Maid’s Fringe Benefits

Nicolette was halfway down the stairs, watching as the couple got busy in the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Underwood had hired her as their live in maid, it was a pretty cushy gig, she was well paid, and as a bonus, her employers loved to fuck and suck all over the house. They were

Cherry’s New Shoes

Cherry Adams was a wiry attractive redhead who needed a new pair of shoes. She owned over three hundred and fifty pairs, a mere pittance according to her. However, she was missing a pair that matched the color red of the new dress her boyfriend insisted she buy. “Cherry, you have red shoes,” he informed

Cheater pin-up wife

When one’s husband is in the military, the husband can be deployed at any time leaving the wife to deal with her loneliness and her sexual needs. Of course the wife may not be lonely too long before she finds a great lover. Sometimes another service member is willing to do his duty and help

Unsafe-stranger sex

I know that this story is going to sound really strange to you but I couldn’t help myself. From the very beginning I was lost to the sensations that controlled my actions. It all began one day when I was on the road as a sales rep for my company up in the Seattle area.

A short tale of frotteurism

Fanny’s bottom was soft and pliant under the graceless pressure of Don’s hand, and she fell quite silent when Don began to touch her there, her silence amounting, in his simple mind, to permission. In any case her pantied ass-flesh was so supple and alluring that the childlike Don could not resist his drive to