She used to be a cheerleader

‘God, I’m hot’ Cathy thought to herself as she shifted in her chair. The August sun poured through the window behind her and made the sunburn she had on the back of her neck hurt even more. Ray Granger, the assistant principal of the high school where she’d attended as a teenager and hoped to

Thrasher Girls 1 : The Lincoln

My friends and I hang out at a 24-hour coffee bar called “Magic Beans”. We’re there all hours of the day and night. It’s usually six or seven of us, three girls and the three guys. There’s me, Rhonda, but I go by ronni. I’m fifteen, long dark curly hair, and I’m about 5’4, 110

Frat House Summer Slut

Lynn was a 17 year old college girl. She was a member of one of the least popular sororities on campus, known for their only average looking girls. Lynn was pretty good looking, however. She was about 5′ 8″, had a pretty face and short brown hair. She had a slim figure, with medium sized

The cheerleader audition 3.

Later that evening, after spending a few hours laughing, eating, and gossiping, Meagan said “we need to get ready, the girls will be here soon” “I put some more wine coolers in the fridge so they should be cold” Vanessa said “new sheets are on the bed, the other ones were a little sticky” Alicia

The cheerleader audition 2.

The next morning Courtney started to wake up and thought what a great dream. She brought her hand down to rub her pussy and gasped when she found no hair. “it wasn’t a dream?” she thought. As she opened her eyes she heard moaning coming from the other side of the room. As she looked

The Cheerleader Audition 1.

Meagan, Alicia, and Vanessa sat at the judges table watching girl after girl audition for the cheer squad. The 3 had been best friends and cheer leaders for years and as senior captains it was their job to pick the J.V. And varsity squad for the upcoming year. “Most of these chicks couldn’t dance their