Cheating with my afro ex

This is my third story about Grace, my Ethiopian girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll know that Grace is tall, slim and absolutely beautiful with the perfect body and the most amazing round ass. This story is from Thanksgiving 2017. Grace and I had actually broken up earlier in the

My First Fat Pussy, My First Sex Slave

Always one to date thin, tight-bodied girls, I was between girlfriends for a couple of weeks and was getting horny for pussy, any pussy. It’s proven I guess that as the night at the bar goes on the girls get prettier, they also get thinner as you drink more. When I arrived that night a

Pulloff on the Road

He’s a very naked person. Nudity is his natural state. Even when he has clothes on, there is always something undressed about him. He was most certainly undressed in the car that afternoon. In our own encapsulated world, the interior of a small Japanese car doing sixty along the Florida Turnpike, he sat in the

Black Haired Beauties

We’d been shooting porn videos in western and eastern Europe. Damn, those Czech and Romanian gals were hot. We went on to India and got some hot footage with Desi girls and women attending to our white cocks. Then on a whim we headed for Sri Lanka. Didn’t know much about the place but it

A Handjob Between Friends

“So, you and Stacy broke up?” “Yeah, a couple weeks ago.” “Really? You must be hard up! I think Jason would go crazy if we broke up, he’s so horny!” “Haha, yeah, I guess I am!” “Well, I suppose I could give you a handjob, if you want.” “Really?” “Yeah, I need the practice. Jason’s