A couple into domination and submission get a new toy to play with and wind up discovering more about their passions

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. Then he
paused a moment, listened, and put the receiver back in
its cradle. No more than a minute later he heard a loud
groan coming from somewhere in the house. And then he
heard quick, tiny footsteps rushing towards the study.

He turned in his chair and looked towards the door.
Enolah was furious and frustrated, a dangerous
combination for such a volatile girl. A week ago an ad
had come to Eric in an e-mail that offered a beeper…
one especially made for a slave girl’s pussy.

It looked a lot like a butterfly vibrator, but it had
special features. You could set how much or how little
you wanted it to vibrate, at what speed, and in what
pattern. For the better part of the morning she’d been
strapped to the bed while he played with the controls.

This torture device had a thin strap that went around her
belly, then two more straps that went around either
thigh. She could feel the straps dig in every time she
moved her legs. But worse was the vibration.

Once Eric was pleased with the settings, he bound her.
Now she wore sturdy, yet very supple suede ankle cuffs
which attached to each other by a foot-long chain, and a
pair of black leather gauntlets which ran all the way up
her arms. Around these was a pair of handcuffs.

Ordinarily she would have yanked off the offending beeper
and to hell with the consequences. But Eric had
undoubtedly foreseen that and cuffed her arms behind her
back. To add insult to injury, he put a padlock on the
straps between her thighs. It wasn’t to prevent her
taking it off, for all the connections were at her pussy.
Instead, the cold metal padlock lay between her ass
cheeks and she felt its weight when she moved. If she saw
down, it neatly parted her cheeks and attempted to move
into her anus.

But when the beeper went off, she went running – as fast
as her increasingly wobbly legs would allow. After she
started screaming at the indignities of his actions, he
shoved a ball gag in her mouth and forbade her to enter
the study. Hence her mood. Enolah turned her back to the
door and fumbled with the knob, her gloves slipping off
the smooth metal handle time and again.

Eric could hear her struggling with it, but made no move
to help. She was nothing if not determined. After a bit
the knob turned obediently and she kicked the door open,
nearly losing her balance in the process. He suppressed a
chuckle. She had clamps on her nipples, bright and
silver. They were screw clamps, which pinched horribly
when first put on. Her nipples were now pale from the
loss of blood and most likely numb, but he was in a mood
to liven them up.

“Come here.” She walked to him on her tiptoes because of
her fettered ankles.

Her eyes showed a mixture of helpless pleading and
unbridled anger. As she came near, he grabbed the
delicate chain for her nipple clamps and tugged. Her eyes
squeezed shut involuntarily from the pain.

With the utmost care, he unscrewed the clamps. She
groaned again, arching her back as if to encourage more
blood to circulate to her breasts. He took a rapidly
darkening nipple into his mouth and suckled her. She gave
a muffled cry and shivered. This was the best part for
her. The pain was bad, the numbness horrifying, but when
the first rush of blood came back to her nipples, it made
her knees weak. She wanted to grasp his head and force
her breast into his mouth, but he only sucked lightly,
tonguing her nipple, biting it so delicately.

It was a tease and she knew it. His other hand reached up
to tweak her other nipple. She fell to her knees before
him, unable to stop. Eric put both his hands on her
breasts now, twisting them pinching them. She moaned and
cried out behind her gag and her expression changed to
one of lust. “I’m sure you’re ready to please me now, my
pet.” He said kindly.

She looked into his eyes and nodded violently. In
response he unstrapped the ball gag. She opened and
closed her mouth a few times, trying to ease her
uncomfortably stretched jaws.

Eric leaned back in his chair, lacing his fingers
together and putting his hands behind his head. “Suck my
cock, Enolah.”

She nodded. It took less time for her to undo the buttons
on his jeans with her teeth than it had to get the door
open. She coaxed his cock out with her tongue, which was
no small feat. He was rock hard and his cock was
certainly not malleable. She took it into her mouth and
suckled the fat mushroom head, running her tongue around
the ridge, rubbing her lips on the head.

Scooting closer, she opened her jaws wide and took half
of him into her mouth in a single swallow. Her tongue
worked furiously, slicking his manhood with saliva,
rubbing sensuously against his flesh.

He gritted his teeth. Slowly, he reached down and placed
one hand in her hair, clenching locks of it between his
fingers. She made a moan of pleasure, so he pulled, then
pushed her farther onto his cock. Her tongue wriggled
around him snakelike, strong and purposeful. Her teeth
lightly nipped his shaft, gently scraping against his

And then, without warning, she swallowed him all the way
down. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Her tonguing
was frantic. Her throat struggled to swallow his cock,
grasping and releasing it.

All at once he felt himself on the brink of coming.
Ordinarily he would have stopped her, but this time he
didn’t feel so bad about orgasming without her. She would
get her own, and in the meantime he would grow quite hard
again. But Enolah had other plans.

She knew, possibly before he did, that he was ready to
come. She allowed him to come close, then whipped her
head back, shaking lose his hand and withdrawing his
flesh completely from her mouth. Shocked, he slapped her
face, rocking her head back. Eric was ashen. He’d never
slapped her before, would have never even dreamed of
doing so. It was like a knee jerk reaction.

“Enolah, my pet…” But his words trailed off when got a
good look at her face. It wasn’t hate or anger, which
would not have surprised him in the least. And it wasn’t
pain or sorrow, either. Instead, it was unbridled lust.
He leaned forward, ignoring his outraged cock for the
moment. She merely stared at him. Her black eyes were
clouded, obviously she was in another world.

He slapped her again on the other cheek, though not as
hard. Now the outrage he was expecting came to a head.
“Pussy,” she sneered. She got to her feet gracefully and
turned around. He grabber her by her arm and spun her
back so hard that she fell to her knees again. “Get your
hand off me,” she said coldly.

“What’s the matter with you?” He was mildly astonished.
“Why did you stop?”

“Do you really think you could do this to me without
being punished?”

“Do you really think you could give orders to your
master?” He countered.

“Fuck you.” She spat.

“Don’t mind if I do.” He grabbed her by her hair again
and dragged her face closer. “Suck it.”


“Do it.”


“Do you know what this is called?”

“Fuck off.”

“It’s called topping from the bottom. You have an
ulterior motive and you’re trying to get me to go along
with it.”

She had the decency to blush a bit at that. “Now, you can
finish what you started or you can spend some quality
time alone.”

Her eyes narrowed dangerously. “If you put anything in my
mouth, I’m going to bite it off.”

He sighed and took the ball gag off the desk. “Then you
can start by chewing on this.” With a few quick motions
she was gagged and secured. He took her by the arm and
steered her into the living room. “Watch some TV or
something. And if you come back into my study without
being invited, I’ll tie you in place.” He kissed her
forehead and turned on the TV. “Here, honey. Watch CNN.”

Of all the many hundreds of ways there were to piss of
Enolah, ignoring her was by far the worst. She toyed with
the idea of marching back into his study, but decided
against it. He really would tie her up, she knew. And the
padlock digging into her ass was actually becoming rather

In a few minutes her beeper went off again. She
unconsciously raised her hips to meet the sensation. She
wondered if he was summoning her, or just reminding her
of his presence. She didn’t want to be tied and helpless
– and ignored. So she decided to just let it go. CNN
droned on and on. She was uncomfortable, wriggling and
writhing on the padlock, her pussy a knot of sensation,
and her tender nipples aching.

The beeper went off again, making her moan. Her juices
dripped onto the sofa. She pulled at the handcuffs,
desperately wanting to be free, to masturbate. Her pussy
was so swollen that it was beginning to swallow the
vibrating device. In spite of herself, Enolah began to

Eric was beyond himself with frustration. He called the
beeper again, but still to no avail. She was a stubborn
bitch, to be sure. Without much regret, he envisioned a
severe spanking in her future. He was clenching and
unclenching his fists, staring at the computer monitor
without really seeing anything. He would break her of her
stubbornness if it was the last thing he did.

That thought in mind, he stood and strode purposefully
out of the study. Enolah shrieked when she felt a hand
grab her hair. It had only been a few minutes – surely
Eric would have made her wait longer. But there he was…
and he looked rather angry about it. “You come to me when
I call you!” He thundered.

She stared up at him with wide eyes. He hauled her off
the sofa by her hair and pulled her into the study, aware
that she was stumbling and trying to keep up. He wasn’t
about to make this easy on her. He threw her to the floor
and slammed the door. She rolled over and looked at him,
slightly disheveled but none the worse for wear. “On your
knees!” He commanded.

She struggled to her knees, then put her face down on the
floor. He thought she was going a bit far to avoid eye
contact, so he put his foot on her bare hip and gave her
a shove. She rolled over onto her back without
resistance. He stared at her body then, so lush and ripe.
Her breasts were slightly bruised and likely very tender.
Her pussy had become so swollen that part of her
vibrating beeper had disappeared. And she was wriggling
like a worm, painting an altogether beautiful picture of
a woman desperately needing to be fucked.

He kneeled over her prone body and pulled her head up by
her hair, then slapped her face again. She made a
startled scream behind the ball gag. He ripped off the
gag, not bothering with the buckles. She screamed again
as it pulled out a few strands of hair. “Spoiled bitch!”

“Get off of me, you dumb fuck!” She screamed back,
rolling around under him.

He slapped her again, this time on her breasts. She
gasped and he slapped them again. Pinching her nipples
firmly between his thumb and forefinger, he tugged at
them as she moaned. Her hair was spread all around her
like a black sunset and there were two bright spots of
hectic color on her cheeks. Her lips were full and
swollen from the gag and he longed to fuck her mouth
again… but that would have to be later.

He remembered her warning and didn’t have the patience to
deal with it again. Instead, he grabbed her arm and
pulled her off the floor, kissing her passionately. She
stopped resisting and kissed him back. She was starving
for the taste of him. Never in her life had anyone
treated her like such a whore and she was loving it. It
didn’t matter that he thought she was fighting him or was
frightened by him. She needed what he was giving her.

Still attached at the mouth, one hand on a breast, he
half walked, half-stumbled closer to the desk. Blindly
and with one arm, he swept away stacks of paper, CD’s,
pamphlets and old warranties. It wasn’t until he heard
the monitor go crashing to the floor than he realized it
was even up there. Then he realized he didn’t care.

He grabbed Enolah and tossed her face down onto the desk.
“Stay!” He roared, as if speaking to a dog.

But she was unable to remain still for long. She smashed
her pussy down on the wooden desk and moved like she was
fucking it, moaning desperately, her fingers grasping at
the strap on her waist in reflex. Eric didn’t waste a
moment. His large hand came down on her ass cheeks
firmly. One of his fingers hit a corner of the padlock
and it hurt – but he was willing to bet that she was
hurting even more. He hit her again, then again.

Her ass had gone from creamy white to bright pink, but it
wasn’t enough. And Enolah was strangely subdued. She held
still, feeling the sensation as if it were the first
time. Indeed, it was the first time she’d ever felt this
way. All her nerve endings were frayed to the point of
breaking and every touch, even the breeze from the
ceiling fan, were like a kiss or caress to her pussy.

His hand, huge and hard and painful, was sending orgasmic
tremors through her body. Her clit was pulsing,
frustrated by the hated plastic between her legs. She
wanted to scream, to rage, to beg him to take her, but
had no voice. She tried to beg with her body, but could
barely move. His hand came down on her defenseless ass
time and again and she could not even cry.

Soon, she knew instinctively, she would break. Eric
watched as her ass went from bright pink to dark red. His
hand stung and he was sweating freely. Still there was no
sound from his bound slave. The monitor lay in a corner
of the room, shattered and still smoking.

With a frustration he couldn’t conceal, he took of his
shirt and threw it to the side. He dug around in his
pants, searching for the keys to his slave. Once in he
had them, his hands shook. Perspiration ran down his neck
and back. He grabbed her wrists roughly and then fumbled
for the right keys.

It took even longer to find the one for the padlock at
the cleft of her ass. He pulled at it in frustration,
growling and swearing under his breath. The straps dug
into her, and the beeper was pulled into her unbearably
wet cunt even further. He roared in frustration.

Under his gaze, Enolah began to come alive again. She
rose to her hands and knees jerkily, like a puppet. Her
pussy was beyond swollen, beyond wet. She raised her ass
as much as possible, pulling the beeper further into her
body, punishing her clit, hurting it. She gasped in pain
and pleasure, opening her ass to him, whimpering, clawing
at the desk.

His hand was still holding the padlock, but it was he now
who had gone silent. He loved her ass. He loved touching
it, tasting it, caressing it. He loved the way the two
halves parted, disclosing her secrets, showing him all
that he could have, just for the taking. Leaning forward,
he licked around her anus. She shivered in unconcealed
delight, thrusting her ass higher. The tip of his tongue
skimmed over her fuckhole. She sobbed.

He ran his tongue down lower, into her frothy quim. She
tasted delightful. Her flesh was grasping at his tongue,
begging him in a secret way. And he could hear from her
mouth, like panting, “Please… please… please.”

He drove two fingers into her pussy and pried her thighs
wider with his free hand. The ankle cuffs had to come
off, but his normally talented and knowing hands were
stupid and useless. His fingers roamed the buckles, as if
trying to figure out how they worked. His cock, which had
been put back a while ago, was rubbing against his jeans
with every heartbeat.

In the end he realized that there was no time to get the
ankle cuffs off and instead struggled out of his jeans
and dragged Enolah down, throwing her unceremoniously
across the desk so that her toes still dangled above the

“Please… please… please.” She repeated like a mantra.

All he wanted was to be inside her. With a roar and a
sigh, he put his cock into her ass, just beyond the head.
She gurgled like a baby being offered a breast. He felt
her toes stroke his inner calf and nearly came without a
single thrust. He grabbed her neck with one hand and
squeezed, choking off her moans and thrust deeply into

Blindly she reached out with clawed hands and took hold
of her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. He looked and saw
where his body ended and hers began. He pulled out, then
shoved once more. His own short fingernails dug into her
neck as his cock began to slew in and out of her
incredibly tight asshole. He leaned over and kissed her
back, her shoulders.

She moved under him in rhythm that was uncoordinated,
proving how desperately she wanted what he gave her. He
punished her body without mercy. His free hand reached
under her thigh and with one finger he fucked her pussy
as well.

Enolah was out of control. She had reached her breaking
strain and then gone beyond. The pain and pleasure had
merged into one hungry beast, suited only as a mindless
toy to be played with. Her body moved of its own volition
without any input from her brain. The pain from his cock
tearing into her ass, the heat and fire of his finger in
her cunt worked together to form pleasure she couldn’t
understand. She could barely breath and didn’t know why.

Together they worked towards a climax. Only half aware,
Eric knocked the receiver off the phone. It was the one
thing that hadn’t taken a fall. He pressed redial as he
plowed into his slave’s ass. She came violently, her
screams strangled by his hand. His palm felt the hot
spray of her orgasm… and then he felt her whole body

The beeper was going off again. Enolah passed into a
black void of animal lust. Her fingernails dug into her
ass, creating red crescents. Her body rose and fell
fluidly. Air whistled in and out of her half-closed
throat and she came again in a nearly secret tremor, but
squirted her juices in a flood.

Eric could feel the sensations in her body, but there
were no outward signs. He plowed into her again and
again. She came once more, barely moving except on the
inside. He felt the walls of her asshole clench around
his cock. Her pussy lips tried to suck in his finger,
which was literally buried to the hilt. Her body started
to convulse and this time he let her take him with it.

He shuddered inside her, growled and snarled near her
ear. His restraining hand fell loose from her neck. If
she continued to scream, he did not hear it. He was lost.
His cock exploded inside her, once, twice. He felt her
shudder each time and shot inside her again. She was
whimpering now, possibly crying. Her hands fell from her
ass, closing him inside the sweet vise.

As his fog cleared he heard what she was saying, “My
master, please… master, please.”

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