Raped by My Sister

This story is fiction, a self
satisfaction fantasy only. No one was hurt or damaged,
the characters are fictional and meant for adult reading

Hi, I am 19 my name is chase I live with my mom and dad
and sister Sue she is 18, we get on okay, look out for
each other but also fall out as all brothers and sister

It was a Saturday night I went to my friends 19th
Birthday party, my parents had warned me never to drink
but it was a party and hell I’m 19 so drink I did.

I remember my friends putting me in the back of the car
and taking me home. My parents were out just my sister
was home. She freaked out when they carried me to the
front door. She was wearing just a night gown.

“Mom and Dad will go crazy, he will grounded for
months.” Sue said opening the door.

Sue led them into my bedroom. They lay me on the bed I
was out of it.

“Can you help me get him into bed and into his Pj’s?”
Sue asked.

My friend Steve pulled off my shoes and socks, Sue un-
buttoned my shirt. Steve undid my belt and opened the
front of my pants, with a few yanks he yanked down my
pants, they both pulled my arms out of my shirt.

Sue collected my Pj bottoms.

“I’m not touching his boxers.” Steve laughed.

Sue took over and yanked them down, I could feel the
cold air hit my private parts. It brought me around, but
laying naked in front of my friends and sister wasn’t
cool so I pretended to be asleep. Roughly they pulled up
my Pj’s, I was still partly exposed.

“That’ll do,” Steve said. “I better get these others
home, before your parents get home.” Steve was staying
the night on the spare bed.

They covered me with my bedding, left and outed the
light. I heard his car drive off.

A minute later and my door opened, my sister came back
in she closed the door behind her.

She pulled back the sheet and tugged at my PJ’s, I
assumed she was going to make sure I was dressed

Her hand brushed against my cock as she tried to lift my
Pj’s higher. The feeling was weird, it instantly woke my
cock up and it stood to attention.

She paused for a while and touched it again, her warm
hand wrapped around it, she gently pulled down my
foreskin, it felt awesome.

She climbed onto the bed and sat on my thighs, again she
played with my cock with her right hand. I looked out a
slit of my left eye and could see her left hand was
playing with herself. She raised herself up and
continued to masturbate herself. I kept my eyes closed,
it was so hot, then she started rubbing her vagina
against my cock while she masturbated herself.

She stopped and positioned herself over my cock, I could
feel her wetness against my tip, she gently ease up and
down on the tip, every now and then it would sink in an
inch and out again.

Her breathing became louder, her right hand was
frantically rubbing her clit. I was getting close and
then she would pull away again. Then went on for a few
minutes I was getting frustrated and close to coming.
She lowered herself about 2 inches onto me, I was so
close, my hands reached for her hips and held her, she
ignored that and kept rubbing herself to an orgasm, she
started moaning and I guessed she was coming.

I couldn’t stand it no longer, I held tight with my
hands and with one mighty thrust I raised my hips and
sank deep into her, she was warm, tight, my cock
starting pulsing, I couldn’t help but groan loudly as I
filled her vagina with three days worth of my hot semen.
It was amazing, I relaxed my grip, she stayed on me for
a few seconds and raised herself. I felt our love juices
running over my groin and balls.

She pulled up my Pj’s slowly and climbed off me, then
she left and I fell asleep. I was aware of my parents
coming in and checking on me and then Steve turned up,
he said good night to my parents and closed the door. I
could hear him undressing and assumed he would just
climb into the spare bed.

He didn’t… he climbed into my bed behind me and
spooned me. I never thought much of it until I felt his
hard cock poke my back.

OMG! he was naked, he called my name I ignored it, he
asked if I was awake, Again I ignored it. Slowly I felt
his hand wrap around me, it slowly made its way down to
the front of my Pj’s he found the opening and slipped
in. My cock grew instantly, she slowly rubbed me up and
down, I could feel him grinding me.

Without warning, he pulled own my Pj’s, I could feel his
cock between my legs, he slowly started to fuck between
my thighs, It felt nice.

Eventually he grew tired of that and his fingers
searched for my butt hole.

OMG! he’s gonna try and fuck me. I said to myself.

He dug a finger in and positioned his cock tip. Unable
to gain entry to rolled me over onto my front,
completely pulled off my Pj’s and spread my legs, he
mounted me and with his fingers again searched for my
butt hole. Once he found his mark he placed the tip of
his cock at my entrance. As soon as he found my hole he

Jesus, it hurt, my ass hole kept him out, but he still
rocked in and out but it wasn’t going in, I was far too
tight for him. I had seen him semi hard before his cock
was thick and he was cut, it felt massive, I knew he
would never get it in, but he seemed to be enjoying
humping me, each thrust he pushed harder, his legs
stiffened against mine. His tip went in. It was all I
could do from screaming. He never gave up, now he was an
inch in, he pushed harder, eventually it went in further
and further until I could feel his balls bang against

Once he was fully in, he started fucking me, I have to
say it hurt like hell, but every now and then it felt

He kissed my neck and started moaning, I could feel his
cock pulse inside me, it made me come onto the sheets.
He stayed for a while filling me with his sperm.

Once he was done he pulled out and climbed into his
fold-out bed.

In the morning my anus was bruised and sore, it was
without a doubt the best night of sex I have ever had.

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