The Best Prostitute In The World

“Espresso for one,” I asked the young lady with a cheeky smile and adjusted my shirt as the black-haired maid tapped my order into her faded and outdated till. It fitted in with the rest of the little cafe perfectly, with its tired maroon decor and outdated menu, but it was my favourite cafe in

A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school

I believe in variety, lost of variety. That’s why I frequent whores, and places where whores hang out. I guess you could call me a coinsure of prostitutes. I’ve probably been with more than 100 different women who sell their bodies to both men and women. Anyway, I ran across a real sweet amateur last

Prince of the street

Dad raised his hand and was about to hit me. He was drunk as usual and complained that I was costing him too much. He wanted me out of his life. Tears were running down my eyes. I was a young 11-year-old boy living in a city in Russia. My name is Nicholas, and I