A woman takes a wimp and makes him to her play toy

My wife controls the purse strings and every other
aspect of my life. She controls when we will eat and
when we will have sex, and how we will have sex. She
was the boss. I was the wimp. Some how that is what has
happened. When I realized what she was doing. I was
already too far gone. I was 28 years old married for
five years. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. Slim build. I
weighed 145 pounds.

My wife is close to my size but 20 ponds lighter. She
had the better job and she made the money. I was happy
to have a part time job and keeping the house clean.
What I did not know was Kathys plan for me. It started
small enough. A routine doctors check up. Blood work
up and low blood pressure. Not a bad check up.

The doctor set up a diet and some medication for my
blood pressure and some injections for off setting the
thin blood. The diet was ok, the pills no problem. The
workout program was a bit aggressive. After several
weeks of the program he needed to prescribe a cream for
my chest.

My muscles were sore and did not seem to heal. It has
been six months since my check up and I seem to be
better. She as allowed me to grow my hair longer as it
does seem to grow faster. I have noticed that things
that did upset me no longer do. I find my self reading
more and more. Romance novels and the like. I never
knew I liked those, I thought they were a joke. I have
also found that being healthy had reduced my body hair.
Not a bad trade off. I am a little worried that my
breasts have grown a bit.

I guess the fat there takes more effort to get in
shape. My waist as reduced and I have lost fifteen
pounds and feel great. I have had several more doctors
appointment and I have had to take some antidepressant
drugs. They have made me a very likeable and agreeable
person now. I seem to be happy. We went on a quick
vacation and it was then that I found just how mad she
can get. The airline had lost my suit case. No stores
were open or even close if they were open. We had
dinner and relaxed. She said she needed a shower and I
should join her.

That was a no brainier for me. I stripped down and
joined her. It was when we were done that she ordered
drinks and told me that this was going to be a great
vacation. She told me that the only clothes we had were
hers. I have been feeling a bit submissive lately and
when she tossed me her panties and said to put them on.
I did put them on and they did fit rather well. She
then said that with my breasts it looked a bit funny
and she tossed me a bra. I was able to get it on and I
have to admit that I did look ok in the outfit. We
slept and in the morning we had breakfast in the room
and she again gave me my pills.

We lounged around the room and I was feeling mellow and
relaxed. It was then she said that while we were in a
foreign country that if I wanted to please her that I
could get a small operation done and make her very
happy. To know I could make her happy was all I cared
about. I agreed to it on the spot. She asked if I
wanted to know what she wanted to do to me.

I told her, if it would make her happy then it made me
happy and I slipped on her sweat suit outfit and we
took a tour of the town. We stopped at a rather newer
building and entered. When we walked in the girl behind
the counter asked if we had an appointment. My wife
said yeas and gave my name. She stood up and told me to
follow her. I did.

In a small exam room she told me to remove my outer
clothes. I did just that. She saw my bra and panties
and remarked how nice they were. She had me sit on the
table and took my blood pressure and then told me to
lie down. She put an IV in my arm and it was attached
to a clear tube that ran up to a bottle of something. I
soon was out and that was it. Later I felt being moved
into an operating room. I heard my wife talking and
then nothing. When I woke up I was so out of it.

I felt no pain and knew nothing. My wife appeared and
asked if I was Ok. I told her I was. She said so was so
proud of me and loved me even more. That was all I
needed. My upper body was wrapped in a tight top and my
lower part felt as if I was in a diaper. I stayed at
the hotel for the rest of the vacation.

She just seemed to think it was great. I did too. A
nurse would look in on me and check things out. On the
way to the airport we stopped at the doctors office
for some pills and shots. On the plane ride home I
slept like a baby. Once we arrived at home she had me
take a lot of pills for the next two weeks.

It seemed all I did was sleep. The following week she
said she was so happy and content that she was going to
reward me. I told her it was my pleasure. She handed me
a stack of clothes. They contained a bra and panties
and a dress. I look at it and looked at her and she
smiled. She said that first I needed a shower and that
she would give me one.

She insisted while in the shower that there be no light
on. I felt her run her hands over me with a bar of
soap. My breasts did feel different. They seemed
plumper, and heavier. When she washed me below it
seemed rather smooth and easy to wash. I was pleasing
her and that was all I needed. It was when she dressed
me and did my hair and makeup that when she handed me
the mirror that what I saw was not me.

I put the mirror down and looked in the full length
mirror. There stood beautiful women. I did not see me.
She hugged me and said I was perfect. What I saw was
that there was cleavage and more cleavage. She told me
to undress. As I started to undress she would stop me
and admire me and say how happy she was. It was when I
stood there just in a bra and panties that she said
that she would finish. As she undid the bra and stepped
back I felt my breasts fall a bit. When she pulled my
panties down and had me step out of them.

I stood there naked and she just smiled and said she
loved me and was so happy. She then took my hands and
put them on my breasts and told me to feel them and
enjoy them. She then took my hands and placed then on
my lower belly. She started to push them down farther
and further. My hands were being pushed all the way
down. I felt nothing until I felt between my legs and
that was it.

She then turned me towards the mirror and there I
stood. I had full breasts and there was nothing below
the waist. My testicles were gone as well as my penis.
There was nothing. It was smooth as my back side. She
said that she was thrilled with me and loved me all the
more. I was in heaven.

She said the change was for my own good as I needed to
be more loveable to her. With all the pills I was
taking I did not disagree with her. Over the next
several months I became very comfortable with me new
body. When we went out her friends would tell her that
I had a better body than her. She would answer them
telling them how proud she was of me. She always ended
it with a, and I love him dearly. That was all I

She began to bring male friends over and they would
spend the night. She had taken the guest bed room and
converted it into my room. So she would not disturb me
with her male friends. She was so nice to me.

I kept the house clean and I have turned into a rather
good cook and have always enjoyed doing her laundry.
She does love me and when her male friends leave for
the night she always has me to perform what she call a
good cleaning. She calls me into her room using the
intercom and has me clean her up. It is always my
pleasure to lick her freshly fucked pussy. To remove
the cum from her and sallow it for her. She loved it so
much and loved me. Soon there were many more men and
many more cleanings.

She started to call me before the men would leave. She
found it very pleasurable to watch me orally receive
there cum from the source. Some times I would clean her
other times I would do them. As time went on there
seemed to be more men. Some nights it would be three or
four. On one night while I was cleaning her in between
men. One of the men in the room said he would love to
lift my nighty and nail me up the ass. The wife looked
at him and said that the only thing stopping him was my

He walk over to the bed where I was cleaning her out
and as he lifted my nighty and pulled down my panties
he spread my cheeks and began to shove his now erect
cock in between my cheeks and then hitting the spot of
entry and ramming it in. He began to pump it in and out
and went faster and faster. When he tried to push it
threw me he jerked and expelled his load in me. He with
drew his cock and turned me around and told me to clean
his cock. I looked at the wife and she shook her head
in approval. That was all I needed.

As time went on is would be a routine for me. Soon I
was pleasing her by pleasing more men than she did. She
loved to begin the night by taking a tube of KY Jelly
and inserting it into me and then squeezing hard. Then
all the later entries there were smooth and easy. They
would just slide in. When she would hold parties I was
the center of attention. She loved that and as well as
I. She would have so many men over to please her by
filling my ass and mouth with there cum. She loved it
when I would sallow it all and beg for more. She never
tired of it. I remember one night she was talking to
one of her girl friends and the intercom was on.

I heard her say that for the past six years it cost her
nothing to have a maid and a cook who lived in and
never asked for a thing. She claimed that with the
money she saved it was a blessing. She said that the
money that I have made for her well off set what it
cost to come this far. She told of how she found me.
She said I was already submissive and the rest was

She told of using drugs to alter my looks and alter my
thoughts. She even went into detail of my operation.
She explained the castration and then removing the
penis and moving the urethra down between my legs as to
create a smooth front and only a small opening in the
skin to pee threw. She said the drugs made me do
anything that pleased her. She said that by pleasing
her I was myself be pleased and happy.

Her girl friend asked how long it could last. She said
forever. She said that as long as she was pleased with
me there was no time limit. Plus the fact I was her
free servant. She then said the wedding was a complete
sham and all identity of me has long been lost. She
said this address of the house was never reveled until
after my change. She even went on to say how she used a
different name when she first met me. She said that she
erased me entirely and if I died no one would know who
I was or where I was.

Her friend asked her if she could borrow me as she had
an idea that would help her out of a tight jam. With
out a second to think she said, Sure use him and abuse

She added that I was not be disfigured or have my good
looks damaged. She did say to remember to say how proud
she was of me. The next week I went with her friend out
into the country. I was stripped naked and had some
sort of blood wiped on my ass. It was then that there
were many people standing around a small fenced in
area. There was one light that shown down in the small

The people were talking and exchanging money. I was led
into the center on the area. I was told to get on my
hands and knees. There were small posts sticking out of
the ground. They were next to my arms and legs. Someone
tied a rope around my arms and the post. They also tied
my thighs to the rear posts. I could not move. My ass
was up in the air and I was spread wide.

My head was down and I could not see what was happing.
In a second there were several very large dogs walking
around me. One started to sniff my ass and in a second
he jumped up and mounted me. He thrust his cock deep
into my ass. He was humping me like crazy. I felt a
ball on his cock pushing against my ass. He kept
thrusting and in one strong thrust the ball entered my
body. He was humping faster and faster. He was filling
my entire area up with his hot flesh.

The other dogs were all around barking and tiring to
fuck me also, as long as he was in me they could not.
The dog that was fucking me came with a very large
load. I felt it squirt out of my ass. He tried to get
off me but the ball thing was stuck inside me. He
jerked and jerked and with a great deal of pain he
pulled it out and ran off. In seconds a different dog
mounted me and did the same to me. This dog was biting
my neck and was going like crazy. I lost count but I
know it had to have been six or seven dogs that made my
ass hurt and burned. This went on for what seemed like

It seemed to grow quiet and people were leaving. One
man asked if there was any more to watch. She answered
that the dogs were done with me. He said he had a small
stud horse next door and would love to see if I could
take it. The talked for a minute and I felt my self
being lifted up and moved to a larger area and again
some sort of cradle.

I was again tied to it but this time there was only my
ass in view and I was covered by some sort of netting
on top. I felt some one rub something on my ass and at
that moment I felt the people lead the horse to me and
help him up. The horse knew what to do. I a flash they
were trying to get the huge massive cock in me. I felt
the tip and then more and I could not even scream I was
in so much pain…

With in minutes the horse had entered me. I felt
extreme pressure and being fuller and fuller inside me.
I must have passed out as when I came too, they were
using a garden hose on me to wash me off. Some one was
pinching my ass. When I awoke I was back home and in my
bed. When I tried to get up I could not. It was several
days before I could move freely. It was later hearing
them talk that she was so grateful to have used me that
she was so impressed with me and my submission.

She also gave her a stack of money; she said that I
paid dividends. I later found out that the horse had
ripped me up really bad and I needed to be stitched up.
I have been lent out as she calls it to several of her
friends. There have been many parties and many animals
and several scars. I have even had the pleasure of
being used by her doctor friend as a teat subject.

The FDA is so picky about new drugs. I was given two
shots in my breasts and they grew. They grew a lot. I
needed to have the implants removed. They talked about
what was next for me. They said that there was nothing
that was out of bounds. They laughed and talked. She
did say that I was showing signs of wear. She was not
sure how much more I could take.

She did add that she had received several rather large
offers to take me off her hands. No questions asked.
She added that I deserved a better ending. Then laughed
and said that a larger offer solved that issue. They
also discussed the making of a possible replacement for
me as there was a very large amount of money to be made
for taking someone like me to the extreme ends.

I do not know what that means but she loves me and I am

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