A fucked up girlfriend and her fantasies get me into some trouble

Times were high. I was living the good life at my dream
college, and going out with the type of girl that never
would have given me a second look in my high school
days. Lauren was one of those beautiful brunettes with
the dark blue eyes that you could tell held within a
darker, more mysterious vixen. And the sex was

She was open to quite a bit – I remember the first time
I got inside her tight, small ass. We took it slow and
she surprised herself with how much she liked it. But
I’m really more of a breast guy. One of our favorite
things to do was breast intercourse, and her C cups (my
favorite) contoured perfectly to my 8-inch cock. Oft-
times we’d start off with my shaft parked on her chest,
working up a rhythm with her lapping away at its head
until I would grab the back of her hair and slide
myself into her accommodating mouth, pinning her arms
to the bed with my knees.

My god, I still think about what that image would be to
someone standing in the room – her blue eyes glaring up
at me while she tantalizingly used my cock with her
mouth, her lips tightly grasping the sides of my cock
and her warm tongue flicking around the head of it like
a snake when it emerged from her throat for just a
second before plunging back in again. Sure, she was an
innocent, playful girl during class, but in the
bedroom, she was released from her prison.

Prisons shelter dark minds, however. Her past was full
of the whole she-bang: daddy killed himself when she
was young, multiple divorces, elementary school teacher
who got a little too interested during his private
tutoring. And it came out during sex. There’d I’d be,
happily nestled inside her, my cock passing her shaved
gateway with each pump, the pressure building up
tremendously, and she’d freak. The devil inside her
would spew forth alarming things as her pussy ruptured
her into wild orgasm.

We never talked about the things she screamed in bed, I
always figured she was a trauma victim and I should
just stay out of it. I’m not sure she even remembers
doing it. And she’d have these crazy fantasies too.
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining about most of
them. She’d break out the black leather corset and
garter belts, the nurse uniform, the schoolgirl short
skirt, et cetera. I was more than happy to play the
good boyfriend and fulfill ‘her’ fantasies.

But some of them were just too far out of my realm of
comfort. I tried where I could. She wanted me to watch
her with other guys at first. I wasn’t too down with
letting some other lucky bastard have fun with my dream
girl, it was my pussy to plunder. What if she enjoyed
it more with him? But you’ve got to compromise.

I’d get her ultra-realistic dildos, and listen to the
things she’d yell to whatever fictional stud she
imagined was with her. I’d use strap-ons of ridiculous
length on her so it felt like I was someone else. She
was into the whole bondage thing for a while. There I’d
be, tied to the bedpost, watching her tits bounce while
she cried out, riding my meat hard. I didn’t mind that
so much, sometimes we’d reverse it a little bit. The
sight of that girl in only a black collar sure was
something. We did blindfolding and all that jazz. This
is where the problems started.

One night, while I was blindfolded and tied up, she
snuck a strap-on into the picture. I lay on my hands
and knees, trapped in the doggy position, expecting a
thorough sucking, and all of a sudden her soft,
feminine hands were grabbing the sides of my hips just
above my ass. I felt the pressure on the tip of my ass,
and figured she was sneaking a few fingers inside. She
liked to do that sometimes when she was getting going
on my wood with her mouth. When the first inch was
inside me, I knew what she was up to.

I started to get a bit uneasy. She pushed through with
the next inch. Now it was starting to hurt a little. I
was going to tell her to stop, but I held back. If this
would make her happy, I may as well try. “Ok, but go
slow” I told her. I bit into my lip when the next bit
entered me. She brought it out and reentered to the
same point. She did this a few times and then again
tried to get more ground. Now it was hurting a bit. I
told her to only go to that point and not to try to get

Again, she tried. “You like this, don’t you,” she
whispered to me in her purring voice. Before I could
respond, she brought the strap-on back and started
thrusting it in and out fast. This hurt quite a bit. I
tried to tell her to stop, but she kept going, and the
devil within her lit up her eyes with her twisted
desire. I cried out with each thrust, and she started
yelling unnatural things at me. “Take it, bitch!” –
“You love this.” – “Oh god this is wonderful.” – “Tell
me you love my cock inside you!” – “Say you need more
from your stud!” She continued on, maniacally, until
she came, her sweat glistening on her faintly visible
four pack and running down the sides of her chest.
“That was amazing,” she quietly remarked as she laid
her head on the bed pillow and went to sleep, leaving
the strap-on inside me.

Soon she wanted me to go down on her dildos for her.
She’d masturbate with them while I was at class, and
have me lick her juices from them. She’d ask me to fuck
myself with them, but that was too much. I didn’t
particularly enjoy anal play. Then she started
fantasizing about me and another guy. She’d start using
realistic dildos on me with her hands while she drained
my rod with her mouth. One day she seriously proposed
having me take another guy, or give a blowjob. I
outright refused. I was straight and I had the hottest
girlfriend ever. I didn’t need some other guy entering
the picture screwing things up.

She got very angry at me. “Why are you so possessive,
Gary? You won’t allow me to tease any other guy, you
don’t want to let me fool around with another guy for
your amusement, and you can’t let go a little bit for
me. I have needs, Gary. You need to do things to make
me happy. If you wanted me to do something with another
girl I would!”

I wouldn’t have it. That was just downright
manipulative. It’s not my fault girls are so damn sexy.
Sorry for only wanting to fuck you. It’s not like I had
ever cheated on her, or run around with some other
girl. I was the good guy here. Normally she didn’t let
stuff go until she got her way. Surprisingly, though,
the next time I saw her, she seemed contented. She was
ok with just trying other things. I figured she
realized how ridiculous that fantasy was and decided to
move on to other avenues we could explore. She started
bringing pornography and new toys to our dorm on a
near-weekly basis from this new adult shop she had
discovered. Sometimes I’d go with her and help pick out

The booths in the back of the adult shop always
intrigued her. We’d go in to watch films, I’d get a
fill of her delicious pussy, and we’d leave. We always
took the end booth so we wouldn’t be disturbed by
people on either side of us. It was a good place to
watch porn except for two things. One, there was still
the booth to our left, and occasionally some guy would
stick his meat through hoping for some action from my
girlfriend. That wasn’t so bad; eventually we figured
out there was a plastic board you could slide into
handles against the booth wall, effectively closing the
hole. Secondly, the building next to the adult shop was
undergoing renovation, so we could hear the power tools
from the workers on the other side of the right wall.
However, this problem too was easily remedied, as
coming in on Friday nights when the workers weren’t at
the building eliminated the sounds.

It had been months since we had argued over her
ludicrous fantasy, and she started acting strangely.
She’d forbid me to go with her to the shop. All she
offered was that she was setting up a little surprise
for me. Weeks went by, and each night she came home
from the shop she’d fuck me more wildly than she ever
had. This was fine by me, but the fantasy started
coming back. It’d be there during orgasm and when we’d
talk about our fantasies to each other lying awake in
bed. It’d be there when I could hear her getting
herself off in the shower, and when I joined her. It’d
be there in the way she walked. And it’d be there in
her dark blue eyes, every time she looked at me. I
could almost see her imagining some hot guy in one of
her classes taking me from behind. And she kept going
to the shop alone.

Soon the Friday came where I could see her surprise. We
arrived fairly early, as per our routine, surveyed the
scene. Friday nights were usually pretty busy, and
tonight was no exception. The usual crowd walked the
aisles of magazines, that somewhat guilty look on their
faces. Some adolescent boys stood in the corner looking
at different specialty condoms, clearly underage and
very out of place. The place was packed with mostly
males, though some girls were there. Lauren caught me
eyeing a blonde with some nice more-than-a-handful D
cups on the way in, and punched me lightly in the arm.
We laughed it off.

I started heading for the end booth, but was surprised
to see there was a shiny new lock on the door. She
pulled me by the arm towards the front desk, smiling
shyly at the owner. He grinned, and opened the door
behind him to what looked like his office. I peaked
confusedly at my girlfriend, holding onto my arm. She
smiled back and returned her blue eyes to gaze at the
office. The front clerk returned, bearing a small key.
She quickly grabbed the key, and led me off toward the
end booth. When she opened the door, I couldn’t believe
my eyes.

The room had been rearranged to a great degree. The
bench for watching porn was nowhere to be found, and
instead there was a desk right in the middle of the
room. Lying on top of the desk was Lucy. I’d seen Lucy
around my dorm on occasion, and admittedly she was
pretty hot herself. Though she only had B-cups, she had
a great ass and the most amazing legs; they were the
kind you could just imagine wrapped behind your ass
holding you inside every time you saw Lucy in shorts.
All this I had noticed in the dorm.

What I hadn’t seen I could now confirm – Lucy had the
fullest pussy lips and most playful clit I had ever
seen, and she was a natural blonde. It took a while for
my eyes to land on her face, which was grinning
knowingly. “You can put aside your fears, Lauren. He
definitely DOES think I’m pretty hot.” Lauren, closing
the door and locking it behind her, chuckled. I glanced
down to find my 8-incher was tenting my pants. “I
wanted you to see me with Lucy,” Lauren said, pulling
her shirt off above her head, revealing her red bra. “I
wasn’t sure if you’d like to see it, but now I guess we

Lucy jumped off the table and moved toward me. “But you
have to do something for me,” Lauren volunteered as she
stepped out of her tight jeans. “Us ladies need our
control of those boys that catch us playing. I want you
to please secure your hot little self to that device I
have there.”

She pointed at the right wall, where some new
contraption had been placed. Bolted into the wall were
two metal restraints, about a foot apart, with foam
cushioning and hinges that joined each of two parts. I
could see they were for my legs. I figured the idea was
the girls would do the fucking; I’d be helpless except
for my arms, which couldn’t reach. She had no
restraints on the upper body, so I figured I could bend
forward enough to do some pussy licking if need be,
though the room was only about 4 or 5 feet wide.

I looked back to see that Lauren had removed all her
clothing. I heard my zipper go down. I looked to see
Lucy, now kneeling in front me, had taken my pants
down. My cock sprung out in front of her face. “Lift
up,” she said, staring at my meat. Realizing she was
talking to me and not my dick, I lifted my right leg,
and she removed my pants. I felt Lauren’s hands tugging
up on my shirt, and raised my arms so she could remove
it. I felt a material covering my shaft, and noticed
Lucy was putting on a condom. My cock filled to full
capacity at the attention. The noise of the creaky
hinges opening alerted me back to the right wall.
“Ready for entry, Gary?” Lauren asked, smiling.

Soon my legs were locked firmly in the holders, and I
couldn’t move my lower body at all. Lauren fetched a
video camera and tripod from the desk, and set it up on
the far end of the room. “So you won’t ever forget this
moment” Lauren said in a mocked sweet voice. Lucy sat
on the desk facing the video camera and arched her
back, placing her palms on the desk to support the

Lauren approached her from the video camera, promptly
getting on her knees in front of the desk. Removing a
hair tie from her pocket, she put her silky black hair
back, and lowered her mouth to Lucy’s pussy. Lucy
sighed as Lauren’s talented tongue began its work, and
she looked over at me, smiling when she eyed my cock,
aching in its hardness. I reached down and started
stroking myself, though slowly; I didn’t want to shoot
this early.

After a while, Lucy was moaning in ecstasy. I looked at
Lauren, who had abandoned her lapping like a dog
treatment and was now lightly sucking Lucy’s swollen
clit like a pacifier, and noticed she was pretty wet
herself. She liked this! Lucy grabbed hold of Lauren’s
head with both of her hands and pulled her toward her
pussy. She arched back more and closed her eyes. Lauren
looked a bit uncomfortable, but I doubt she had a
chance of escaping.

Lucy started thrusting her pussy into Lauren’s mouth.
Lucy opened her eyes slightly, seeing me, and smiled.
Suddenly her back arched and she held Lauren’s face
into her mound, yelling curses. She thrust her pussy
into Lauren’s face three swift times, and then
released, laying back on the desk. Lauren retreated
from the battle zone, her face plastered with Lucy’s
juices. She was sweating and breathing a little fast.
She saw me looking at her face and smiled. She took two
fingers to her cheek, and, engulfing them in juice,
brought them to her mouth, sucking them clean. She
enjoyed my facial reaction, but then abruptly her smile
faded as she saw me stroking myself. She quickly stood
and pressed her tits against my chest, forcing me into
a hug that prevented me from masturbation. “Stop that”
she said, “We need you ready for later.”

Lucy moved the desk so it was against the left wall and
my legs. My cock dangled a few inches above the desk
surface. Lucy opened the desk, and her hand emerged
with a double-sided dildo. She again climbed on the
desk, this time facing the left wall doggy style.
Lauren joined her, facing me, and Lucy inserted one end
of the dildo into her own ass.

Lauren, staring at me with her blue eyes, didn’t blink
as she reached back, found the dildo, and grinded her
ass into her respective end. It took a bit for them to
find a working rhythm, and they started moaning loudly,
looking at the camera. Lauren returned her attention to
me, and I could see she was getting tired. I took her
head in my arms, holding it to my chest. I reached down
and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me with her
innocent eyes.

“Look at me, Gary,” she whispered, “I’m fucking another
girl.” She looked exhausted, but kept on pumping her
ass towards Lucy’s.

“I’m going to come!” Lucy shouted. Lauren started
pumping her tight ass backwards with renewed strength,
grabbing the edge of the desk for leverage, moaning a
little all the while. The two girls started getting
faster, both nearing orgasm, and I knew this must be
one hell of a good view for the video camera.

Lauren looked back to catch Lucy doing the same, and
both girls nodded. Lauren brought her head back to rest
her chin on my chest. Her blue eyes caught mine and
both girls exploded, crying out loudly. I held her
around the neck as she came, her body vibrating from
her pussy up. Both girls I could see were shaking
violently, and Lucy’s pussy erupted. She started
squirting, covering the wall with her pussy juices,
moaning uncontrollably.

As the waves of orgasm appeared to subside, Lauren
moved towards me so she could remove the dildo. Having
done so, she hopped off the desk and nearly collapsed
on the floor. Lucy removed her end, and spun around on
the desk. She crawled towards me on her hands and
knees, like a cat. Arriving just in front of me, she
looked down and gave my aching cock a hard squeeze. I
could feel her fingernails dig in a little. She reached
down to my left and opened a drawer, putting the dildo
in and removing the black collar I’d seen Lauren in so
many times. She fitted it around my neck, and verifying
its tightness, hopped off the desk. “Did you enjoy
that, baby?” she asked. “Now it’s time for my girl
Lauren to have her fun.”

I glanced at Lauren, who was centering the camera view
on me. I felt Lucy’s hand snake across my balls and up
behind my ass. Her other hand moved to cup my balls and
she kissed me hard, holding my lips with hers as my
cock prepared to burst. I felt her hand manipulating
something behind my ass, but I couldn’t tell what. She
broke the kiss, and brought both of her hands back to
her body. Her right hand held a small square piece of
plastic, which she put in the desk drawer next to the
dildo. I looked around. Lauren had left during the

Lucy laid flat on the desk, her mouth just in front of
my cock. Good, I thought, now I can get some attention.
Grabbing my condomed-cock and balls with her hand, she
moved it aside. I heard Lauren’s voice, seemingly
coming from the wall behind me, where the builders had
been working in times past.

“He’s ready in here,” Lucy said. It was now that I
realized Lauren had made a hole on this side of the
wall, and was in the other building. Lucy applied
removed a blindfold from the desk drawer and affixed it
over my eyes. I heard her reposition on the desk. She
pulled me by my neck toward the desk, and I make
contact with her pussy. She must be spreadeagle.

“Go ahead,” I heard her say above me. “I know you’ve
been aching for a taste.” She brought my arms down on
either side of the desk and used her legs to lock them
against the sides. She grabbed hold of my hair and held
me against her pussy like she did with Lauren. She
called through the wall to Lauren “Go ahead.”

As I begin lapping Lucy’s luscious pussy, I feel
Lauren’s ultra-realistic strap-on enter me. I can feel
the lubricant along the sides, she must have put a
condom on it. She liked to do that a lot in the past,
she thought it was more realistic and it made the clean
up easier because there wasn’t any lube on the actual
dildo. She presses in immediately about three inches,
different from when she did this in the past. She
usually took it pretty slow. I’m reminded of Lucy when
she pulls me into her pussy, soaking my face with her

Lauren continues with her strap-on in my ass, thrusting
a bit hard and gaining more ground each pump. I feel
Lucy manipulate my cock a bit with her hand. I lap away
more intently, wanting Lucy to know how good I am at
eating pussy. I focus on her pussy. I feel Lauren’s
hands on top of my ass. She spreads my ass out, and the
strap-on gets completely inside. The thrusts get
harder. She’s really pumping my ass now. It starts to
feel good, – really good combined with Lucy stroking my

“Tell the camera how much you love this,” Lucy says to
me. “Tell the camera how much you love a good piece of
stud in your ass.”

In spite of previous experiences, I honestly am
enjoying this, and Lauren had just fucked another girl
just for me. I lift my head up from Lucy’s pussy and
try to point my head to where I think the camera is.

“Oh fuck I love this stud up my ass! It feels so good!
Oh god I’m getting fucked like a stud’s bitch!” I look
back towards the wall as if Lauren with her strap-on
can see me. “Oh god you stud take my ass! Take me!
Harder! Oh shit take me I’m all yours you rough-fucking
stud! Oh fuck! Fuck me!” I yell. “Damn this, is HOT”
Lauren says into my ear, from inches away.

Wait. I’m here and Lauren’s there behind the wall and
then she’s here with me and- oh fuck. We left the
strap-ons at home, all of them were there in the closet
when we left.

A hand takes the blindfold off. I see Lauren standing
next to Lucy, her dark blue eyes gazing wickedly at
mine. Both girls are laughing. “Oh honey I needed some
favors from the workers to get all this set up for you
to watch Lucy and I, so I had to negotiate grounds for
paying them back. It’s ok though, it seems like you’re
really enjoying this. I knew we could work things out
and fulfill my fantasy!”

The strokes get harder and faster in my ass, and I try
to resist. I try to clench my ass as if to stop this
foreign entry by some worker stud I’ve never even met.
The attempt backfires, and it only makes my ass grip
his cock more effectively. I hear a groan and feel him
empty out into my ass – he must have ditched the condom
while I was focused on Lucy’s pussy. The girls laugh
and Lucy pats my cock.

“Oh Gary, the sororities are going to love this tape
when it’s finished. There’s only a few more workers to
satisfy, but we’re going full house on the booth as a
whole. You’re going to have a wonderful night!” Lucy
says happily.

Lucy hops off the desk and removes the condom while
Lauren grabs me by my collar and pulls my face down so
I am lying across the desk, my nose almost touching the
wall. I notice a small metal ring bolted into the desk;
Lauren loops a metal ring through this one and my
collar and locks it with her key. I notice to my horror
that my mouth is right in front of the left wall’s
gloryhole. Lauren looks at me and laughs.

“NEXT!” she calls through the right wall’s hole. A
second worker mounts my ass without a condom. He takes
the distance all in one stroke, but I don’t feel his
balls. His cock leaves my ass and returns full steam.
He must be huge! I feel like I’m being ripped apart as
he takes me. Lauren and Lucy both put on black leather
corsets and garter belts. Lauren opens the booth door,
and both girls walk out.

I hear Lauren call out, “Any of you studs want a piece
of what you see here, us ladies will be happily service
you through the hole in booth 8 all night! And you,
come with me.”

Lauren returns with a young black man, probably in his
20s. She locks the door. He sees the cock dominating my
ass from the wall behind us and chuckles, then begins
to strip. Lucy removes her corset and Lauren kneels
down next to the desk by the gloryhole near my head. I
see the booth in the room in front of me open, and
someone walks in. I hear him strip, and before I know
it, a 6-inch cock is starting to come through the hole.

I begin to open my mouth to tell him I’m not one of the
girls he just saw, but Lauren quickly grabs me behind
my head and forces me onto the cock. “No biting now,
honey. Breathe through your nose. Do this well now,
you’ll like it, I promise.” Lauren coaches me. Whoever
this cock is attached to is clearly very eager and
presses onward into my throat. I gag but cannot move.
“Through your nose, honey” Lauren commands. I start to,
but it is difficult with a 10-inch or so cock rupturing
my ass.

After I’ve gotten used to the foreign meat in my mouth,
I feel around with my tongue like Lauren taught me to
on her strap-on back at the dorm. The cock is very
warm, and I run my tongue around the tip. The cock in
my ass is feeling rather good now that I’ve gotten used
to it, but I still can’t accommodate him. The cock in
my mouth grows impatient and starts to fuck my throat.
I struggle to keep up but cannot. Lauren pushes me into
the wall and I feel Lucy’s pussy juice from before
stick to my forehead. Lauren slips her hand in her
garter and starts finger-fucking herself hard.

“Oh gawd, baby, take those cocks, oh god yes! You’re so
hot, honey!”

I see to my right that the young black man has mounted
Lucy from behind, against the wall. She screams out in
ecstasy. He is giant! He is easily 11-inches by my
estimate and with an unbelievable thickness. I hear the
worker groan and he explodes up my ass. He pumps so
much cum into me I can feel it start to run out of my
ass and drip along the back of my leg.

Another, smaller cock immediately replaces it. Lucy
begins screaming out to the black invader inside her. I
can tell they are both nearing orgasm. The cock inside
my mouth shoots. The cum floods my mouth and I think to
swallow too late. Some runs out of my mouth, onto my
chin. The cock withdraws and I try to swallow as fast
as I can. The booth door opens and a guy begins to
strip. Lucy on my right climaxes. The black man, having
neared orgasm but not attained it, looks disappointed
and pulls out, angry.

Seeing me open my mouth to breathe, he shrugs and grabs
the back of my head, turning me towards him. He enters
my mouth and I feel like my throat isn’t big enough to
accommodate his glistening shaft. Fortunately, he only
needs to pump a few times before climaxing. He pulls
out on his final stroke and douses my face with his
cum. He continues shooting, getting some in my eyes. He
pulls back and a final stream catches me in the back.

The smaller cock in my ass finishes, and a larger one
enters me full force, its thickness trumping even the
black man next to me. The sheer force of the cock
coming in to my ass, filling me up is enough to bring
me over the edge. “Oh SHIT!” I cry out as my cock
spurts its full load all over the desk. I collapse on
the desk, exhausted, and the cock in my ass keeps
pumping, invigorated by the submission. The black man
next to me wipes his cock with my cheek, and exits the
booth. Lucy scoops up my cum from the desk and hand-
feeds it to me.

I’m too tired to resist, so I slurp it down. The guy in
the booth in front of me enters my cum-washed mouth
with ease and begins forcefully fucking my mouth. He
comes in two or three pumps, apparently overeager. I
swallow it all enthusiastically. Lucy sits on the desk
against the wall, pulling me into her cum-filled pussy.
“You didn’t finish me earlier, cock-slut. Clean me up,
you little bitch.” she says. I see Lauren’s blue eyes
fill with awe as she sees me willingly delve into
Lucy’s mound. Lauren increases her finger-fucking, and
I know the devil’s inside her.

As Lucy’s pussy satiates the thirst of my cum-parched
lips, I feel her squirm. I feel a cock from the booth
behind her enter her ass. Her thighs lock my head in
place, and I feast on her pussy. Her B-cups bounce
wildly as she gets taken in her ass. “Lick him as he
fucks my ass,” Lucy says to me.

I’m only happy to comply. I hold my tongue out under
her pussy as he fucks her. He nears orgasm, and,
sensing my tongue, pulls out of her ass and gives me a
serving. The sight of me bringing the tray of cum back
to my mouth, swallowing it, and going back for more
sends my sweetie Lauren into an orgasmic rampage.

She screams devilishly and starts grinding her pussy
against a desk leg, her fluids spraying upwards into
the air. This continues for a full minute, the desk leg
apparently giving her sub-orgasms, and she collapses on
the floor, staring up at me as Lucy gets off the desk
and I take another cock in my mouth. The monster cock
in my ass explodes deep within and I keep on diligently
doing my duty to the cock in my mouth. As another cock
moves to replace the giant one, I look down into
Lauren’s angelic blue eyes, and I know that I love her.