Slut of the truckstop

I work a sucky job. I am a waitress at a truckstop. Every day I have to put up with the hundreds of perverted, frustrated truckers. I swear, as soon as I get through college I am out of here. My boss is probably the most sexist man in the world. I should have quit

Oral and Anal

I’m Terri, named after my father Terrance. He was 62 when I was born, my mother 33; I guess that’s why I find older men so attractive. It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I first began to realize I wasn’t as ugly as I had always felt. Throughout grade school and junior

A Guest of Celeste

Wow. You guys won’t believe what happened to me last month. I posted this completely made-up piece about how I’d imagined that Celeste kept a mountain hideaway somewhere, a time-share condo, let’s say, where she went to get away from it all and to get time to write her reviews. From time to time (I

Tammy’s Game

Men in general, but my boyfriend in particular, have a problem. They spend way too much time playing video games. Something usually suffers as a result, for instance the laundry or your sex life. This comes about not just because of the time spent on one pursuit that could be spent on another. There is

Sex, LOVE and Rock & Roll

The great Lions come from behind Win brought back the wonderful memories of another season of the Tiger’s and Lion’s in Detroit. In a time of “Make Love, Not War” the girls were letting their hair grow long, their skirts go short, their desire go HOT and nary a bra was to be seen at

A Very Pleasant Surprise

It was a rough day. It was the middle of summer, the air conditioning at work was at its usual inadequate temperature setting and my new boss was a real SOB. He was the type of person who, if he was drowning in a swimming pool, people would toss him an anchor. I trudged in,