Carrie’s Seduction

“Do you have your sunblock, Carrie?” asked her mom. She worried about Carrie’s fair skin, and Carrie’s new, first time two- piece swimsuit was an invitation to solar disaster. But she sure looks cute, she said to herself, as ten-year-old Carrie promptly displayed the bottle of sunblock. “Lisa, make sure Carrie uses it. And don’t

Alice’s Learning Curve

Alice was seated at the breakfast table reading the newspaper. She worried – the final demand on her car payment had come through, and she was overdue on her mortgage payments with no job and no prospects of a job in the near future. She scoured the jobs pages – all the ads were seeking

My Kinkiest Sex Experiance

My name is Wendy, I’m a 30 year old Lesbian and although I’ve had a lot of Lesbian lovers in my time, I never really been into Kinky sex. However, Iv’e got to tell you about my Kinkiest sex experiance – god my pussy gets wet just thinking about it! I’ll start by describing myself.

Tranny gets his holes fucked

His name was Paul. He replied to my craig’s list ad with a picture of his cock next to a shampoo bottle for comparison. His dick was bigger than the bottle, with a huge mushroom head. I wanted him immediately. I drove to his house, and he let me in. We sat on the sofa

Kinky Sisters sex story

Joan, 18 years of age and a student at Notaname College, left the library late Friday night after spending the evening doing research for a term paper. She had entered the freeway and traveled about five miles on her way to the apartment she shared with an older sister when the old VW she drove