cunt has sucked them dry, baby!”

“I hope not, Daddy!” giggled the girl, rubbing her
body against him suggestively. “I want you to do it to
me again!”

“You horny little nympho!” laughed Ted, slapping her
butt playfully. “You can’t get enough of Daddy’s big,
hard prick, can you, darling?”

“Nope!” said Melissa with a grin. She felt his cock
twitch and swell within her and added, “Ooooo!… and it
feels to me that you can’t get enough of my hot little
cunt, either, Daddy!”

Ted’s cock, which started to deflate as soon as he
climaxed, had surprisingly began to stiffen as she lay
on top of him. The excitement of fucking this gorgeous,
sexy little kid was like a drug, and his prick reacted
accordingly, springing to immediate attention within her
enveloping cuntal sheath.

“I guess you’re right, honey!” he admitted. “I’ve
never felt so damn horny!”

“Mmmmm!… Lucky me!” murmured Melissa, enjoying
the delicious feeling
of his cock expanding rapidly in the hot, juicy confines
of her cunt. Soon it was as long and hard as it had
been before, throbbing against the walls of her
squirming twat in all its former glory. Without moving
his hips, Ted made it twitch and jerk inside her.

“Feel that, honey?” he grinned lewdly.

“Oooooh, yes! Fuck!… can I ever! It feels so much
bigger than before!”

“It might be, baby, but my guess is that your sweet
little pussy has been fucked
so much this afternoon, it’s a bit swollen. Either way,
it’s still a nice tight fit, and like I told you before,
I just love tight, teenage pussies.”

“Good! Then shut up and fuck me with it!” groaned
Melissa, hunching her little hips shamelessly up and
down on him. She was eager for more of the mind-blowing
pleasure that Ted’s big, thick man-sized cock could give

“Okay, Melissa, honey!… But let’s try something a
little different,” he suggested. “Hop off, baby, and
I’ll show you a new way to fuck!” Melissa reluctantly
did as she was told, more than a little unhappy that it
meant having to pull her cunt off his pleasure-giving

Ted maneuvered the girl onto all fours and spread
her legs, kneeling close up behind her, his cock
throbbing rigidly between her open thighs. He held his
huge erection in one hand and reached between her thighs
with the other, running his fingers the entire length of
her hot, dripping slit.

“Uhhhhhh! That feels so gooooood!… Mmmmm! But
your cock would feel much… much better, Daddy!” she
husked, smiling back at him over her shoulder.

It was the sexiest smile Ted had ever seen. Her
long brown hair was strewn over her shoulders and her
pretty face was looking at him with that sultry, `hurry-
up-and-fuck-me’ look that women get when they can’t wait
a moment longer. Her skinny thighs were wide apart,
revealing the pink wet slit of her little cunt…
swollen and glistening with juice… just waiting to be
fucked. And in her excitement, she offered it to him
shamelessly, waggling her cute little ass at him in
wanton invitation.

“God, but you’re a hot, sexy little bitch!” said
Ted, rubbing his fingers through the pink, glistening
flesh of Melissa’s hotly aroused young pubes. The
youngster moaned and pressed her cunt suggestively
against his massaging hand.

“So, I’m a bitch, huh?” she murmured. spreading her
legs even further apart. “Then do something about it!…
Come on, Daddy! Put that big, fat thing you call a cock
inside my pussy and fuck me like a bitch, then!” The
look on her angelic little face was pure wanton lust.
“Isn’t that why they call this the doggie position,
Daddy?” she added.

Melissa’s juicy, exposed pussy simply begged to be
fucked, and Ted couldn’t resist a moment longer! He
grabbed her hips and pulled her against him.

“Ok, baby… you asked for it!…” he grunted, “…
and now you’re gonna get it!… get ready for the fuck
of your life, you horny little cunt!”

Quickly fitting the head of his prick between the
gaping lips of her pussy, Ted lunged forwards, and, with
one powerful thrust, rammed his huge, throbbing cock
inside her to the very balls.

JEEEEEZZZZZZZZUUUUUSSS!” screamed Melissa as Ted’s prick
sliced into her tight little hole. It went in a lot
easier this time and with the new angle, it felt to be
in a lot deeper as well.

“Baby! Ohhhhh, baby! That’s fuckin’ tight! Ummmmm,
yeah! Squeeze it, Melissa! Squeeze my cock with your hot
little cunt, honey!” groaned Ted as he began to throw
his cock to her in earnest. Her ass quivered as he
hunched into her, jamming his prick in as far as it
would go, then pulling it almost all of the way out.

“Ohhhh, Daddy-Ted! Fuck me! Screw me! Stick that
prick way up into my belly!… I love it! I just love
it! Ohhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm! Fuck! Ohhh, fuck!”

Her words excited him just as much as the incredible
friction of her tight little cunt on his plunging cock.
In no time at all, she was twisting and bucking her ass
like crazy… moaning loudly as Ted thrust his massive
cock into her frothy young pussy like a human battering
ram. The pink, juicy flesh of her cunt pushed in and
pulled out around the glistening shaft with every
powerful stroke, clinging tightly to his pistoning cock.
Ted reached forward to fondle Melissa’s dangling tits,
squeezing the small jiggling globes and rubbing the
tiny, erect nipples.

“Oooh, yes! Play with my tits, Daddy! Play with my
tits while you fuck me!”

Melissa closed her eyes and pretended that it was
her real Daddy fucking her so
wonderfully. She imagined her father’s enormous prong
stabbing and jabbing into her aching cunt as he fucked
her. The added excitement of the incestuous daydream
drove the hot little fourteen-year-old wild, and she
orgasmed on the spot, moaning and whimpering like a
wounded animal.


“Ok, baby! Do it! Come for Daddy!” grunted Ted as he
fucked the writhing girl to orgasm. “Come on my cock!…
Squeeze your hot little pussy around it, honey!…
Uhhhhhnnnnn! Jesus, what a cunt!… what a fuck!”

Ted rammed his prick into the girl’s pussy rapidly,
making her squeal. He grabbed her narrow hips and
pulled her back against him hard, his thighs slapping
noisily against her juice-smeared little ass with every
powerful stroke. Melissa was churning her hips wildly,
feeling the waves of pleasure wash over her again and
again as Ted’s cock smashed into her. He looked down
between their heaving bodies and marvelled at the highly
arousing sight. His long, thick shaft glistened with
wetness, throbbing visibly as it slid in and out of
Melissa’s stretched little cunthole like a well-greased

“Uhhhh yes! That’s it, baby! Grind those hips! Push
your hot little snatch back onto my cock as hard as you
can!… God, I don’t think I can hold back any longer!”
screamed Ted as he felt the hot tide of release rise in
his swollen balls. He began to fuck her faster, ramming
his cock in and out with short, hard lunges, ravaging
her tight, slippery little cunt with relentless vigour.

“Oooooooh, yes, Daddy!” Melissa cried. “Go fast!
Fuck me fast! Unnnnnghhh! It feels so good!… God! I
can feel your cock throb… feel it jerk inside my cunt!
Oh, ram it in deeper! Pound my cunt with your cock,
Daddy! Uhhhhh!” The girl was having another powerful
orgasm, thrashing her ass like mad, fucking back onto
Ted’s slamming prick in wanton ecstasy.

OHHHH, GOD! OH, FUUUUCK!” she squealed, thrusting her cunt
eagerly backwards. The friction of his cock on her tiny
quivering clit sent intense tremors of pleasure through
her young body. Ted gripped her thrashing hips tightly
and fucked into her cunt hard and deep, shuddering with
ecstasy as he climaxed, also.

TOO!” shouted Ted, his cock jerking madly in her belly
as it pumped spurt after spurt of hot, scalding cum way
up inside her convulsing pussy. He felt her cunt grip
Melissa moaned and quivered as one, jerking and bucking
against each other like wild animals as the exploding
pleasure of their mutual orgasm overtook them

It was minutes before they stopped panting and fell
apart. Melissa just lay there, recovering from the most
powerful orgasm of her young life. Ted kissed her and
stood up.

“Thanks, baby!” he said, pulling his jogging pants
back on. “We’ll have to do this again sometime. Can you
meet me here tomorrow after school, sweetheart?”

Melissa nodded her head enthusiastically. She was
still on cloud nine. She had never felt so good, and was
more than a little disappointed that it was all over.
Robbie had never fucked her like that, ever! It had felt
so wonderful, the little girl couldn’t wait to try it
again… soon!

Ted gave her a long, passionate kiss and left,
jogging out of the clearing before she could say
anything. Melissa just sat there for a while, staring
after him, well-fucked but happy. Suddenly, she realized
what time it was. Shit, her mother would kill her! In a
flash, Melissa pulled on her clothes and headed for
home, her new lover’s spent jism still sticky between
her creamy young thighs.

*************** Chapter 2

When Melissa got home from her lustful encounter
with Ted in the woods, her mother was in a foul mood.
Helen Harvey was usually strict with her children, and
getting home late after school was something she didn’t

“And just where have you been, young lady?” fumed
her mother. “You should have been two hours ago!”

“I had to stay in after school, Mom,” she lied.
“That stupid Mr. Hoskins gave me detention.”

In addition to being the usual reason for being
late, Melissa knew her mother couldn’t stand the pudgy,
loud-mouthed history teacher. This particular excuse had
always worked before….

“Oh, I see,” answered her mother. “Well, go take a
shower. Your father will be home soon and dinner will
only be about half an hour.”

…. to Melissa’s delight, her ruse had worked again.

As she trotted off to the bathroom, her sixteen-
year-old brother Dennis poked his tousled blonde head
over the sofa from where he was watching TV.

“She’s been out playing around with Robbie Ward,
more like it,” he grinned evilly.

“What would you know, Dennis?” replied his sister
angrily. “At least I don’t hang around the mall like a
pervert, leering at members of the opposite sex all

“Maybe you should, Sis! You might find there are
better lays out there than that damn squirt, Robbie

Melissa was about to lash out with another insult
when Helen interrupted.

“DENNIS!!… Melissa’s much too young to hear that
sort of language. Now
quit fighting, you two. Melissa, go take that shower…
NOW! And don’t be long, your father and I have to go out
to a P&T meeting tonight!” As Melissa left the room,
Dennis complained bitterly to his mother.

“Mom? I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it

“It sure does, young man! Now, I want you to stay
home tonight and look after Melissa.”

“Aw, shit! I’m no babysitter, Mom!”

“I told you to mind your mouth, Dennis! I don’t want
you to using that sort of language around Melissa,

“Ok, Mom! Sorry.”

“Good, now go and apologize to your sister and then
get washed up for dinner.”

Dennis sulked off to find his sister, mumbling
indignantly under his breath.

Imagine, sixteen years old, and having to babysit your
own sister. ‘What a drag’, he thought. ‘I could be out
having some real fun… but no. I gotta mind my little
sister… and, I gotta apologize to her as well! Shit!’
He was still fuming as he stopped outside his sister’s
bedroom. The light was on, so he tried the doorknob. It
was locked. He was about to knock when he heard a
muffled moan from within.

“What the fuck!…” he said to himself.

Dropping to one knee, young Dennis peered
inquisitively through the keyhole, unable to believe
his own eyes! Melissa was standing in front of her
full length mirror, and she was stark naked!

She had her back to the door, but Dennis could
see her front, fully reflected in the long mirror. He
gasped aloud at the unexpected sight.

He marvelled at how full and curvaceous her figure
was. He had never seen her naked before, at least not
since she was a little girl, and somehow he never
expected her body to be so… so sexy. His cock began to
swell in his pants as he gazed at her slim young figure.
His eyes travelled hungrily over her firm, round breasts
and pert little ass, coming finally to rest on her downy
cuntmound. She had her legs slightly apart, and Dennis
could clearly see his sister’s little pink cuntslit,
glistening wetly between her legs. His cock twitched to
full attention as he watched what she was doing. She was
staring at herself in the mirror, all the time running
her hands over her naked body, rubbing her tits and
squeezing her pussy, moaning all the while, a look of
pure carnal lust on her pretty, young face.

Dennis reached for his cock and grabbed the huge
erection through his pants. He couldn’t believe his
eyes! His little fourteen-year-old sister was feeling
herself up like one of those slutty porn queens he liked
to fantasize about when he jacked off. Shit!… she
looked even BETTER than some of them! Dennis started to
rub his stiff, aching prick as he stared at her, getting
more and more excited by the second. But soon, his self-
gratifying jerks became a little too vigorous, and his
hand bumped noisily against the door. Melissa spun
around, reaching quickly for a robe. Hurriedly putting
it on, she headed for the door.

“Who is it?” asked Melissa suspiciously.

Dennis stood up, his heart beating wildly. To his
relief, his swollen cock began
to quickly deflate, but unfortunately not quite before
Melissa opened the door.

“Oh, it’s you, Dennis,” she said with a look of
disgust on her face. “What do you want?”

“I… er… um… I wanted to apologize for what
I said to you before,” he stammered, trying to cover his
still-swollen cock.

“Really?” scowled Melissa.

Dennis looked nervously up and down the hallway. His
sister’s room was the safest place for him at the moment,
he couldn’t go back through the livingroom with a horn
like this.

“Can I come in and talk to you for a minute, Sis?”
he suggested. Melissa noticed the strange placement of
his hands, and a faint smile creased her mouth as she
realized that her brother was trying to hide an enormous

“OK! But make it snappy! I’ve gotta finish getting
dressed,” she said, pretending to be mad at him. She let
her brother in and closed the door, locking it behind

“What’d you do that for?” asked Dennis.

“Oh, just habit I guess,” she said, bending over to
pick up her discarded panties. “Besides, I’m sure you
don’t want anybody to see you kiss my butt.”

“HUH???” gulped Dennis. His eyes dropped
automatically to the cheeks of his little sister’s ass,
outlined provocatively under the thin fabric of her

“Well, you said you wanted to apologize to me,
didn’t you?” she asked, straightening up. As she did so,
the loose sash around her waist came undone, allowing
the robe to fall open, and to Dennis’ complete surprise,
Melissa made no move to cover herself up.

“Uh, yeah… yeah!” he muttered. “I do!… um…
I do want to apologize.” Dennis couldn’t help staring
wide-eyed at her gorgeous young tits and cunt. He
gulped audibly. His cute little sister was standing
there in front of him, almost naked! Any other time she
would have screamed `blue murder’ if he so much as even
glimpsed her in bra and panties… tonight she wasn’t
even batting an eyelid!

Melissa saw her brother’s eyes drift down to the
moist, pink slit between her legs, and an illicit thrill
ran up her spine. She put her hands on her hips and
spread her legs, knowing it would part the robe even
more. She felt a deliciously wicked feeling of power
over her normally-‘cool’ older brother. Dennis could see
everything she had to offer, and to her total delight,
her big handsome brother was devouring her naked body
with his eyes.

“Well? Are you gonna look at my pussy all night or
what?” asked Melissa.

Her brother’s hot gaze travelled up and down her
exposed body from tits to cunt
and back again, his mouth hanging open in utter
amazement. Christ, she looked fuckin’ good!

“Shit, Dennis, if you don’t apologize soon, I’m
gonna yell for Mom!”

“Jesus! Come on, Sis,” whined Dennis, a little
frightened at the prospect of being caught in his
sister’s bedroom with a hardon. “I just wanted to
say I was a real dickhead out there before, and
that I’m sorry, OK?”

Melissa looked down at the bulge in his pants and
smiled. She leaned towards him and whispered, “Looks
like you’ve got one of those in your pants.”


“A dickhead, silly!” breathed Melissa, “…and a big
one at that. Can I feel it, Dennis?” She reached for
his crotch, but Dennis’ first reaction was to back
away.. he was too surprised to think clearly.

“What’s wrong, big brother? Don’t you let those
prick-teasers you guys pick up down at the mall feel
your cock?”

Dennis was stunned, after what he’d just seen, and
the way his little sister was acting, he didn’t know
whether to stay or run.

“Or maybe my big, handsome brother is homosexual!”
teased Melissa. “Is that it?… Are you gay, Dennis?”

That was it! Sister or no sister, Dennis wasn’t
letting that sort of accusation pass unchallenged.
Roughly, he grabbed Melissa’s tiny hand and pushed it
against his growing hardon.

“Does that feel like I’m gay.. little miss know-it
all?” he growled. Melissa grinned up at him with a look
of devilish satisfaction on her face.

“Mmmmmmm, no, it sure doesn’t!” she gasped, wrapping
her fingers possessively around her brother’s swollen
cock through the front of his shorts. “I… I guess I
was wrong!”

“You bet you were!” said Dennis, cupping her firm
little breasts, “and I want you to understand one thing.
You’ve got some growing up to do if you’re gonna mess
around with older guys!”

Melissa looked up at her big, handsome brother with
the sexiest little-girl look she could muster.

“Ohhh, Denny! You know so much about sex… Teach
me.. Please!” she breathed, squeezing gently on his

Dennis stared down into his sister’s deep brown
eyes, and found he couldn’t resist her. Not that he
really wanted to. She wasn’t just his little sister
anymore, she was a sexy, available piece of ass… and
she was begging him for it!

Dennis still didn’t know if she was leading him on.
He hadn’t yet decided if it would be safe to see just
how she would let him go. His cock leaped at the thought
of actually balling his cute little baby sister, but the
fear of being caught still stopped him. It was a hard
decision, but when the pretty little fourteen-year-old
began to rub her cuntmound against his cock, Dennis made
up his mind real quick.

“OK, kid!” he said, growing bolder by the second.
“Lesson number one!” He pulled her naked body against
him, letting his hands roam freely under her wide-open
robe, squeezing her pert young tits and rubbing her
hard, rubbery little nipples until they sprang to full
attention. “Reach in and take out my cock, baby!” he
whispered as his hands slid down to fondle the tiny
round cheeks of her ass.

Melissa undid the zip on his pants and pulled out
his straining prick. It was enormous! She had no idea
her brother’s cock would be so long and thick.

“God, Dennis!… It’s huge!” she gasped in awe.
Just the sight of it set her wet cuntal slit quivering
with uncontrollable desire.

“I knew you’d like it, Sis!” said her brother
proudly. “All the girls do!”

“Jesus! I can see why!” exclaimed Melissa, feeling
all melty inside. “Ohhhh, Dennis! It’s almost as big
as Da…” Luckily, Melissa stopped herself before she
let the cat out of the bag completely. It wasn’t time
to let Dennis in on that side of her sexual experiences
just yet.


“Oh… nothing. It’s just so damn big I can’t
believe it! How long is it, hard?”

“Nine inches, Sis!” boasted Dennis. “Nine, long
mother-fuckin’ inches!”

“Oh, God! Dennis!” Her heart began to race at the
very thought of his huge cock stretching her tiny pussy.
The fact that he was her big brother made it all the
better… more forbidden … more exciting… not to
mention incestuous. She was so hot, she wanted him
now… she wanted her strong, handsome brother to throw
her on the bed, spread her legs, and drive his big,
throbbing, nine-inch cock deep into her aching little

Just as she was about to open her mouth and beg him
to do something… anything, Dennis pulled off her robe
and sat her down on the edge of the bed facing him. He
pushed her thighs apart with his knees and stood between
them, his hard prick quivering only inches from his
sister’s softly parted lips. Dennis looked down at her
with an anxious look on his handsome young face.

“We haven’t got much time, Mel, so how ’bout you
give me a quick blow job?”

“Mmmmm! Yeah, okay!” she said off-handedly. Inside
Melissa was seething with suppressed desire.

His hands were already at the back of her head,
pulling her mouth urgently towards his raging hardon,
and with a small moan, Melissa bent forwards. She
grabbed her brother’s cock and unceremoniously stuffed
the giant-sized pecker eagerly into her warm, wet mouth.
Dennis let out a loud groan of pleasure as her hot lips
engulfed the full length of his prick. He couldn’t
still believe it! He was standing in his sister’s
bedroom with his dick in her mouth, and the cock-hungry
little cunt was eating him like a pro!

Melissa’s small cheeks hollowed and swelled as she
sucked voraciously. Her nostrils flared as she breathed
deeply, taking in the pungent male scent of her
brother’s crotch. She loved the smell of cock… it
drove her wild! As for her brother… she was driving
him wild, too.

“Ohhh, Sis! Jesus, that’s nice!” he moaned,
squeezing her tits. “Suck it hard, baby sister! Suck
your big brother’s fat, hairy prick!… Uhh! God, what a
great little cocksucker!… Honey, you’re a fuckin’
natural!” Melissa could only mumble an unintelligible
reply as her pretty little mouth bobbed back and forth
on her brother’s rampant cock.

“Mmmmmmmm! Ummmmmmmmm! Mmmmfffffffhhh!”

“Don’t try to speak,” grunted Dennis. “Just
concentrate on sucking my balls out through the end
of my dick, baby!”

Melissa dropped a hand to her flooded cunt, it was
getting much too hot to ignore. She pressed two tiny
fingers between the juicy, pink lips and began to stab
them quickly in and out of her seething little hole,
moaning all the while. Dennis became even more excited
when he saw what his little sister was doing.

“Ohhh, yes! Do it, Sis! Play with yourself while you
suck me off!” he panted, watching her glistening fingers
slide deeply in and out of the juicy pink slit. “What a
turn-on! Jesus, Melissa! I can’t wait to fuck you, Sis!”

‘Neither can I!’ thought Melissa, grinding her
little ass around on the bed, in pure adolescent lust.

Her mouth was so tight around his cock that Dennis
had trouble holding his orgasm back. He could feel the
familiar tremors already in his balls and he knew he
wouldn’t last much longer. He tried to think of other
things, but it was impossible. He couldn’t take his eyes
off his little sister’s angelic face, swollen out of
shape around his huge prick.

“Suck it hard, Sis!” panted Dennis, driving his cock
into her narrow young throat.
“I’m almost there!… Oh, Fuck! I’m almost there, baby!”

Melissa did exactly as her brother told her and
plunged her mouth hungrily over his cock. When she
reached up and squeezed his dangling balls, Dennis
shuddered and grabbed her head in both hands, ramming
into her mouth with long deep strokes, fucking her
pretty little cock-sucking face for all he was worth.
Then, just as she felt her brother’s cock jerk wildly in
her throat, Melissa heard her mother’s voice calling
from the kitchen.

“DENNIS! MELISSA! Don’t be long! Dinner’s almost
ready, you two!”

Neither of the two incestuous siblings hesitated in
what they were doing for an
instant, they were both too far gone towards orgasm.
Dennis called back so that their mother wouldn’t come
looking for them. He hoped his voice sounded normal.

“Arhh, okay, Mom!… Just coming!” he shouted, as
his cock began to spurt. “Just cummmmmming!” …and
indeed he was coming, right into his little sister’s
sweet, sucking mouth. He smiled at the humour of the
situation, but only briefly as wave after wave of
pleasure shuddered through his loins, the contractions
of his cock emptying his swollen balls into the young
girl’s vacuuming mouth.

Melissa swallowed it all, gulping down her brother’s
hot, thick cream like a greedy baby sucking a bottle,
groaning and gurgling around his twitching cock as her
own climax overtook her. She fell backwards onto the
bed, her thighs spread wide apart, her eyes closed in
post-orgasmic bliss. Dennis watched as his cock left her
mouth with a slurping sound and sprang back upwards,
hitting his belly. Although it had lost some of its
rigidity due to his orgasm, it was quite still hard…
and the more he looked at his sister’s lewdly displayed
twat, the harder it got!

Her narrow, pink cuntslit was so wet and juicy
looking inside, and as Dennis watched, droplets of clear
sticky juice began to ooze slowly from the bottom. Her
little cuntlips gaped sweetly open… not much… just
enough to reveal the dark, inviting little entrance of
her cunthole. It was too much for him, and with a moan,
he lay down on top of her, covering his sister’s tiny
frame with his large, muscular body. His cock pressed
conveniently against her cuntmound, slithering over her
leaking slit as he hunched his crotch against hers. As
much as she wanted her brother to fuck her right then
and there, Melissa knew that if they didn’t stop now,
they’d be caught for sure.

“Dennis! Get up! Mom’s gonna come in here if we
don’t get out there soon!” she whispered.

“Fuck Mom!” growled Dennis, grinding his prick
against her clit.

“Mmmmmm! No, fuck me, Dennis!” replied his sister,
returning the delicious pressure of his hard cock.
“But let’s do it later, okay?… or we’re gonna get
caught! We’ve got all night to ourselves, remember!”

“You’re right, Sis!” said her brother reluctantly
standing up. He looked like he was weighing something up
in his mind.

“It is an interesting thought, though,” he mused.

“What is?”

“Fucking Mom.”

“What?!” said Melissa, unable to believe her ears.

“Fucking Mom!” he repeated. “I mean, shit!…
she’s pretty… she’s got a great lookin’ body and from
the sounds she and Dad make in bed sometimes, I bet
she’s a hot little fuck, too!”

Melissa’s mouth dropped open. She was stunned, but
she couldn’t prevent her mind’s eye from picturing
Dennis stark naked, between their mother’s wide-open
thighs, slamming his young prick deep into her hairy,
upthrust cunt as they fucked like animals in heat.

“That’s sick, Dennis!” she spat. “You can’t have sex
with your own mother!”

“Why not” he smiled, pulling her up off the bed. “If
I can have sex with my cute little baby sister, why can’t
I have sex with my mother…. huh?”

Dennis grabbed her by the back of the neck and
kissed her deeply. He was a good four or five inches
taller than her, and Melissa had to stand on tiptoes as
she returned her brother’s hot, incestuous kiss with
equal passion.

“Later, babe!” he smiled. Stuffing his sticky limp
cock back into his pants, Dennis turned and left the
room, leaving Melissa to ponder over what he had said.

All through dinner, Dennis kept glancing at his
mother. He had never noticed how beautiful she was until
now. He looked over at his sister and saw her smile at
him, a sexy little smile that was full of promise. He
smiled back and gave her a knowing wink, but his gaze
soon returned to his mother. At forty-three, Helen
Harvey looked at least ten years younger. She was slim,
athletic and very pretty, and when she wore her long
blonde hair in a ponytail, like she was tonight, she
looked even younger and prettier. Dennis tried to join
in the light, mealtime conversation, but found his mind
kept roaming elsewhere… to his mother’s gorgeous
body! He hoped nobody noticed him staring at her tits.
They were big and firm looking, and seemed to strain
against the front of her light, cotton blouse much
harder than Dennis could remember.

It was also clear that his mother wasn’t wearing any
bra, since he could clearly see the indentations of her
nipples pressing provocatively against the thin fabric.
It wasn’t strange for Helen not to wear a bra… it was
just that before tonight, her son hadn’t had a reason to
take any notice. Now, young Dennis couldn’t help but
notice! She was also wearing a pair of tight, white
shorts, cut high on her thigh, and when she got up to
get dessert, Dennis’ eyes followed his mother’s every
move. He nearly dropped his fork when she bent over to
pick up a fallen napkin. For one glorious second, Dennis
could see right up between his mother’s firm, creamy
thighs, and his heart skipped a beat when he noticed a
wisp of cunthair peeking cheekily out from under the hem
of her shorts. ‘Christ! She’s not wearing any fuckin’
panties either!” he thought with a sudden surge of
pleasure. Melissa saw her brother’s look of lust and
gave him a kick under the table. Dennis scowled at her
and returned to picking at his meal.

“What’s wrong, Dennis? Aren’t you hungry tonight,
honey?” asked his mother.

“Uh… not really, mom!” mumbled Dennis, looking
down at his plate. He was certain that if he looked
up at his mother, he wouldn’t be able to stop from
staring at parts of her body that weren’t proper for
a son to be staring at.

“OK! Maybe you’ll feel like a little snack later
then,” said Helen, taking his plate away.

“How’s work, Daddy?” Melissa asked her father,
trying to change the subject.

“Good, sweetheart! Real good!” smiled her father.
Don Harvey was forty-four, handsome, athletic and a
successful executive for a local computer company…
and the one thing he loved to talk about was his job.
As she listened to her father tell her about his day,
Melissa stole jealous glances at her brother, who was
still eyeing off his mother’s trim young body every
chance he got.

After dinner, Helen and Don left for the P&T meeting
with the usual strict instructions.

“Okay, we’ll be back about eleven, kids,” said
Helen. “Don’t stay up too late… and Dennis, take care
of your sister! No fighting, you two, okay?””

“Okay, Mom!” they chorused.

“… and Dennis, ” grinned his father as they went
out the front door, “I know how many beers are in the
fridge, okay, son?”

“Yes, Dad…”

As soon as the door closed behind them, Dennis
turned to Melissa.

“Well, little sister! Mom says I’ve gotta take care
of you tonight. How do you feel about that?” he asked.

“Ohhhh, Denny! I’m so randy! The sooner you take
care of me the better!… I can’t wait!” Melissa
replied, throwing her arms around her brother’s strong
shoulders. She looked up at him with a look of desperate
need on her pretty, young face and pressed her crotch
against the bulge in his pants. “Are you gonna fuck me
now?” she whispered, shamelessly rubbing her cuntmound
against his rising cock. Dennis dropped his hands to
her thighs and slid them up under her nightdress,
cupping the twin cheeks of her shapely little butt.

She wanted it bad, and Dennis was sorely tempted. He
had the sudden urge to rip off his sister’s clothes,
spread her out right here on the living-room floor, and
fuck her ’till she passed out…. but he resisted the
temptation. Dennis didn’t want to rush things. He wanted
their first sexual encounter together to last… he
wanted his sexy little sister to remember it for the
rest of her life, and above all, he wanted her to come
back for more… much, much more.

“Don’t be too impatient, Sis!” he said. “We’ve got
all night, remember!” He lifted her face to his and
kissed her parted lips tenderly. “We’ve got all night
to touch… and rub… and lick… and suck… or
anything else we want to do to each other.”

“I just want you to fuck me, Dennis!” murmured his
sister. “Ever since I sucked you off in my room, I
haven’t been able to think of anything else!”

“I will fuck you, Sis!… I promise!” he said. “But
let’s have a little fun first.” Dennis suddenly pulled
his sister by the hand. “Come on!… There’s something
I’ve always wanted to try!”


“Mom and Dad’s waterbed!” said Dennis with a
devilish grin. “It’s got satin sheets… I bet Robbie
never fucked you on a waterbed!”

“Oh, yeah! Can we, Denny?” squealed his sister with
glee. “What a turn on!”

Hand in hand they ran to the master bedroom, but as
they opened the door, their
eyes opened wide at the magnificent sight that greeted

“God, it’s huge!” said Melissa, flopping into the
center of the impressive, king size waterbed.

“Not yet, it isn’t!” laughed Dennis reaching into
his pants. Melissa rolled over onto her back and gasped
at the sight of her brother’s half-hard penis as he
pulled it out.

“I didn’t mean your prick, stupid! I meant the bed,”
she giggled. Her voice sounded playful, but her hot
young eyes were on his exposed cock. Dennis looked down
at her and licked his lips.

“God, you’ve got a hot little body, Sis!” he
murmured. “Pull up your nightie and let me look at
you.” Melissa moved quickly to obey, her eyes still
glued to his man-sized cock. She reached down and pulled
up the hem of her nightgown until it was around her
slender waist, exposing her plump, panty-covered crotch
to her brother’s lustful gaze.

“You should see the look on your face, Dennis,”
giggled Melissa.

“Yeah? What’s it like?” asked her brother,

“You keep licking your lips and looking at my pussy.
Are you hungry or something, big brother?” Dennis could
see from the smile on her face, that his sister was
getting excited just talking to him like this. He decided
to play along.

“Oh, I’m hungry alright, Sis!… Hungry for your
hot, wet, tasty little cunt!”

“Ooooh, Denny! What are you talking about?” cried
the girl in mock horror. She was becoming more and more
aroused by their lewd conversation. “You don’t mean you’d
like to eat my poor tender little pussy, do you?”

“I sure do, little girl!” growled her brother,
becoming equally excited.

“Oooooooh, that’s dirty!”

“I hope not, honey,” breathed Dennis. “‘Cause I’m
gonna suck that hot, juicy, little slit of yours until
you cum all over the place and then I’m gonna lick up
every fuckin’ drop of it!”

“Ohh, Denny! God, yes! I want you to! I want you to
suck my cunt. I’ll cream all over your face, I promise!
You can suck my asshole, too… or fuck me there if you
want! … and fuck my cunt! Don’t forget my tight little
cunt! Uhhhhh, Do it all to me, Denny… I want to be so
dirty with you!”

Dennis couldn’t believe the wanton filth gushing
from his fourteen-year-old sister’s mouth. He could
hardly believe his ears. To look at her, you would
never, in a million years, believed that the cute little
kid had even heard of such lewd language. She was like a
little doll, he thought… a fragile china doll lying
there in the center of that enormous bed, but the tight,
pink panties outlined a cunt that was ample, and
obviously already wet from the exquisite anticipation of
getting fucked. Melissa parted her little legs
provocatively, hoping her brother would touch her aching
pussy and relieve some of the mounting sexual tension
she felt there.

The movement on the waterbed made Melissa’s little
tits quiver enticingly under her thin nightdress.
Through the thin material Dennis could see the dark
circles of her aureolas and the tiny, erect buds of her
nipples. Her budding breasts looked like ripe, pink
peaches, ready to be plucked. Dennis stripped off his
shorts and shirt, and stood naked before her, holding
his rapidly stiffening prick in both hands.

“Jesus, Denny!” breathed Melissa, her little eyes
expanding into wide brown pools of adolescent desire as
she took in her brother’s naked, muscular body. Her eyes
bulged even more now that she could see the full size of
his erect penis. “You really are my BIG brother! Jesus,
how do you fit that thing into your pants?”

“I strap it to my leg with sticking plaster!” he
said jokingly. Watching the look on his sister’s angelic
little face, Dennis skinned back his foreskin, grinning
at her lewdly as the big bulging head came into view.
“Well, Sis? What do you think?”

“Jesus!… I think you should fuck me with it, right
now. That’s what I think!” gasped Melissa, rubbing her
moisture-filled slit.

“Impatient little cunt, aren’t you, Sis?” Melissa
watched with fascination as Dennis began to move his
fist up and down on his long, throbbing shaft, pulling
and pushing the loose foreskin back and forth over the
enormously fat cockhead. She had never seen a boy
masturbate, not even Robbie, and it held a strange
attraction for her. Dennis saw the look in her eyes.

“You like to look at me jerk off, don’t you, Mel?”
he asked.

“Yeah! It’s making me hot!” she answered, sliding
one of her hands under the elastic of her panties.

“Why don’t you get naked, too, Sis? I want to watch
you play with your cunt!” Melissa sat up and quickly
pulled her nightgown over her head. Dennis sucked in his
breath loudly as his sister’s fantastic little tits
sprang free.

“Nice tits, Sis!” he murmured. “Real fuckin’ nice!”

Next, Melissa put her thumbs under the elastic band
and peeled her panties down over her creamy, young
thighs, lifting her hips up off the bed to get them out
from under her cute little butt. Dennis licked his lips
as his sister shamelessly exposed her sweet, hairless
young twat to him.

“Oh, baby!” he sighed. “Now that’s what I call a
real pretty sight!” Melissa was anxious to begin, the
sight of her big brother’s erect cock only feet away was
driving her crazy!

“Fuck me, Dennis,” she hissed, spreading her legs.
“Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me with it!.. I’ve
waited all night for this!… I’m so hot!”

Her brother smiled. She was hot alright, and so was
he, but Dennis knew from sad experience that if he
fucked her now, that tight little cunt of hers would
have him coming in no time flat, and that would be a
disaster. He needed to come once just to take the edge
off, while still keeping her as hot as she was right

“Let’s take it slow, Sis. We’ve got plenty of time,
so let’s make the most of it,” he suggested. “Why don’t
we start by watching each other jerk off!”

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