Intimate Friendship

For over 2 years I have had an “intimate friend”, a woman whom I regularly have sex with in addition to just being there for each other in other ways. We have a very secure and open relationship so there is no jealousy when we each date others. It’s actually a turn-on when we get

A husband is abused by his wife’s girlfriends

“At last!” I shouted, after I sneaked a peek through the blinds. I wanted to make sure the Gang of Four couldn’t hear me for two reasons. One, if they did, maybe they’d turn around and come back. Two, they might high five each other if they heard my exasperation. But Laurel, Felicity, Mimi and

Love with Five Males

Rose walked into the club, her black dress fitting tightly against her. Men watched her with hungry eyes, and she watched them with hungry eyes as well. Their blood was… intoxicating. She walked to the dance floor, rubbing up against several men just to feel them. She could smell their arousal, of course, but just