Erotic memories part 1.

As I rolled to the side, shifting the covers, she pressed up against my back. “Danny, me boy, we’ve come a long way.” Memory plays games when the nights are cold. Memory talks and I sleep, and we all grow old. The air conditioner kicked on in the hotel room, and my upstairs neighbor stumbled

Love making in the park

Yes, it was beautiful. Spectacular, really. Beth and I had stopped at a roadside park to have a look. It was mountainous country and the park was basically a lookout, with a sidewalk and a stone fence serving as a railing. It was sunny and there was just a little bit of mist, some of

Bitchbot One

“That’s eerie.” I looked up from my rapt hug. Nell gave my face a last lick and turned to watch Sara. “Eerie?” Sara, to my eyes, looked a little stunned, a little bemused. She nodded her head emphatically. “Eerie.” Nell decided that Sara wasn’t of interest so she swiped me with a paw in her

House to Home

“Hi Red” Lill said as she closed the door “Who’s home?” Red almost pounced her high school classmate hugging and kissing Lill “Just you and me hun, Mum left say something odd about going to a motel…” Red paused “…sorry I meant your Mother.” Lill shook her head and gave her friend a little kiss

A Chance Encounter – MDom story

After months of just not understanding what the deal was with him, I got fed up. I just couldn’t take the unexplained bouts of silence anymore. Or rather the unexplained bouts of vagueness. A few months passed, I was happy, busy, properly courted by a few men my age, and amused by the usual twentysomethings

Chubby Cindy the kinky schoolgirl

Cindy wasn’t considered beautiful by the girls in her senior class in high school. She was 18 years old and had full curves, full thighs, full voluptuous breasts. Svelte she wasn’t, and svelte was in – for the girls. Boys, however, saw in her the raw material for their endless fantasies. I couldn’t get her

The Goodnight Kiss – erotic story

I watch you getting ready for bed, enjoying the nearness of you – the closeness of this space we share. With a tired sigh, you crawl beneath the covers and I stretch out next to you, my body hungry for the comforting warmth I know I will find in your arms. “God, I am beat–”

Online Seduction – erotic fiction

I realized that the person who popped in out of the blue to chat with me was suspicious. This “teen girl” said she liked to meet people and thought I’d be interested in seeing her. Now being a techie who writes erotic fiction, I wasn’t all _that_ paranoid since I was, for the most part,

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