A married couple going wild

Bobbi is David’s wife. Bobbi and David are best friends, and have been since long time. They have a wonderful relationship, the envy of their many friends. They can make each other laugh, they have more common interests than just about any couple they know, they do almost everything together, and they have a great

Orgy in the house party

Kyle and i decided to grab a bottle of whiskey one friday night because we planned to go to his friend Mitch’s house party, which Kyle had been asking me to go to with him because he had a ‘surprise’ for me waiting there in the Mitch’s bedroom closet. We drank the bottle and stumbled

My wife and the second guy

I had at this point discovered Sue was rather submissive. She would do anything I asked of her sexually. The second guy, Dennis, that had shared Sue, figured it out also, and days after our first sexual encounter with him had come back to take advantage of his knowledge. Sue was unable to refuse him

Only for my Husband

Danielle combed her long blonde hair as she stood in front of the full length mirror starring at her reflection. Danielle was a trophy wife and had married straight out of college to a man who was twenty years her senior. Pete was a wonderful husband and as a matter of fact he gave Danielle

Orgasm Deficit

Last winter my wife flew out to spend a week with me on a jobsite. My assignments away from the office seem to be increasingly longer and more frequent, so we were looking forward to quality time together. Unfortunately, as so often happens, problems developed, cutting into our time together. My cheap short-term studio apartment

A couple goes on vacation with wife’s ex

Last summer my wife and I went on a vacation to the south of France in a camper. The area around our parking space was large so we were secluded and had some privacy. My wife is a handsome German blonde beauty with a firm body, great breasts and long legs. Sexually she’s a slow

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