Aunt Peg – Pulling a train

I was sitting in my living room one day in late April with three of my girlfriends; Janet, Diane, and Karen. It was late in the evening, and while it might not seem all that unusual for four girls to be spending an evening of talk together, it might seem so if I were to

Fucking my boyfriend sister

It was the second time I have ever been with a girl. This girl was much more experienced then me even though she was a year younger. She was very hot and sexy, and her tits were so big and perky, and that body was to die for. The best part to me was her

Night with my Exhibitionist Girlfriend

Let me give y’all a bit of backstory in case you don’t already know me. My name is Brian, and I’m dating this girl named Ashley. We’ve been together for a few years now. Ashley is a very… outgoing person. She’s not shy at all, and in fact, she’s a bit of an open book,

Confessions of a Teen Nympho

I guess my sex life began one day during the summer of my thirteenth year as I was doing my chores. I was in my brother’s room putting away his clean clothes, and I found a stack of porno- graphic magazines in his underwear drawer. Out of curiosity as to what could be so great

The continuing bestiality adventures of Mike and Gabrielle

Mike peered over Gabrielle’s shoulder as they both read the email. Both were excited beyond words, yet ever cognizant of the fact that it was still only an email and that the true test would be in meeting the couple in person. Such was usually the case when meeting people through these internet personals sites.