Jeanne Does Deer Camp

“Oh goody!” Jeanne squealed. Her husband had just announced she was invited back to deer camp this year. She had a hot flash remembering the wonderful time she’d had last time. One of the older wives that had done the camp for years had moved away and all the guys had pressured her husband to

Marriage Heat

My lovely wife just came in from an evening out. It’s 3:30 AM. She nudges me to see if I’m awake. As I acknowledge that she awoke me, she has me roll over on my back, and as soon as I’m in position, I feel the heat, smell, and wetness of her juicy drippy and

Tim’s Horse Cock

Hi, my name is Jeff, and I’ve been married to my sexy little wife, Tanya, for 5 years. We’ve been using nasty talk and shared fantasies to spice up our love life almost from the beginning of our relationship. One thing that got us both particularly hot was for me to ask her, during sex,