Black Bred

I’m married to a wonderful man. We live in a nice house in a good neighborhood. My husband travels on business often and plans on making a long trip this week. His long trips sometimes leaves me sexually frustrated so I have to resort to playing with my toys. My mind starts drifting as I

An idea of sexual life

I am a 44 year old investment banker living in Frankfurt living with my husband . I met my husband when I was a junior investment banker in my mid 20’s and he was a receptionist. I specifically made him get me coffees and nobody else. I do think without the Matriarchy and my GIS

Dominant pleasures

Watching the train come into the platform, slowly making its way up the track, another day, another meeting, he thought. He quickly ran a mental check list that he had everything, briefcase, presentation case, minutes of the last AGM, and of course his lunch. Cheese and tomato sandwiches, the same sandwiches he had been having

Cinema porn

It was another dull day and I had some time to kill. I was in Peterborough for a few meetings and one had been cancelled, freeing up my early afternoon. The weather was lousy and I just didn’t fancy a walk around the shops. I saw the cinema and noticed that there were a couple