Bringing friends over to help my mother finish the basement leads to some fun and her submission

My mother and I just moved into a spacious two story
house a few weeks ago. We had spent weeks driving
around and looking for houses until we just decided to
go for a new one. The prices didn’t seem to be
drastically different. With an old house we would be
buying the land but with a new house we are only buying
the house. An older house has double the lot size but
usually it has only two floors. We were looking for a
basement to use as the recreational room. We bought a
house not too far from our old one so that I could
attend the same school.

My mother had started a small successful restaurant and
she had me run it for her whenever she was too busy
with the marketing end of it. But my job was easy; all
I had to do was come in for a few hours and take care
of the money and head home.

Early on, my mother took it on herself to finish the
basement because she had experience with home
improvements. She single handedly prevented our old
house from falling apart. She had always admitted to
being a bit of a tomboy. But looking at her you
couldn’t tell. My mother, who went by the name Hanh,
was thirty-six but she looked twenty-six. She is second
generation Chinese, which meant that she was born and
brought up in the US. Hanh had always been trim due to
her running around in the restaurant keeping it under
control. She had shoulder-length black hair that always
seemed to shine. That was my opinion. But my friends
had a different view; they often said that she was
better looking then some import models.

I can’t deny not thinking of my mother sexually. But it
never lasted more than a moments thought before it
disappears. Growing up with her, I had usually gotten
hard seeing her walking around the house in t-shirts
that just touched the bottom of her bum. I was
fortunate to have a mother who believed being sexy is
only when someone is naked. But what got me every time,
was when we would go swimming together at the community
center several blocks away. I would wear my suit under
my cloths, but Hanh just wears her suit and brings a
towel and we walk there and back. Mom was always a fan
of the two-piece and had ever design that it came in.
As a joke I even asked her if she would wear a thong
bottom, but that was short lived. Just two blocks from
our home we ran into some trouble with a policeman for
my mom’s attire.

Mom gets a lot of attention walking there in her
outfits. But mom thinks it’s because she is pretty.
Sometimes I wanted to set her straight, she has to know
that it is how she dresses that getting the attention
and not her face. But at the same time I get hard
watching her walk in her revealing attires. Finally one
day I told her the effect of showing off so much had on
other people. Mom never really took that to heart but
she was a bit more cautious of what she wears.

My mom had spent the first week applying the drywall to
the basement on her own. She was dressed in her raggy
black sweat pants and a tight fitting white t-shirt
that showed quite a bit of her stomach when her arms
were over her head. During that week she was trying to
apply the finishing compound to the wall and didn’t
read the instructions carefully. She didn’t add enough
moisture to the mixture, which gave her an impossible
time flatting it out. My mom would struggle to sand the
tough drywall only to find the room full of dust that
was thicker than fog. At the end of each day she had
would be completely covered in white particles. She was
washing her clothes ever night. That was when she came
up with a solution. My mom decided that she could just
wear her swimsuit. After she had finished sanding she
could just shower with it on and it would be clean for
use the next day.

A few days later I came to the kitchen to see my mom
finishing up our breakfast on the stove.

“Did you see the basement yet hun?” Hanh asked.

“Nope, I wouldn’t expect you have done much mom.”

“What are you talking about, the drywall is completely
done and all that is left is to paint the walls and get
the carpet guy in here,” Hanh relied with haste.

“Mom I am sorry I couldn’t help with anything. But if
you need any help just call me.”

My mom looked at me with a strange look.

“You know mom, I don’t want to rob you of your
accomplishment. You are almost done and it would suck
if I came in to help you finish what little you have
left to do.”

Hanh answered with a smile, “Well I guess you can help
me paint the walls, we can split up and take different

“Sure I’ll be there right after school”


After school I and two friends were playing basketball.
I was thinking of getting some able bodies to help me
paint my basement with me, and who better than my two
good friends Alim, Jason and Anthony. Jason was a
Native American who I had been friends with the
previous year in my automotive class. Alim was an
Indian guy I knew since elementary school. He was
always a bit overweight but was always full of jokes.

“Dudes! I need your help today, you guys free?”

“I’m afraid not,” smirked Alim, “nah I am joking, yeah
I am free.”

“I have nothing to do, why want to go do something
else?” Jason asked.

“Well I need to paint my basement and I need help, you
guys up to it?

Jason answered “Really man? I don’t know I’m pretty

“Oh come on, I still have a cheese cake I didn’t eat
yet. Just help a bit and you guys can have all you

“Whatever I’d help you anyways man,” Alim said.

My mom had gotten to work early priming the walls and
finished 2 hours earlier. My mom wore her only white
swimsuit which was the one with the thong bottoms, to
match the primer so that it wouldn’t cause too much
damage if it dried on her swimsuit. She was taking a
nap waiting for the primer to dry.

My mom heard the door open and called up to me. “You’re
an hour late hun, did you forget about helping me

“Sorry mom, I was just getting Alim and Jason to help
us paint, so we can finish faster.”

My mom was never shy about how she dressed but these
were just 16 year olds. She didn’t want to make any of
them feel uncomfortable so she walked over quickly to
the dryer and opened it up. But there was nothing in
there. She then opened the washer and could only see
one of her bed time shirts that was just to the top of
her thighs. But it was still soaking wet. She heard
footstep coming down the steps so she quickly gave it a
squeeze and quickly threw it over her head just before
the basement door opened.

“Hi mom, this is Jason and Alim, they don’t mind
helping us paint today.”

Hanh answered, “Hi boys, thanks for coming I need all
the hands I can get.”

Alim and Jason eyed my mom up and down, each having an
almost unobstructed view of her body through her wet
shirt. Alim nudged Jason when my mom turned around to
sort the tools out, they could see the outline of her
thong and her heart shaped butt.

“Its no problem miss, we want to help any way we can,”
Jason replied uneasily.

My mom excused herself into the other room to get more
paint. All the while I couldn’t hear enough of my
friend’s remarks.

“Why didn’t you say your mom was going to be here too,
I wouldn’t turn that down for anything,” Alim laughed.

Jason wanted some words in too, “Man your mom is hotter
than the last time I saw her, this is way better than
when she came to school in her short shorts.”

“Yeah I know she is really hot isn’t she.”

“Are you kidding, I would die to have her pretty face
going up and down on my dick” Jason replied. Licking
his lips.

“Damn that’s enough; she is still my mom guys.”

“If I had a mom like yours I would be home every night
giving it to her.”

We laughed in response to the comment.

“What’s so funny boys?” my mom asked as she walked back
from the other room with two buckets of paint in her

“Uh nothing mom, just talking about something funny
that happened today at school.”

Hanh turned her back to us and began to pry open the
cans of paint, which gave us another long opportunity
to study her body. The color of her skin came right
through the soaked shirt that she wore. Our eyes were
drawn down to the little bit of skin that couldn’t be
contained with her kneeling on her knees. The shirt had
ridden up to the middle of her ass.

My friends and I looked at each other and I saw them
both grin at each other. I wanted to tell my mom to
pull her shirt down. But I was really turned on. I also
wanted my friends get their kicks.

Mom turned around and had the cutest smile on her face
trying not to show her distress of being unable to open
the can. After some more effort it pops open.

She dips a stick in and shows us the color and then
points to the wall, “So guys, what do you think about
this color on this wall?”

As my mom points to the wall her shirt rides up even
higher and clings to her.

“I like it a lot mom, the earth color goes well with
the lighting.”

“You have good taste missy,” Alim added.

“I guess I never told you my mom’s name right? just
call her Hanh or Miss H.”

“Alright I’ll call her Hun,” replied Jason with a
devilish smirk.

“You boys should call me Ms. H.”

We all laughed at her sarcastic tone. But my friends
decided to call her Ms. H.

We had more good opportunities to see my mom’s body as
she poured paint into the paint trays. We all took up
brushes and started to paint the walls. I and Jason
took a wall and Alim and my mom took another. After
awhile I got tired and turned around to see Alim
checking out my mom as she reached up high causing her
shirt to rise. I just shook my head and chuckled. I
found it hilarious that my friends were taking peeks at
my own mother.

Alim was up on the shaky ladder that my mom used. It
looked very fragile as it shook every time Alim shifted
his weight from one side to another. It caused Alim to
paint the edge where the ceiling meets the wall in an
unbalanced manner. And as we all guess it, Alim caused
a scene when he stepped on a weak step and fell off the
ladder. When he fell, Alim took out all the middle
steps with him. We were all laughing and disregarding
his own safety. Even my mom broke out laughing before
she knelt over him to see if he was ok.

“Alim are you alright hunny?” Asked my mom who still
was giggling under her breath.

“Yeah I am alright, just my pride is broken that’s
all.” Alim sorely replied.

My mom looked up to the ceiling, “How are we going to
finish the edges with out the ladder?”

“Ha-ha… since Alim broke the ladder; he should bend
over and let us stand on his back.” Jason remarked.

My mom’s face lit up, “I have an idea, I am the
lightest one here, you guy can hold me up there so I
can finish it up.”

We all looked at each other and I could tell they had
some sexual thought about my mother. But she was very
innocent; she really didn’t even have a clue about her
being anything close to a sexual object for the boys.

“Alim bend down a bit and let me climb on your
shoulders” Hanh requested.

Alim as horny as he was still was unsure what to do.
But after strange looks at me and Jason, Alim bent his
right knee to the ground. My mother than put one leg
over his shoulder and held on Alim’s head for support
as she swung her other leg over. My mom told him to get
up. He slowly got up and stood straight. Quickly Jason
and I came up to help Alim get his footing. But as my
mom struggled to balance herself, the bottom of her
shirt came down over his head and the wet shirt soaked
his face. He was really losing his balance and it took
both Jason and I a lot of effort to get him still. My
mom quickly got off of him and stood there with an
obvious expression of frustration on her pretty face.

Hanh spoke out with a bit of anger, “Sorry, my shirt
got in the way. I am just going to get rid of it.”

To our surprise and enjoyment, my mother crossed her
hands over and pulled the bottom of her shirt up over
her body. But it wasn’t easy, the soaked fabric clung
to her body and she couldn’t get it past her supple
breasts. She struggled a bit and decided to bounce a
bit to get it past her arm pit. Her bikini top looked
great on my mother. It provided a bit of a lift as well
as rounded her cleavage. Finally after a bit of
bouncing it slipped over her head. My mom pulled her
hair back over her shoulders as we stared at her
gorgeous body. Her figure glowed from her natural
golden skin color with the help of the lighting.

“You don’t mind right?” was the next thing that came
out of her mouth.

We were in awe. We were in a basement with a
practically nude woman who is gorgeous, and the fact
that barely registered was that she is my mother. Now I
couldn’t stop my friends from getting an eyeful if I
wanted to. But of course I didn’t want to.

My mom opened her eyes and started flicking the water
off her body with her hands, “This is better, now Alim
bend over again and let me get on.”

“Yyesss Ms. H!” Alim too fluttered to respond.

Alim bent over and again my mom swung one leg over at
time and got on Alim’s shoulder with his head between
her toned thighs. Alim put his hands over her thigh
holding her tight and stood up. Alim couldn’t stop
grinning at us, and I was kind of jealous of him. I
passed her a paint brush and told Alim to move close to
the wall.

Me and Jason had a great view of her thong clad body.
Jason got closer and held my mom’s waist to keep her
balance but it only caused her to squirm.

“Jason, don’t hold me there, it tickles. Hold me
lower,” Hanh instructed.

Jason took both hands and reached for her cheeks. I
just stood there feeling a bit awe struck as I observe
my friend carry around my mother and another grabbing
her ass.

Hanh noticed a strange sensation on the inside of her
thighs. She felt Alim breathing on her. But ignored it
as she continued on painting. The heat on her thigh
turned into cold bursts of air which sent an
uncomfortable tingle down her spine. Hanh looked
between her legs and noticed that Alim was blowing on
her thigh. Hanh pondered why he was doing that. But
with her thigh a bit wet, and the continual gust of air
on her. It was almost unbearable. But she didn’t want
to show discomfort. She took it as boys being boys. She
just tried desperately to continue painting. Then
suddenly she felt a warm wet sensation stroke her thigh
which made her gasp and shutter. She looked down and
saw Alim’s tongue slide across her thigh.

“Alim what are you doing, that’s very ticklish,” Hanh

“He he just trying to make you screw up and it looks
like it worked,” Alim replied.

Looking up we saw that there was a streak of paint on
the sealing. My mom frowned down at Alim.

“You know the more you make me screw up, the longer you
have to carry me like this,” Hanh glared.

“Ok, ok, Ms. H,” Alim turned around and winked at us,
“You are pretty heavy I don’t think I can hold you on
my shoulders for too long.”

We all knew that he was being sarcastic.

Hanh replied curiously, “I am only 122 pounds, even for
a sixteen your old like yourself should be no problem.”

Alim continued to tease my mom with a bit more licking.
But she just completely ignored it. But that didn’t
stop Alim from continuing.
Even Jason came in with a bit of licking himself. He
would glide his tongue up the crease of her thong. She
just giggled and told him to quit it. I wasn’t sure if
mom was playing along or was in fact, completely
innocent and didn’t connect the licking to sexual play.

With one room left to finish, we became more playful.
Alim started by skimming his hand in some green paint
and pressing his on the back of my mom’s thigh. She
flicked some paint back at Alim and we all busted out
dabbing each other with paint. My mom was the main
target of course. As painting each other as an excuse.
The others and I got a bit of groping in with my mom.
She only responded once by flicking paint back at us.
But quickly continued painting the wall. Alim and Jason
continued to dab paint on my mom as she giggled and

By the end of the painting me and my friends had only
sprinkles of paint on ourselves but my mom had hand
prints everywhere on her body. I was feeling pretty
thirsty after all the games and I was sure my friends
were too. I ran upstairs to get large glass of some
premixed concentrated juices and ran back down. I
handed my friends their glasses and sat down on the
couch with mine. My friends joined me on the couch as
we sipped our drinks. Mom came out of another room
still covered in paint on her gorgeous body.

She looked at us with our drinks, “Where’s mine?”

“Sorry I thought you would get it yourself mom, my

My mom replied and stood in front of me and bent down
and opened her mouth expressing that I let her sip out
of mine.

“Mom just get your own, there still enough for another
glass upstairs.”

“Here Ms. H have some of mine.” Alim had seen an

Hanh thought to herself that it’s not right to share
drinks with other people other than family. But then
she realized that there isn’t any danger. She nodded
her head and smiled at Alim. Every time she smiles, we
just wanted to jump on her there and then.

She walked on her knees towards Alim and once again she
had her infamous smile. Alim tipped his purple plastic
cup and slowly my mom drank a bit from it. Alim always
with the teasing. Tipped the glass even more causing a
huge amount to creep out of the glass and over her
face. My mom was in shock from the cold liquid flowing
down her face and down her throat and over her chest
causing her cleavage to shine with the sticky juice.

Hanh cried out, “Omg, Its so cold!”

Alim laughed, “Sorry my hands were shaking, and I sort
of twitched.”

“Oh no its okays, its not like I am wearing anything
that would stain anyways it looks like you don’t have
much juice left.”

“Come here Ms. H I’ll give you some” Jason quickly
answered while staring at my mom’s thong clad ass as
she was on her hands and knees.

My mom turned to look over her shoulder to look at
Jason, “Thanks hun you guys are so sweet.”

My mum turned her body around and started walking on
her hands and knees towards Jason. The couch was shaped
as an L and it took a few seconds for her to make it
across to Jason. Her body was glistening in the juices
that covered her as she slowly crawled. The juice had
made it down to her thighs and she felt drops rolling
between her legs.
The cement floor trailed with bits of juice which was
making it hard for my mom to move so she took her time.

There was my mom on her knees with her pretty mouth
open waiting for Jason to let her sip some juice. The
glass came to her lips and she looked up at Jason
making sure he didn’t pour the drink over chest again.
But from Jason’s eyes it looked unbelievable. A
gorgeous Chinese woman was drinking from his cup that
was positioned between his legs. Her large adorable
eyes looking straight into his. He was harder than he
was when he was groping her ass.

When Jason noticed that my mom was slowing down,
decided he also wanted to tease her, and he too tipped
the glass pouring it all over her pretty face. This
time she choked. She had swallowed the drink into her
air pipe. She kept coughing and tried to say that she
was alright, but a cough interrupted every word.

Jason kept trying to apologize but my mother kept
smiling in between her coughs. Her left hand was on
Jason’s thigh for support and Jason just took the image
in. After a few minutes my mom stopped coughing. She
went back to being the cheerful person she was.

That was when I remembered the cheese cake and was
about to get it when my mom interrupted me.

“Hun its okay, I’ll get it.”

She got up and went upstairs. She went to the backyard
and hosed the paint off of her. She thought about
getting some clothes on, but several things went
through her head: she was dirty and she would have to
wash the cloths tonight anyways, they had all seen her
dressed like this for over three hours, and that if she
changed they would think that she wasn’t comfortable in
front of them. Hanh decided just to grab the cheese
cake from the fridge.

My mom made her way down the stairs and noticed that
there was a mattress in front of the couch.

“Hey mom, we got a mattress out for you, didn’t want
you to get the couch dirty.”

“Oh good thinking hunny, but I cleaned myself up. Well
thanks I guess oh and I brought the cake!”

My mom made her way around the couch. Deciding to take
the mattress anyway

“What flavor is it?” Jason asked.

My mom walked towards Jason “I don’t know. Here do you
like these fruits on it?”

My mom showed the cake which had strawberries and
peaches on it.

“Oh I love those peach slices!” Alim shouted excitedly.

My mom turned around and started towards the center of
the mattress, but the mattress was a bit softer than
she expected and lost her footing. She fell backwards
with the cake landing over her. Most slid down her body
and rolled onto the cement floor. There was less then a
handful left in different parts of her torso and chest.

“Mom don’t move! or you will drop it all.”

Fighting her urge to shake off the cake and get up. My
mom eased herself into the mattress and waited for me
to help her. I came towards her and saw a nice piece
with a strawberry on it resting on the material of her
thong and her inner thigh. Hanh felt the need to
straighten her leg but I held her leg back.

“Let me get this piece first and you can move your leg

I brought my face close to her right thigh and lowered
my tongue. I slid my tongue over the thong material and
caught the cake in my mouth but I continued to glide my
tongue up to touch her bikini line. I felt my tongue
getting a bit wetter and slowly inched it up her skin
up to the beginning of her thigh. My friends could see
my mom’s face change from a playful smile too an open
mouth expression of discomfort. I slowly pulled my face
away and swallowed my food.

“The tiny bit of sweetness of your skin really adds to
the flavor.”

My mom slowly recovered from the stimulation. “Really,
let me try.”

My mom slid her finger over the top of her left breast
and put her finger in her lips and slowly pulled it
out. “I don’t know it tastes the same to me.”

Before me or my mom realized it, Alim had her left leg
over his shoulder and his tongue slide up the thong
crease between her butt and over her left cheek and up
the back of her left thigh. Which cause my mom to
thrust her head back in agony.

My mom panted and her heart started to race in her
chest, “Alim, Omg don’t do that.” Mom urgently replied
to his action.

“It’s gone; there was a trail of cream there.”

Before my mom could reply, Alim went down for another
long lick up her shapely thigh. Causing the exact same
reaction. My mom pulled her head back and her face
changed again. I was a bit concerned that this was
getting a bit out of hand. Alim wasn’t just going for
cake; he was just going for the smooth skin under it.

Behind me, Jason’s heart was racing at a mile a second.
He watched as Alim wasn’t being stopped as he was
licking away at her most private areas. Jason had to
make a move before my mom came back to her senses and
put a stop to this sexual act. Jason slid of the couch
and pulled my moms right leg straight in the air and
lowered his tongue on her calves and slowly moving it
down her legs. There was not a trace of cake on her leg
but he was still slobbering over her. Soon both Jason
and Alim’s heads were meeting each other. They both ran
there tongues all over my moms butt and thighs. They
soon took turns running their tongues up the crease of
her thong.

All the while my mom had her eyes closed and her head
slowly rocked from side to side. I was watching my
friend’s heads going up and down her legs. Alim started
to move his tongue up and down her bikini line and
slowly rested his tongue over the mound in her thong.

My mom was in total shock ever since the first long
tongue lashing from Alim, she wasn’t even in control of
herself. When Alim had tongued her love mound, her face
expressed pain; she let out a small whimper. I got
really excited and started by caressing her belly
button with my tongue. My mom raised her arms from
beside her and lowered them over her head. There was no
coming back for my mom. Her eyes never opened since
Alim started.

Even when I ran my tongue of the mounds over her chest.
All that came from her was a whimpering sounds and a
bit of head tossing. She was breathing very heavily, as
we continued to lash her with our tongues. We enjoyed
the mixed taste of cheese cake and juice on her
delicious body. Though it felt like hours had passes it
was only a total of nine minutes since this all
started. Before I had finished licking of the cream on
her heaving chest.

Alim and Jason had decided to turn her over and get
there tongues between her cheeks. I started to kiss my
mom’s shoulders and changed up by sinking my teeth deep
into her skin. I felt as if I had to devour this
gorgeous body before me.

I took another glance to see what my friends were up
to. Jason was flicking his tongue between her toes.
While, Alim had spread her legs and had pulled the
material that went between her cheeks pulled out. He
had his tongue rimming her in circles. My mom’s
whimpering got a bit loader as he did this.

Jason started to blow on the trails of salvia over her
leg and feet. He too was biting at her skin. Our
tongues covered much of her tight body. Jason
instructed Alim to lift her up while he crawled under
her. Alim lowered my moms mound over Jason’s waiting
mouth. My mom got on her elbows and continued to close
her eyes. She was on knees and elbow taking a good wet
lashing from my friends. I wanted something different.
I wanted to kiss my mom. I moved in front of her and
turned my head to the side. I pressed my lips to hers.
I pressed harder until her lips spread; I slid my
tongue into her mouth and caressed hers. My tongue
moved around the roof of her mouth as I reached for her
hair and stroked my fingers through it.

My friends had new urges to fulfill. Alim signaled
Jason to move out from under her. Alim again pulled the
thong material out from her ass and gave a long tongue
lashing. Alim then pulled his pants down, which
surprised Jason. Alim lined his dick up to my mom’s
warm groin. and without warning he slowly pressed in,
diving into my mom. I was still kissing my mom and I
opened my eyes to see her pretty face. Suddenly her
eyes opened wide. And her breath left her body as her
mouth was wide open. It was like she had awakened from
a horrible dream. Alim had penetrated her with all his
strength. I pulled my face from her and saw the pain in
her face. I looked back at Alim; he held her hips close
to him. He was in deep in her.

My mom pulled herself from Alim and rolled on her back.
The light glistened over her saliva covered body. She
slowly kicked herself backwards.

Panting my mom let herself drop on her back, “OMG what
are we doing, you boys are only 16, I can’t let this

We can all see that my mom needed to catch her breath.

“Boys back off please, Jason, can you hand me your
drink please?” My mom asked as her breasts heaved.

Jason reached over and grabbed his drink and handed it
to my mom. She took a long drink until she finished it.
We all sat there silently. My mom still breathing hard
and fast. We studied her body from head to toe. She
looked better than any porn actress that we have seen.

“We have to get this place cleaned up!” Hanh cried.

We didn’t know how to react. We had spent a good
quarter of an hour putting our faces in this gorgeous
woman’s most intimate areas. And she was too innocent
to realize it before it was too late. But we listened
to her. In our minds, we acknowledged that she was my
mother before the fact that she was insanely hot.

As we cleaned up. We kept staring at mom as she was
sorting out the paint supplies. She didn’t have a bit
of cake left on her. I licked my lips as I recalled
kissing my mother; she is so pretty I thought to
myself. Salvia was still all over her and she didn’t
run up and hose it all of. I was interrupted of my
thoughts when I heard Alim and Jason whispering to each
other. They walked right past me and came towards my
mom. My mom had bent over a pile of unused drywall and
didn’t see them coming.

Jason and Alim crouched down and crept their tongues on
her calves and started up her legs. My mom’s upper-body
shot back straight up but all she could do was push
down hard on the dry wall to keep her knees from

My mom’s eyes closed again and her jaw slowly lowered,
“Aaahhhhhh… boys, please stop, it is…” before she
could finish, Alim had gone back to his sweet spot. His
tongue was between her ass. Jason pushed her left leg
spreading them. He worked his tongue all over,
retracing his steps.

That was when a fantasy I had since my friends first
met my mom came to me. I wanted my mom to be shared
with all my friends. I sneaked up stairs got on my
computer and auto instant messaged all the guys I had
on my list to come over for an awesome surprise. I ran
to the door and left it open so that people wouldn’t
press the door bell when they arrived.

Within six minutes, eight kids showed up. ranging from
13 to 17.

I usually accepted any new friends online. I realized
that I didn’t really know them. They were just people
from my school. But it didn’t really matter who I would
invite, I just wanted people to be as lucky as me and
my two friends were today.

When I came down with my guests, I found my mom just
where I had left her. She was bent over the pile of
drywall receiving tongue lashings. I walked over to
Jason and Alim and hushed them quietly to the side to
watch her get some treatment from these kids.

I went around the pile of drywall and pressed my lips
into my mom for another long kiss. As I kissed her I
supported her across the room towards the mattress and
placed her down on it. Alim came down and raise her leg
and licked the length of it. He then signaled the six
kids to come closer and get some of the same.

They started groping and licking her everywhere. But my
kiss distracted my mother from realizing that there
were many more tongues and hands on her.

Two kids pulled out there dicks and started to jack
off. I just told them to get closer to her and rub it
around her body. They were excited by the idea. The
oldest one there who was a white rather overweight boy
who I knew from my automotive class as well. He was a
17 and couldn’t get a girl if his life depended on it.
He stroked his dick between my mothers ass. Suddenly my
mom realized that something was different when her
whole body was being slobbered in tongues.

She opened her eyes and looked past my head. She was
horrified to find so many c******n doing there. She
tried to get up but was overcome with agony when the 17
year old pulled her thong over her mound and put his
tongue in as deep as he could into this incredibly hot
and helpless woman. Voices could be heard upstairs. I
ran up to greet four more kids. I recalled that there
wasn’t much room down there. I told them to wait a few

I came down and instructed Alim to help me carry my
mother up the stairs. But I had more help then I
needed. Two other kids took hold of her, and we carried
her up the stairs. When we got to the family room, I
realized there still wouldn’t be much room up in my
mom’s room. I instructed the boys towards the family
room floor.

My mom started to push kids away from her, but every
time she did so, a mouth would move over her mound and
suck their tongue deep in her. Wish was successful in
making her submissive again.

At that moment I felt fatigue fall over me. After the
long day of school and painting, as well as the
unplanned entertainment of this afternoon. I was beat.
I went looking for a camcorder and half an hour later
the room seemed fuller than before. There were kids I
never even seen before.

“Jason, who are these kids?!”

Jason replied, “Some kids made calls to there friends
and suddenly almost 20 kids came.”

A 14 year old came up to me from the orgy and said,
“You should have seen what happened earlier, we had
this lady suck our dicks, the bitch could barely
breathe,” he spouted excitedly, “I heard that she is
someone’s mom, makes me so freakin’ hard thinking about

I was taken back by this little punk’s remarks. But it
also caught my interest. I came over to my mother the
circle formed around my mother and I notice she was now
topless. Another k*d turns to me and smirks, “The hot
bitch is sucking us again, this is my second time she
has sucked me man!”

There was my mom, a beautiful woman who was covered in
salvia and sweat. She was more than any sane man’s wet
dream. There were about 40 kids in my house taking
turns with my mom’s mouth and body. I was then really
curious to what I had missed. Luckily Alim had nothing
to hide.

“We all were just ravaging your mom with our tongues
until some k*d pops his dick in her mouth. Too many
bodies were over her for her to resist. After that k*d,
half of us had a turn. The other half is waiting for
theirs now.”

“That fat k*d over there was the first of them to fuck
her, we couldn’t stop him and a few others, but since
then we announced the rules, mouth, hands, and blowjobs
only.” Jason added.

I decided after this round of blowjobs from my mom,
that everyone should leave. It took a lot of threats to
clear the house but it was accomplished. My mom still
in a sort of daze. She opened her eyes and looked up at

“I can’t believe what happened to me today!” my mom
cried in front of us.

“When I feel all those tongues on me. It’s like my body
shuts down and all I can do is take it.”

I felt a bit bad for my mother. She had gone beyond
just innocent play. Her body had become the used by a
group of kids less than half her age to fulfill their
young dirty fantasies on a woman far out of their

I could see tears flowing down her cheeks. I promised
her that this would never happen again and I really
thought I kept that promise but Jason and Alim had
other plans, but that’s for another story.

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