He lets old men use his drunken girlfriend in a pub

When at college, Beth had gone to a pub with some of
our friends. I had to finish an assignment and said I
would follow on and join up with them later. When I got
there, I just followed the music knowing how Beth loves
to dance.

The dance floor itself was a darkened room off the main
pub area and it seemed like most of the old guys in the
pub had moved over to the tables near the dance floor
and they were having a great time watching these
drunken students dancing. Particularly the girls I’d

I hadn’t seen Beth at first and so I moved closer to
get a better look. I realised that she was surrounded
by the guys that weren’t there with their girlfriends
and she was virtually dry humping them all. It was an
erotic sight to see. My gorgeous girlfriend dancing
away with all these guys who must have had raging hard-
ons and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d not felt a few
of them the way she was dancing.

‘Look at those sluts there, I bet they’d be real hot to

I was just catching part of a comment that one of the
old guys near me was making to another as they both
ended up laughing.

I got over to Beth on the dance floor and most of the
guys moved away so I could dance with her, she seemed
totally out of it and was slurring her words terribly.
So that’s why she didn’t mind them dancing with her
like that I thought. At least it’s still looking good
for me later on tonight!

We stayed like that for a good while longer and soon
some of the group decided that they were going to head
on somewhere else but Beth and a few others wanted to
stay here and I was far too out of it to care by this

As everyone started to say their goodbyes Beth came
over and started hugging everyone and then to my total
amazement started kissing the guys, not proper kissing
but pretty full on the lips. She was just laughing
saying its a Christmas treat, the guys were loving this
and she was going round them all and giving them proper
kisses now, I just stood there amazed. I knew she was a
bit of a flirt but this was getting crazy.

One of the guys who had been flirting with her all
night grabbed her and pulled her in real close, his
hands were all over her, I could see him lifting her
skirt at the back and her ass and tiny thong were
clearly visible.

The other guys were all laughing and cheering him on,
some were taking pictures of my girlfriend getting felt
up in the middle of the dance floor and she was so
drunk she had no idea what was going on. Fortunately he
ended his groping and she kissed a few other guys and
most of the group left.

I took Beth off to the side and tried to ask her what
she was doing but she was barely listening and grabbed
her drink off our table and downed it in one.

We danced for another few minutes but Beth was clearly
out of it now, she kept stumbling into me and then she

‘Baby I need to go and sit down.’

I led her off the dance floor and we found a spot at
the back of the pub where there were a few seats and no
one else was about. I managed to get her onto the seat
and she mumbled.

‘I love you!’

And almost instantly fell asleep.

‘Shit!’ I thought. ‘How am I gonna get her home in this

I was feeling pretty pissed now and didn’t want to have
to struggle with her, especially in this area. I sat
back and closed my eyes. The next thing I know I open
my eyes and there’s a short fat guy stood in front of

‘Have a good night then son?’

‘Err yeah! We sure did.’

I was starting to focus now and I got a better look at
the guy and he looked terrible, he was easily in his
60s, pretty short, massively over weight, bald and
generally ugly.

He sat himself down next to Beth, I just sat and stared
at him.

‘This your girl?’

‘Yeah she is! This is Beth.’

I didn’t even think before I said it, I should’ve told
him to fuck off but I just let him carry on.

‘She’s been teasing a lot of guys tonight ain’t she?’ I
didn’t move or say anything, I was just staring at
Beth, she looked amazing tonight. She was in her short
brown skirt, her knee high boots, a tight low cut top
and all done up with her make up and hair done.

‘Gave us a real good show when she was dancing round
and when she was giving out those kisses! Shit! I bet
she tastes so good!’

My mind was racing, what’s this old bastard doing?

‘You know I’ve not had my Christmas kiss yet pal, you
don’t mind if I get it now do ya?’

I shook my head, this is getting out of hand, just let
him kiss her and then get out of here.

He moved in real close to her and inhaled.

‘Hmmm! She smells hot, I’m real lucky tonight hey? This
is gonna be a real good Christmas treat!’

He knelt on the floor so that his face was less than an
inch from hers. His tongue slid out of his mouth and he
licked her cheek. I could see his saliva left on her
cheek and she didn’t even stir. He moved right in
closer and his lips brushed hers, he looked at me and
saw I didn’t move then he pulled her close and started
to French kiss my passed out girlfriend. He was full on
kissing her and had pulled her right in to him. I saw
his hand resting on her leg. He was stroking the soft
flesh of her thigh. I was paralysed! I was so turned on
by what I was seeing and didn’t dare move. He stopped
kissing her and sat back.

‘Fuck! She tastes real sweet. She got a hot body
underneath this slutty outfit?’

I was staring at Beth, she was clearly out cold and
hadn’t responded at all to the strong kissing, her lip
stick was smeared on her face and there was saliva all
around her mouth. His hand was still on her leg and he
was stroking further and further up her thighs. He
moved in to her again and started nuzzling at her neck,
licking and kissing her all over her soft white neck.

He was really going for it and as he moved I could see
2 clear love-bites on her neck.

I was so engrossed in staring at the bites that I
hadn’t noticed him lifting her skirt. It was his sharp
intake of breath on seeing Beth’s neat little thong
that caught my attention. You could clearly see the
shape of her pussy lips through the material. She has
he pussy shaved and her pussy lips are full and

‘My! My! How delicious! Good enough to eat!’

I looked at his staring eyes; I thought that they may
pop out of his head at any moment. But I got a shock as
my gaze returned to Beth’s pussy. It was bare. He had
pulled the thong to one side and laid bare her

‘That is one nice cunt! Are her tits as nice?’ He said
as he started to undo the buttons on her top. He pulled
it open to reveal her small, firm naked breasts. She
doesn’t need a bra. He just lent forward and took a
whole breast into his mouth and started sucking away.

I knew I should stop this but I had a raging hard on.
It was like my own private blue movie but more so,
cause it was my ‘girlfriend’.

He then straightened up so his head came level with
hers again. When doing this he gave a little lunge and
I didn’t realise at first until I noticed his back and
forth movements. As he straightened up, he had stuck
his old dick into my sweet Beth’s pussy. As I looked
down and saw his old gnarled cock fucking my sweet
young girl. I involuntarily came in my pants.

Never had I been so turned on or came so hard. Watching
this stranger, an old man fucking my sweet Beth was the
most wonderful exciting experience I have ever had.

I took myself off to the toilet to clean up, I wasn’t
gone long. When I returned he was still fucking her but
his two friends had joined him. One was sitting next to
Beth playing with her lovely tits. The other one was
standing watching and egging the first guy on.

‘Fuck the bitch! Shag that young cunt! Cum inside her

Just then the old guy groaned as he was obviously
cumming inside Beth’s pussy. A few more thrusts, then
he withdrew his old cock. The other two guys swung Beth
around so she was lying on her back on the bench seat.
The one who had been playing with her tits, got between
her legs and shoved his cock into her. The other guy
took over playing with her tits and sucking on them
whilst he wanked himself.

I also had my dick out wanking away in time to his
fucking of my girlfriends’ pussy. Throughout all this,
Beth hadn’t stirred at all. She was well away in her
drunken slumber.

The guy fucking began to speed up his fucking, it was
obvious he was nearing his climax. Just then he grunted
loudly has he poured his cum into her. At the same time
the guy sucking her tits straightened up and in a
wanking frenzy, shot his load across her tits.

They both got up off her and I got between her legs,
sinking my hard cock into her cream filled pussy. I had
never felt anything like it, it was so deliciously
decadent, sinking my cock into other men’s cum inside
my loved ones sweet cunt. As I started to fuck her, I
lowered myself so I could suck on her tits, forgetting
they were covered in cum. Even when I realised, it
didn’t stop me. I just licked it all up as I sucked on
her delicious sweet breasts and nipples.

I was content to have a long slow fuck until I heard
the men talking.

‘What a fucking pervert, he sure likes the taste of
your cum Tom.’

And the three of them started laughing. That did it! As
much as I wanted to hold back and savour her sweetness,
it just made me cum. The humiliation of their words and
their mocking laughter made me cum harder than I ever
did before.

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