Wife sharing with another man

In high school, except for my senior year, I didn’t have a girlfriend. I played in the stage band, hating to share my position with any other trombone player, even though we were all pretty good friends. The band director looked it from an educational position and his goal was to have as many students

A resort where white woman come to be black bred

Kosi Island is a completely new resort situated deep in the Caribbean on an uncharted and uninhibited Island known only to those that sailed private vessels and learned of its rich lush jungle foliage and pristine white sandy beaches. It has recently developed into a private resort by a group of wealthy black businessmen who

A couple use a friends how to spice up their sex life

We were having an early cocktail. It was a Friday in late summer, still sunny and warm at 6:30, and it was our traditional “Thank God it’s Friday, only two more working days until Monday,” celebration. “Hans made an email pass at me today,” Betty said. “Hans, the guy in from Denmark?” I asked, Betty