A Wedding Fantasy

It happened at his cousin’s wedding. He didn’t want to
be there, hates weddings, but his wife made him go. As
she was out on the lawn chatting with friends, he had
already made up his mind to c***e down the rest of his
cake, find her, and tell her he was leaving. If she
wasn’t ready to go, she could just find another ride
home later. That’s what he would do all right.

Then he noticed a pretty woman from across the country
club lawn. She was extraordinary, blonde hair entwined
into a lazy French twist, dotted with babies’ breath,
softly rounded curves shaped in a tight midnight blue
satin gown. It was her eyes that captured his full
attention. They were locked on his!

He wondered for a moment if maybe they had met before,
perhaps she knew his wife. No, he’d have remembered
her. The stare was broken as a waitress offered him
champagne. He accepted, took a sip, and turned back to
her. She was closer now, easing her way toward him. He
turned to see if she might be eyeing someone else, then
was startled as she touched his sleeve.

“You’re not having much fun here are you?”

He couldn’t reply. She gently led him from the room
while the band played “It Could Happen to You”. He
could not have imagined what was going to happen to
him. Following her down a hallway off the ballroom, he
became aware of her exotic perfume. He felt his navy
blue Brooks Brothers suit becoming a little

She opened a door marked “Ladies” and turned to him,
“Weddings are kind of an aphrodisiac for me and you
have such nice hands …I just thought …maybe …you

He didn’t need to let her finish to understand exactly
what she was looking for. He was ready and willing. A
deep groan escaped as he covered her mouth with his,
wrapping his arms around her and letting his hands
slide slowly downward.

He had forgotten his haste to leave, not to mention his
wife. He cupped her breasts in his hands as he kissed
each one through the thin gown. She sighed as a shiver
of excitement crept up her spine. The band played
“Embraceable You”, and he intended to.

She sucked in her breath as he lifted her to sit on the
pink ceramic tiled countertop between the sinks. The
cold sent a shiver through her middle, enhancing her
anticipated pleasure and causing her to become

She whispered to him, “I want you. Touch me.”

Another groan as he slipped his hand under her dress.
He found her hot and wet underneath the tiniest,
silkiest panties he had ever laid fingers on. He teased
her through them until she began to wiggle to assist
him in discarding the unwanted barrier. The door
opened, an expletive was muttered, and the door quickly
shut again. Neither were aware. Gently, he stroked her
woman’s flesh. She saw stars.

Thoughts of her filled his mind. How soft and velvety
and creamy she felt. It was enough to cause him to lose
control right then. He noticed her little gasps as he
dipped first one finger, then two into her depths and
sliding them out again found her clit. The sweet
torment was too much. She was squirming on the edge of
the sink, on the edge of ecstasy.

He put his face under her dress. Used his tongue like
she had never known was possible. Flicked it in and out
of her sweetness and encircled her clit. He kept at it;
God how she wished he would never stop! Then it
happened. Suddenly, she was thrown into another
dimension, ecstasy. She cried out to him. Her hot
liquid center rushed to meet his hungry mouth. He drank
all of her intoxicating liquor, lapping as she trembled
with reverberating shock waves.

He helped her down from the sink and turned her around.
Watching the expression on her face in the mirror, he
thrust his hardness into her sanctuary. His hands were
gently massaging her clit, intent on driving her crazy
one more time. She moaned and he groaned, she cried out
and, before he could realize his potential, she turned,
knelt before him and took him into her mouth.

He shook. She sighed. His head bobbed in and out of her
mouth in frantic thrusts. She massaged the base of his
manliness and ran her pinkie up and down his
sensuality. At last she found a snug place to rest it,
sending him into uncontrollable spasms. She captured
his hot lava, drinking every drop. They both collapsed
to the floor, holding each other tightly, not believing
what just took place.

When they had both regained their senses, he assisted
her to her feet. He covered her mouth once again with
his, tasted himself in her, and groaned as he felt
himself becoming aroused again.

He helped her to straighten her dress. Her French twist
hopelessly tousled. His mustache frosted with her sweet
cream. The room smelled faintly of their lovemaking but
they didn’t seem to care who noticed. Her panties were
forgotten as they turned to leave. He held the ladies’
room door and they walked back down the hall silently
savoring their last few moments together. As they
reentered the reception area, the band played
“Unforgettable”. She was.

They were too spent to dance so they walked over to the
table to get champagne. Looking up he noticed his wife
making her way over to him. Dear God, he thought, was
his shirt tucked in, his lapel straight? Was he wearing
the same guilty grin this sex goddess next to him was?
Were they standing too closely?

“I see you’ve met my old college roommate Sharon. I
invited her to spend a couple of nights with us while
she’s in town. You don’t mind, do you, darling?”

The guilty grin now replaced with calculating delight.

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