My Submissive Angel

This is the story of how I met the most amazing submissive little girl I’ve ever known. The true love of my life. I happened upon her by accident one day. While cutting my lawn, I saw her stomping angrily by my house, going towards her home from school. An eighteen-year-old sexy young girl hurrying

Katie Gets Fisted

I left school early that day, faking a dentist appointment and signing out at lunch time. I’ve been signing my own forms for years and so the forged note from my ‘parents’ didn’t raise any eyebrows. Where I was headed actually wasn’t far from school at all, in keeping with my mistress’ ’25 minute’ rule,

Sleep well, little slut

He led her into the small room with her hands cuffed behind her back, a blindfold around her eyes, and a leash attached to the chain that looped between her nipple clamps. A ball gag was in her mouth. She teetered on the very high, very thin stiletto heels she wore. He looped her leash