Never Neglect Your Wife

My business has been occupying more and more of my time recently and my wife, Helena, felt I was neglecting her. She was right but somehow I was too tired by the time I got home to do anything about it. She’s always had men flocking round her like bees after honey. One evening when

Cuckolded Peggy

Ron was working at his brother’s adult video store. It didn’t pay much, but, he figured the fringe benefits would more than make up for the money. He had been watching the white wimps reading the interracial books and renting the same kind of movies. It must really make them jealous to see all those

Boyfriend brings home a pretty young black woman

Karrie is sitting in the bath, soaking in the heat, relaxing after working the weekend shift and feeling beat. Now is her moment so to speak. Hubby will be home soon but this time’s for hers. Hmmmmmmm… Karrie heard the front door open. “Honey, is that you?” “Yeah, sugar. Guess what! I brought you somethin’