Indian girl and a huge black Doberman Part 2

This story was written as an adult fantasy.

For those who missed Part 1 of this story, I am Prachi,
a 5 ft 7 young light-skinned Indian girl with a slim,
tight body and small firm breasts. My friend Roshni is 5
ft 6 and looks quite similar to me, except with a more
dusky skin tone. We had gone for a drive when we
encountered an abandoned doggy. He had fucked us both
but then Roshni left me, bound and gagged, and
disappeared with my car while I was fucking the dog. The
dog, having shot its cum into me, also ran off. Here I
was, in the mid-afternoon, naked and alone at a rest
area in a lonely farm area on a deserted Indian highway.

It is very difficult to put in words what I was feeling
at that time. Part of me was ecstatic, having
thoroughly enjoyed my first fuck even if it was from a
dog. Another part of me was frightened at the prospect
of being alone and nearly naked on a lonely dangerous
highway. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was too
confused, frightened and horny to think logically. As I
walked slowly toward the highway, I wracked my brain,
trying to think where Roshni might have gone. Maybe she
had just taken the car a short distance ahead to tease
me. As I approached the highway, I heard the sound of a
truck engine. Petrified, I immediately ran behind a
tree. As I hid behind the tree, three or four trucks
zoomed past.

That fucking bitch Roshni, I thought. Where is she?
“Please come back Roshni,” I cried. I stood behind the
tree weeping softly.

Suddenly hearing voices behind me, I spun around and saw
two young boys about 100 meters away walking down the
farm road herding their sheep before them. I stood
rooted to the ground. In a few seconds, one of them
spotted me. He stared at me for a few minutes then
nudged his friend. He too looked at me as if I was some
sort apparition. They started laughing, walking towards
me. I became frightened and raced down the road about
200 meters, thinking that the boys were following me but
when I stopped, out of breath, and looked back there was
no one in sight.

My head ached and I was frantic with fear. I decided I
had to do something positive, I couldn’t just run away
from people. I needed help. I stood at the side of the
road, hoping to draw the attention of the next driver
who came along.

Surprisingly, no vehicles came by for nearly half an
hour. I was becoming discouraged when I heard a whimper
behind me. It was a dog, but not the Doberman Roshni and
I had fucked earlier. This one was a smaller, mixed
breed dog. I ignored it and continued staring at the
highway, watching for a car or truck. The dog came
nearer and started jumping at me, barking excitedly.
“Shut up” I shouted at him.

He must have smelled my drying pussy juices or the
Doberman’s cum on my crotch because he started jumping
up on me, his paws clawing the small of my back. I ran,
trying to evade him, but he kept pursuing me. I cursed
him under my breath. Then I noticed his prick. My god,
it was even thicker than the other dog’s, although a bit
shorter. Don’t look at it, I told myself. Right now you
have to get out of this jam that Roshni put you in.

I stopped and the dog jumped up, putting his paws around
my hips and starting to hump against me, rubbing his
prick in between my knees. Immediately, I felt a surge
of desire flash through my body. Without a conscious
decision, I immediately fell to my knees and put my head
on the ground, right there in full view of the highway.
The mutt immediately mounted me and started humping his
cock against my bottom, searching for my pussy opening.
After a few tries, he found it and, with a strong
thrust, entered me fully. I let out a loud cry; he was a
lot thicker than the Doberman. His humping also seemed
much more rapid. I climaxed quickly but he continued
humping away. My mind was filled with a sense of deja

Suddenly, Roshni appeared out of nowhere. She smiled as
I tried to pull free from the dog, which proved
impossible because his knot had expanded in my pussy,
temporally locking us together. She was fully dressed,
looking fresh and clean and carrying a bottle which
smelled as though it contain homemade liquor. She must
have bought it at one of the local hooch shops. She
opened the bottle, took a sip and looked at me with an
evil gleam in her eye. I mutely gave her an angry look.

She walked over and crouched down in front of me,
lifting my shoulders and placing them on her knees.
Holding the bottle up to my face, she shoved it into my
mouth. I was shocked and refused to swallow.

“Oh, You won’t drink it? I thought you would love it,”
she laughed.

I shook my head furiously.

“Well then, you are going to have very sore nipples!”
Gripping my right nipple, she squeezed it so hard that
tears filled my eyes.

“Drink it all or I will rip your nipple off!” she

Terrified, I began guzzling the hooch. Within a minute
or so I had downed most of bottle’s contents.

Meanwhile, the dog began shooting his scalding hot cum
into my throbbing pussy. His knot was so thick I thought
my legs would be separated from my body.

By this time, however, I started feeling groggy; the
hooch was having its effect on me. Roshni stood over me
smiling as I passed out.

In the next part, Roshni will have to tell you what
happened since I was unconscious.

Hi folks, this is Roshni. I’ll try to describe what
happened to us next.

After a few moments the mongrel withdrew from Prachi’s
cunt. She just lay there on her knees; knocked out by
the strong hooch I made her drink. She was looking damn
pitiful in that crumpled, torn T-shirt, which was her
only clothing.

I slapped her a couple of times, trying to arouse her,
but she just responded with soft, sleepy moans. This
part of my plan accomplished, I dragged her a short
distance away, placing her behind a large tree where no
one could see her from the road.

I stood at the roadside waiting for a suitable vehicle
to flag down. I had parked our car just down the road in
a shady clearing. I stood there thinking of the fun that
I was going to have and how my lifelong fantasy was
about to come true.

A few trucks passed but I didn’t try to flag them down.
Truck drivers could be very unreliable. I had to find
someone more suitable. A large bus filled with college
students passed by. No, that wouldn’t do either. Then I
finally saw it, an army jeep full of men. I immediately
waved my thumb in the air.

The jeep ground to a halt almost immediately next to me.
There were seven men in the jeep, all about 30-35 years
of age. There were also two women. I was wrong when,
from a distance, I thought it contained only men. The
man in the passenger seat looked at me and smiled. Oh,
what the hell, I thought.

“Hi” the man said. “What’s a young girl like you doing
out here alone in the country?”

“I was driving with my friend when my car broke down. My
friend got a little sick and she is taking a nap behind
that tree,” I said, pointing to the tree where Prachi
slept peacefully. The man strained his neck towards the
tree I pointed at but it was so large that he couldn’t
see Prachi.

“You want a ride to a repair shop?” he asked.

“Don’t be crazy Amit,” the driver said. “A girl alone
with a country mechanic? Its too risky.”

I smiled at this. He had raised a point that I myself
was going to raise.

“Why don’t a couple of us wait here with these two
girls. It’s too risky to leave them alone,” one of the
men in the back seat said.

“That would be good.” I said, seizing the opportunity.
“In fact, it would be a big help if about four of you
helped me out, because the car is stuck in a ditch. It
will have to be pulled out first.”

There was a short discussion about who should stay with
us, then four men climbed out of the jeep. They
introduced themselves as Raj, Amit, Sandhu and Mohan.
The remaining three men and the two women drove off,
promising to come back with a mechanic.

I took charge. I had to play this really well if my plan
was to work.

“Three of you please go down that way and try to free
our car,” I suggested, pointing my finger in the
direction of where I had hidden the car, “The other one
come with me and help me get Prachi on her feet.”

“I’ll help you with this Prachi person,” Amit said.
“Where is she?”

Raj, Sandhu and Mohan started walking down the road to
find my car. When they had passed beyond earshot, I
smiled and said “Amit, please don’t be shocked when you
see my friend” and started walking towards the tree and
he followed.

You could have knocked him over with a feather when he
saw Prachi. “What is this? Why is she like this?” he
exclaimed as he saw her lying on her side, her eyes
shut, her T-shirt torn, naked from waist down, and
saliva drooling out of her mouth. I also noticed that
the sight of Prachi, lying there half naked and
helpless, was causing a huge erection to spring up in
his pants.

“Our car is fine, really. This girl is my friend and is
blind drunk but she is so horny she wants to be fucked
by all the men in the world. She has already been fucked
by two dogs,” I said, parting her ass cheeks with my
fingers to show him the goopy wetness of her cunt.
“Would you and your friends like to be next? She was a
virgin until the two dogs had her but she really has
great potential for fucking.”

He thought about it a moment and then said, “Any real
man would love to screw a girl with a great body like

“Then help me pick her up. We’ll take her to the car.
Your friends must be wondering where that ditch is that
I told them about.”

Amit lifted her legs while I took her shoulders and we
carried her towards the car and the other three guys.

“I can’t believe this! ” Amit said. “My wife is so fat.
This will be the first time in almost 10 years that I’ve
had a chance to fuck such a shapely girl!”

“Oh, she is beautiful and has a very submissive nature,
and she loves to experiment also,” I told him.

Prachi was mumbling incoherently and trying to spit out
the fowl taste of the hooch. She seemed to subconscious-
ly realize she was being taken somewhere but her eyes
remained shut.

I was almost breathless with anticipation. Just then a
thought struck me. “Do you have any condoms on you? ” I
asked. He said, “No, I didn’t think I would have any
need for them.” This presented a bit of a problem. Poor
Prachi might well be pregnant by the end of the day. Oh
well, anyone can get an abortion these days, with no
questions asked. This was not a reason to cancel my

We carried Prachi down the road to where the three other
men were waiting with puzzled expressions on their

“Put her here,” I said. The sound of my voice caused
them turn toward us, then stared at Prachi with eyes as
big as hubcaps. Amit hurriedly put her down and started
removing his pants. As he did, he explained in the most
concise manner what was to be done. Hearing this, they
all started undressing as well.

“Aren’t you going to join us? After all there are four
of us,” Raj asked me.

“No thanks, I’ll just watch for now,” I said

Amit, who was now buck-naked, went down to his knees
next to Prachi, who was lying on her side. He grasped
the neck of her T-shirt and stretched it down so that
her firm young breasts were totally exposed. The shirt
was gathered in a roll just above her tummy, exposing
her tits and securing her arms to her sides. He then
turned her over onto her back.

“How does she do oral?” he asked me.

“Find out for yourself,” I told him.

Amit moved behind her head and opened her mouth by
pulling down her lower jaw. She tried to protest but it
came out as only an incoherent mumble. His cock, about 7
inches long, immediately sought her lips. He slipped it
between them, then jammed it all the way in. Prachi,
suddenly regaining a degree of consciousness, tried to
say something but found her self-gagging on something
large, hot and throbbing.

I knelt down beside her head. Amit’s balls and legs
covered her eyes and nose. He was now on his knees,
pushing his cock in and out of her mouth at an amazing

“Suck at it, you boozed bitch,” he cried.

Prachi was moaning, trying to get away from the invading
cock. I talked to her, saying that if she could hear me,
she should suck at the nice cock in her mouth.

“Hey, she’s sucking it,” Amit cried in a triumph. “The
bitch is sucking it.

What a hot, bloody whore!”

Raj, Sandhu and Mohan were standing around with their
cocks hanging out; all were pretty much the same size as
Amit, although Sandhu’s was immensely thick. When I told
them to do something, Raj immediately grabbed her tits.
They are not really all that big but they are firm and
nicely shaped. He started sucking on them like a hungry
child sucking on mango. He sucked on the left breast,
holding and squeezing the right one with his hands.
Prachi was feeling this, because she let out a feeble
nasal protest. Mohan was meanwhile parting her legs and
rubbing her pussy.

“Hey! It’s already sloppy! Who had her before us?” he

“Oh just a couple of dogs,” I laughed. He apparently
took it as a joke and laughed as well.

Mohan didn’t indulge in any foreplay, just lifted her
ass up a bit and placed his cock at the opening her
cunt. He slowly slid it in and out until finally, with
one big effort, he rammed it all the way into her almost
virgin cunt. Even while sucking Amit, Prachi let out a
groan of pleasure. Mohan started rocking back and forth.
I couldn’t help noticing how much more slowly men fuck,
compared to dogs.

As Sandhu stood with his thick dick in his hand waiting
for his chance, I went to the car and got the camera we
always carried to take photos of pretty sunrises.
However, this was going to be something much different
from our usual sunrise photos.

As I returned with the camera, Amit was spewing his cum
all over Prachi’s face and she was murmuring something
to him. Sandhu immediately took his place. His dick was
almost twice as thick as Amit’s. Prachi had great
troubling swallowing it but, helped by Sandhu’s pushing,
she managed to swallow the whole length. Wow, never
thought she could do it. Meanwhile, Raj apparently
tired of her tits, stood up.

“Hurry, Mohan,” he said “It’s my turn next,” as Amit,
his limp cock quickly hardening once more, came and
stood next to me.
“Don’t rush me man,” Mohan said breathlessly. “Take the
other cunt”

“But, she isn’t willing,” Raj said.

“Do you think this bitch would be willing if she wasn’t
drunk? This gal wants us to abuse her friend, so let’s
give her taste of her own medicine.”

This was an unexpected shock. I started to run but Amit
grabbed my arm and said, “Where are you going’ honey?
Don’t you want to join the fun?”

The next few minutes are a haze. Amit and Raj caught me
and, despite my protests, stripped me naked in minutes.
I stood there shivering in anticipation of what was to

“Bend over, bitch” Raj demanded.

I didn’t want to comply but Amit slapped my butt

“You heard him” Amit said and gave me another slap.

I finally gave in and bent over. Raj immediately
positioned himself behind me and, without hesitation,
slid his cock all the way up into my already wet pussy.
He started to fuck me doggy-style, causing me to gasp in
indignation; I had been too complacent about these guys.

Actually, Raj turned out to be a pretty gentle guy and
just stroking back and forth for a few minutes before
coming all over my ass. As soon as he withdrew, Amit
slipped his cock into me and began rapidly deep-stroking
me. But I wasn’t really turned on yet and not even close
to an orgasm.

While Amit was humping away, I looked at Prachi. Sandhu
was now rolling her over as Mohan stood near him. I
wondered what they were going to do to her. Then Sandhu
said to her “Get up on your knees!” She just mumbled
something. He pinched her ass really hard and she let
out a moan of pain. “Get on your knees, bitch,” he
shouted! With an effort she got her knees under her but
her head was still resting on the ground, causing her
ass to jut out in a very sexy way.

Suddenly Amit started fucking me harder and shot all of
his cum inside my vagina. I thought that now I would
have some respite, but Mohan immediately walked over
behind me.

“Let’s see how you feel with your hands tied,” he said,
harshly yanking my hands behind my back and lashing my
wrists together with his belt. I looked over at Prachi.
She was still on her knees but Sandhu wasn’t doing
anything, just standing over her.

“Get that bitch over here,” he said. “And lets have them
in unison!”

“Get over in front of her and take the same position.”
Raj ordered. Amit roughly pushed me forward. I went down
on my knees in front of Prachi; her eyes were halfway
open now and she seemed a bit more sober.

I was now staring at Prachi from an angle at which her
back rose above her head and then bulged out into her
tight, shapely ass. I’m sure she had the same view of my
body. Then I saw Raj standing behind Prachi. Looking
back over my shoulder, I saw the tall, muscular body of

He was slowly stroking his thick dick.

“You kids want to have some real adult fun?” he said,
sliding a hand between my ass cheeks and dipping his
fingers into my cunt. I saw Raj was doing the same to
Prachi. Raj took a blob of cum from Prachi’s cunt and
rubbed it over his dick head. He then took two fingers
and shoved them into her asshole. Simultaneously, I felt
Sandhu inserting two fingers in my ass.

“Noo!” I cried, “We’ve never been ass-fucked!”

“In a moment you will never be able to make that claim
again, girl,” Raj said as he dug his fingers deeper into
Prachi’s asshole.

“Please Sandhu, not your cock, it’s too wide for a first
timer like me” I begged.

“Look at it this way, once I get my cock into your ass,
you will be able get anything in there,” Sandhu said
with a grin and the others started laughing.

“I have to piss first,” Sandhu said, removing his
fingers and walking away to relieve himself against a

Meanwhile, Raj bent down and put the head of his dick
against Prachi’s asshole. She moaned as he pressed it
against her small, puckered opening. Then he put all his
weight on it and suddenly half his dick popped into her
asshole! She began to cry, saying “Please don’t do it,
it hurts.” Poor girl didn’t even have the energy or
sense to scream. Raj pushed in deeper as Prachi started
trashing about wildly and crying even louder.

Sandhu came back and, without any preliminaries, pushed
his dick into my pussy.

“Hey,” said Mohan, “I thought you were fucking her ass!”

“Have to lubricate it first,” Sandhu commented as he
stroked it into me ten or fifteen times, then pulled it

“Your friend could take it into her ass because she was
relaxed by the hooch but you will have concentrate on
relaxing your asshole. Don’t tense up or you will get
hurt, ok?” Sandhu said. I nodded fearfully.

He began to tenderly massage my ass cheeks, crooning
“Relax…Relax.” In front of me Raj had penetrated
Prachi completely and was humping her hard; she was
still crying. I closed my eyes. Sandhu’s touches felt so
erotic, anyone would have relaxed. For about two minutes
he kept caressing my ass, then suddenly I felt a huge
monster invading my anus. I cried out in pain. It felt
so painful yet, at the same time, so nice. I cried out
a few more times, as Sandhu’s mighty cock penetrated me
to the hilt. He then began to stroke it in and out of my
ass. It felt so great to have my asshole filled with
cock that I came almost at once. I opened my eyes to see
that Raj was dumping his load into Prachi’s ass. In a
few moments, Sandhu also shot a load into my intestines.
The feeling gave me another orgasm. I lay there with
Prachi in front of me and my hands tied behind me.

“Well Roshni, how did it feel, honestly?” Amit asked.

“Wonderful,” I answered with a smile.

Suddenly, the other three guys and the two women turned
arrived with a mechanic. I had forgotten all about them.
They were surprised by the scene, which greeted them.
The two ladies shrieked in terror and ran quickly back
to their jeep. The other three guys and the mechanic
stood rooted to the ground and stared at us.

Sandhu explained how I had played a game with them. Then
assured them that we both had enough energy left to
satisfy everyone and told the four new men to undress.
His three friends leered at our young bodies and quickly
stripped off their cloths. The mechanic was a bit more
reluctant but finally put his toolbox down and took out
his cock out of his pants.

“The drunk girl is totally limp and submissive. Let’s
try a ‘Unison’ on her,” Sandhu suggested. The three new
soldiers nodded and walked towards Prachi.

I rose to my feet and stepped back. Amit untied my hands
while I stood there, curious to see what a ‘Unison’ was.

One of the guys told Prachi to stand up. Surprisingly,
she understood and stood up, although she was bent at
the waist.

“Excellent,” a man, whom I later learned to be Prashant,
said, “She is in the correct position already!” Prashant
lubricated his cock with the sperm juices from her
pussy, then shoved his dick into her asshole. She just
groaned a little as his relatively small cock penetrated
her anus.

Then a guy named John positioned himself on the ground
beneath her, his dick pointing to the sky. “Now listen
baby.” Prashant said to Prachi, “You have to sit down on
his dick so that it slips right up into your pussy, ok?”

Prachi just nodded feebly and started lowering herself
towards John’s groin. With a lot of help from Prashant
and John, she finally got it in. John started to fuck
into her pussy while Prashant did the same to her
asshole. Then the third man, Neel, put his dick in her
mouth. Prachi swallowed it hungrily.

I was struck by the irony of the situation. Just this
morning Prachi had been a virgin. Now, by the evening,
she had been fucked by two dogs and seven guys. All of
her fuckable holes were filled with cock and she was
loving it! What a way to be deflowered! And I took all
the credit for her awakening.

Suddenly I felt a hand pushing me towards Prachi. Amit
bent me over and rammed his prick into my ass. Although
his prick was a lot thinner than Sandhu’s, it still sent
painful waves of ecstasy through my body. As Mohan lay
down in front of me, I realized that I was about to be
‘Unisoned’ also. I carefully descended onto Mohan’s
cock. Oh shit, it felt so damn erotic, both my holes
being fucked by large pricks. Then the mechanic stood in
front of me with his huge cock aimed at my lips. Its 10
inches made it by far the longest cock present.

I opened my mouth. This was the first cock I had sucked
today. The mechanic was so horny that he crassly jammed
it into my mouth without any warning. It hit the back of
my throat and I it took all of my concentration to
swallow it completely.

Having all three openings being fucked at once is a
great sensation and every female should try it once in
her life. Raj took the camera and snapped a picture of
both Prachi and me completely filled with dicks. I came
about four times during the ‘unison’ which continued for
about an hour. Whenever one guy exploded and vacated a
hole, someone else came and filled it up again. This was
very tiring for me but, at the same time, extremely

Suddenly Raj, who was in my mouth, said something to
Amit, who was in Prachi’s mouth. I didn’t exactly hear
it, but it sounded something like “Don’t fill their
mouths, I have something better in mind.”

Sure enough, they both withdrew without cumming in our
mouths. John, who was in my ass, pushed me forward,
until my face touched Prachi’s. “French kiss her”
ordered Raj. I looked at him incredulously. We weren’t
lesbians; he couldn’t do that to us. Raj reached down
and pinched my nipple sharply. That was a very easy way
to get my undivided attention!

“I SAID KISS HER!” Raj roared, as he cruelly pinched my
nipple and applied a resounding slap to Prachi’s sore
bottom. Prachi tentatively pressed her lips to mine. “I
told you to French kiss her! Let’s see a little tongue
action! Do it NOW,” Raj demanded, delivering another
hard slap to our asses. I felt Prachi’s tongue softly
reach out for my lips, then press its way between them.
Suddenly excited by this new feeling, I opened my mouth
and met her tongue with my own. Our tongues intertwined
and a sudden passion coursed through my body, causing my
pussy to tingle. Judging by the way that Prachi’s tongue
responded to mine, I knew this kiss was affecting her
the same way.

I was sure that we weren’t lesbians, we both enjoyed
fucking men too much for that, but this felt far too
good to be ignored. I guess we both discovered that day
that we might well be attracted to each other. I think
the term that best describes our status would be ‘bi’.
Whatever it’s called, it felt very comfortable. We would
have to explore this further.

These sex games continued, with many variations, for
several hours before the men tired of them. They finally
cleaned themselves up, got back into their jeep and
continued on their way.

After they departed, Prachi and I smiled at each other
and embraced, kissing one another deeply. We had
discovered something about ourselves that we had never

After cleaning ourselves up, we rested awhile then drove

“Why so late, Roshni?” my mom asked.

“Car broke down Ma,” I replied causally.

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