It was deader than four o’clock in Idaho and we were playing to the barmaids. There were maybe ten people in the bar all night, but we put our souls into it anyway. A lot of people think rock and roll is all dope and glamour. I suppose part of it is. But people never

My wife experiences a hot, exceptional threesome on Ibiza and I’m the one only watching them

You can say my wife’s a real slut. She’s had her share of sexual adventures yet but this one is special. Most of her adventures were with buddies of mine and I’m perfectly fine with it. Usually I also step in, sometimes I don’t. We’re a couple in our mid-thirties, living happily together and enjoying

Nichole’s extreme sex story part 1-2

Nichole couldn’t believe what had happened to her. A month ago she had been a top notch sales assistant for her company, but she was so good that today was her last day and tomorrow she’ll be at the unemployment office. She had been with the company only a couple of years as a sales