Retiring a used-up slave, starting a new one

I hadn’t fed It in a week, so she was all lightheaded and dizzy. She fell down and threatened to pass out right in the middle of the aisle in the garden center at the Home Depot. I was fucking pissed, but we were in public so I didn’t let it show. I just took

Prostitute Lady

Carol and Alice decided to sneak off to go see Foxy Brown. It was frowned upon to see R-rated movies at the Brady residence but they thought “The Hell with it”. They told Mike they were going to a book club meeting. The two women didn’t say a word as they watched the movie and

Chloe and Zoe in sex orgy

Chloe your boyfriend’s at the door, Which one? I don’t know do I, maybe if you got off your ass and stopped fingering yourself and had a look you would know! How old does he look? About the same as you, ?? Now come let him in. Fuck sake, ok. I got up and went