Long sex story – I Was A Reluctant Shemale

Marilee’s fists tightened in despair as she sat at her secretarial desk and listened to the muffled moans emanating from the office of her boss, JC Wyatt. JC was one of the youngest and most famous casting agents in Hollywood and was the most blatant offender of the “casting couch” which degraded women. The young

Son finds that his mom’s story of working for a bookmaker is not quite true

I am twenty years old and had recently broken up with my girlfriend. She was fairly inhibited and we enjoyed our sex together. I had been reading an erotic book and got a sudden urge for some sexual activity. I decided to go to a massage parlour but not one of the local ones where

A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school

I believe in variety, lost of variety. That’s why I frequent whores, and places where whores hang out. I guess you could call me a coinsure of prostitutes. I’ve probably been with more than 100 different women who sell their bodies to both men and women. Anyway, I ran across a real sweet amateur last

A trip to Colombia offers a man unexpected excitement

“Colombia? As in drug cartels?!?” My voice rose an octave and a half as my boss revealed himself to be an alien from the planet Moron. “Who goes to Colombia? Do you realize that country’s on the State Department’s ‘don’t go there’ list?” I continued in the same vein for a few minutes before allowing