My Accidental Tranny Date

About 3 years after my divorce (This was over 30 years ago); I decided it was time to get back into dating again. I finished my Masters. I had a good career. And a few good friends who helped me with my sexual desires. But it was time to try getting into a relationship. Dating

Cabbie Chabby

It had been a very long, boring day. I was a woman in a man’s world, in an unfamiliar city, working with people I’d never met before, discussing things we weren’t sure were going to happen. And this was going to last the whole week. Sighing, I stood outside the building, waiting for the cab

My Wank Mistress

We first made contact about three years ago, on one of those dirty dating sites. I was showing my tranny profile, Velvet, at the time, and was being hit on by a bunch of dirty old men, when this “Mariah” person said, “Hi.” I was in a pretty sarcastic mood at the time, and was

Taste Of Ass

Nothing, and I mean nothing, in sex gets me off more than the scent and taste of my woman’s ass. I don’t mean when it’s squeaky clean and perfumed. I mean when it smells and tastes like what an ass is and what it does. Nothing beats the erotic blast of kissing her soft, satiny

Girl’s Night Out

Now, on to the point of the story, the second girls night. Well, this one took place only a few weeks after the first one. I was turning 18 and managed to convince my parents to let me go out for the weekend with my sisters. My sisters and I rounded up about 20 girls