Taming the Beast

Ever since my dog broke me in, the first time, I have
been a fan of fucking him whenever I could. I wasn’t
always able to get special time with him though due to
other factors. Things like people being in the house,
having school work, or countless other hassles that
come up in everyday life.

It was during my 16th year that I felt the need to
expand a bit more. My doggy Kintaro was doing very
good in terms of keeping my young pussy busy. I also
has some people I would turn to when I felt the itch
rising. I had plenty of sex as I grew up, but
something about fucking an animal turned my internal
engine up. Just thinking about a dog buried deep in my
pussy, his knot filling me up, always got my love
juices flowing.

During one summer my family and I were on a vacation.
My dad took us to the countryside in southern Japan to
relax. We were staying at a nice Ryokan, a Japanese
style resort.

We were there for about a week total. Not bad and all,
but with a sex drive like mine it was a little hard. I
would run my hand over my cunt when I could, but it
was hard to find time with the family around. Plus the
hotel was a bit popular, so there were always people
walking about, so finding some privet space was hard
as well.

On the third morning my sister and I were walking
about the area. The grounds were nice and big. There
was a park just a bit down the road and a small temple
as well. My parents were staying in the hotel room and
let us explore. My sister is only 3 years younger than
I, and we got along very well.

The two of us were walking around when I noticed a
fenced off area behind the Ryokan. This was connected
to where the owners lived, so it must have been their
privet area. I ran up to the fenced to see if I could
see anything.

I looked between the planks in the fence, moving back
and forth. There was some laundry outside drying.
There were also some other chairs decorations lined up
on one side. Then, as I was snooping around, I heard a
jungle and a bang on the fence. I was startled at
first and jumped back.

It was a dog! And he looked friendly. I called to my
sister, the two of us called to the dog and he was
happy to respond, jumping at the fence.

“He like to play around,” A voice said behind us.

We turned around and there was a boy about my sister’s
age, around 13 or so.

“That’s our dog, Kohi. If you want I can bring him out
and we can play together,” the boy said.

“Sure, sounds good,” I said.

I introduced myself and my sister. The boy went around
to the gate and put a leash on the dog. He came
running out, excited to play, pulling the boy behind

“Looks like he is the boss of you,” I said, laughing a

“Ya, he has a lot of energy,” the boy said. “I’m

The three of us took Kohi for a walk. We went into the
forest a bit and Riki showed my sister and me around.
At one point Riki took Kohi off his leash and we
played catch with him. It was a really good time.

But as we were playing around, my eyes kept being
drawn to the pups cock. I could see the red tip poke
out when he would jump on one of us. His furry balls
must have been very full.

We finished playing and headed back to the Ryokan. It
was getting late and almost dinner time.

After dinner we all took a bath in the hot spring. My
mom, sister, and I went to the girl’s side and my dad
went to the men’s. It was nice and hot, so after
washing up we relaxed for a while.

After resting we all headed to our room. With our
yukatas (like a robe) on, we laid around the room, my
parents talking and drinking, my sister and I playing

Around 10 my parents said it was bed time. Each of us
got into our spots and turned off the lights.

After a while of lying in bed though, I got up. I
moved silently through the room, using my phone as a
flashlight. I opened the door and got out without
making a sound. The Ryokan was quiet and no one around
moving, so I had to keep quiet as I moved here as

I slipped on my sandals and made my way outside. I
rounded the building to the back area. It must have
been around 11 now, and the owners place was all quiet
as well. Good.

I went up to the gate where Riki opened it earlier and
let myself in. Using my phone still to guide myself, I
made my way over to Kohi’s doghouse.

Peering in I saw he was asleep. I whispered to him.

The dog woke up and snarled at first, but I let my
hand out near him to sniff. He remembered me and
quickly changed his tone, licking my hand.

“Good boy. You were such a good dog I wanted to some
play again” I said, kneeling down.

I grabbed the leash and put it on Kohi, leading him
away from the doghouse to the fence. Once I opened the
gate though he bolted out quickly, pulling me behind.
I didn’t even have time to close the gate, just
started running.

Once he calmed down a bit I took him over to the park
down the road. There was a soft playing area, it had a
hard surface that was clean, but made of rubber or
something so if you fell on it or lay down, it
wouldn’t hurt. I put his leash around one of the poles
supporting the monkey bars and laid my yukata down. I
was in a t-shirt and shorts underneath. I pulled him
over to me and started petting him.

I started at his head and slowly moved my hand down
his back. He was loving me so much, rubbing his head
against me and just enjoying the touching. Soon though
I made my way under him nearing his sheath.

I touched it lightly at first, and when he didn’t
respond negatively, I tried a bit more. Soon I had my
young hand wrapped around his area, moving back and
forth, getting that tiny red tip to pop out every so
often. There were no light or lamps around, but the
stars were bright enough to see what was going on.

Soon I had Kohi humping at my hand, his dick poking
out more and more each thrust. He tried to mount my
shoulder a few times, but I kept him down.

“Now, now, first things first,” I said.

I laid back on the ground and pulled my short leg hole
aside, exposing my bald cunt to the animal. Kohi came
up to me and put his cold dog nose right in my honey
pot. He licked a few times but seemed uninterested. I
then pulled out a napkin with some sweet paste in it
from dinner and rubbed it around my clit. That got
Kohi into thing s bit more and he was soon digging his
tongue all around in me, exploring my pussy with his
mouth. I was so wet, and his doggy spit was making me
even more lubed up.

I felt my pussy tensing up getting ready to cum. I let
Kohi working me over a little more and then busted,
the orgasm shaking my whole body.

Once my pussy was relaxed again I turned over and
pulled my shorts all the way down. Kohi knew what to
do. He jumped up on me and started trying to breed me.

He was at a bad angle at first, his dick poking my ass
cheeks or leg. I moved him and myself around, trying
to get him in the right spot. Once slight shift to the
left though and he hit his mark. Kohi sunk his cock
into my wet cunt, and once he knew he was in me,
started humping hard. His cock was banging around in
me so roughly, it was a mix of pain and pleasure.

Every thrust rewarded my fuck hole with more of his
cock juice, lubing me up more and more.

His dick was growing bigger and bigger by the second.
I could feel it stretching my pussy wide and deep.
Once he was at his biggest, he used his paws to lock
around my waist and force himself in more. I welcomed
this and pushed back against him, soon his doggy balls
were butted up against my cunt lips.

His knot started to grow. I could feel it move from
egg size, than to golf ball, and bigger and bigger
still. His knot moved past the point where I could
pull it out without damage. He had locked himself into
me. No, into his bitch. I was his bitch for the night
and he was making sure my Japanese pussy knew that.

He pumped away at me, knot deep inside and his cock
tip bumping against the entrance to my womb. He
started cumming into me and I swear he was dumping his
doggy load right into my baby basket. He pumped and
cam in me for another few minutes. The feel of it all
drove me over the edge and I came hard. I called out
wild, knowing no one would hear me.

Soon though Kohi flipped his leg over me and we were
tied ass to ass. I stayed there on my hands and knees,
feeling his cock jam more cum into my young pussy.
Every few minutes I would feel him pull against me,
his cock making my pussy hole open a bit more as he
tried to take his knot out. That little bit of pain
and stretching cause me to have many mini orgasms,
just ridding the waves of pleasure as his dick shrank

Soon I felt Kohi give one more tug, and his cock came
out with an audible pop. Cum rushed out of me and
landed on the yukata, pooling between my legs and
under my pussy. I laid there, my cunt gapping open,
exposed to the starts, and enjoyed the summer air on

“Looks like he is the boss of you now,” I heard a
voice say from behind me. Then there was a flash of
light and the sound of a picture being taken.

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