Panty Slave

It all started on a lonely Saturday night when I was home alone doing laundry. I live on the first floor of a three-story building. The common washer/dryer for the building is in the basement, and a door from my bedroom leads directly into the laundry-room section of the basement. There is a young, unmarried

Female domination over male story

I have been under Mistress Rhonda’s tutelage for about three months now. During our time together mistress has taught me well on how to behave, and I take pride in that I seem to succeed in giving my mistress pleasure, both mentally and physically. Two weeks ago mistress informed me that I was going to

Mike became the women’s domestic slave

Martha had experienced a welter of emotions since her husband had been put in his place. She had been thrilled to see her huge hunk of a husband fall before the savage fighting skills of her slender female lover. Then, as she watched the man she’d married being reduced from a proud male to a