The Doctor’s Exam

Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt uncomfortable even though this was just a routine sports physical for school. The appointment was for 2:00pm and here it was almost 3:00, making him wait seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! Just then the door flew

Kinky Dentist

“What’s next on the agenda, Carol,” Dr. Cameron Fixx asked his nurse, “nothing tough I hope!?!” “No such luck,” she said with a laugh, “we have a woman in the waiting room with what we think is and impacted wisdom tooth!!!” “Do we have a file on her already,” the doctor asked!?! “Nope, brand new

Married woman is taken forcefully by her doctor

After almost sixteen years of marriage, like many couples, are sex life had become stale and almost nonexistent. Before then we had a very conventional but healthy sex life, but without any particular excitement. For several days I had a pain in my left breast which was bothering me and I finally got around to