Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave

Reinhardt eyed the woman in front of him. She was much shorter than his girlfriend, whom he had been cohabiting with for over for years. She laid her back on the bed and was an attractive Brunette at her mid 20s, and was probably Eastern European too. “Now I want you to turn around and

Bondage Gangbang

Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of my wife, Julie. She’s 26, stands a slim 5’3″ 105lbs with flaming long red hair (a true redhead I might add!), blue eyes, and a set of pouting red lips made for cock sucking. She also has a nice firm pair of 38B’s

This story is all about deception – and a little forced sex

Allison Greene reluctantly got out of the fragrant bubble bath she had been luxuriating in for the past 45 minutes. Earlier this Sunday morning, the pretty 23 year old final year law student had been abruptly summoned to the office by her senior partner at the law firm in which she was undergoing her final

A young male office worker is turned into a sex slave by six sadistic women

I have always been rather shy around girls. Don’t get me wrong. I am one hundred percent straight, even though some of the things I have been forced to do recently might seem to deny that. I was a good student in high school and an even better one in college. I liked sports, but