A mother pleasures herself with her son

Looking briefly at his wall, the clock showing 11:30.
About to turn off the lights, 25 year-old Todd heard a
knock on his door before seeing an attractive mid-
forties woman enter.

“Hi Mom.”

Smiling at her son, Mona walked over to the bed.
“Honey, I’ve got a mild cramp in my leg, would you mind
massaging it?”

“Sure,” shifting over on his bed to make room for her.

Wearing only a long T-shirt, Mona sat down on the bed,
facing him.

“Where Mom?”

Swinging her legs up, then pointing to one just past
the knee on the inside.

“Oh, okay.”

Todd couldn’t help getting a hard-on seeing his
mother’s inner thighs so up close. Mona was in
remarkably good shape, able to rival any woman 10 years
younger. Her 140 lbs. matched her 5’6″ frame perfectly.
She had full breasts, that were at least a D-cup and
shook just right when she moved, showing their softness
whenever she was wearing something low-cut or loose.
Her hips were nicely rounded, with an ass perfect for
trapping a man’s face underneath.

Todd started massaging his mother’s leg, using both
hands to rub her thigh. She had placed her near leg on
his other side to give him more room. He could clearly
see her black panties covering her pussy with her legs

“Mmmm, that feels good honey.” Looking at her son. “So
I haven’t seen Lisa for a while?”

“Oh, we broke up a few months ago.”

“So you haven’t gotten laid since then?”


“Oh honey, I’m just curious.” Looking at him
differently, “Was the sex good?”

“Of course!” answering quickly.

“What do you mean, of course!”

“Well, I’m good at it.”

“At what? Eating pussy?”

“Mom!” Todd couldn’t believe she just asked him that.

“Well are you?” Not letting him out of it.

“I’m not bad.” Saying it quickly before he felt himself

“Sounds to me like you’re better than not bad. So does
that mean you love having a woman ride your face?”

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me.”

“I’m just curious honey. So do you?”

Looking down for a moment, then up at his mom, “I like

Giving her son a mischievous look, “Hmmm, well maybe I
should Toddple you myself. It’s been a while since I’ve
had a good long ride.”

Todd looked up at his mother, not believing what she
just said.

“Mom!” Hearing her say that gave him a full hard-on.
The thought of being underneath her luscious hips,
sandwiched between her sensual thighs, servicing her
wet pussy was very intoxicating.

“Don’t be so surprised Todd, I’m a woman too. I love
having my pussy licked. And if a man is good, I’ll ride
him all night!”


Smiling at her son, amused at how shocked he was at her
words. “Honey, I’ve been denied for so long,” giving
him a rather wanton look.

“I think I’ll find out how good you really are!”
Suddenly pushing him down with her foot, Mona slipped
off her panties before straddling her son’s face,
giving him a good look between her thighs.

Smiling down at him, “Mmmmm, ready honey?” Then quickly
mounting her son’s face.

Todd could only utter a muffled word, his mouth now
covered by his mother’s naked pussy.

“Go ahead Todd! Eat my pussy!”

Todd couldn’t believe how fast everything had happened,
now staring into his mother’s bushy mound, his face
sandwiched between her warm thighs, taking in her
womanly scent while his tongue fucked her wet pussy,
swallowing all her juices.

“Oh yes! Lick me there! Mmmmm.”

Even more surprising to Todd, seeing his mother
enjoying every second of his forced pampering.

“Oh baby, you’re not getting any sleep tonight!”
Suddenly pumping his face harder as she started to feel
the rumble of her first orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh baby! Eat me some more! Oh yes! That’s it
baby. Ohhhhhhhh, I’m cuming! I’m cumminnng. Ohhhhhhh!”

“Mmmmmm,” exhausted, but wanting more, Mona looked down
at her son’s half-covered face between her thighs.

“So Todd, have you ever licked a woman’s ass?”

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