The teenager au-pair

Scott Collins was your typical Spring Valley teenager. 5’9” with short sandy brown hair, the 18 year old had graduated last month in the middle of his high school class. Co-captain of the swim team, his record had been enough to get him a partial scholarship to State in the fall. With only part of

Judy and Heather sexual adventures

Judy and Heather were assigned out on a fringe dig for three straight days, well away from everyone else. They worked side by side. Heather noticed Judy sneaking glances at her body, and the second day began to wear very tight jeans, especially in the crotch. Her cunt was nicely outlined and the seam creased

Marie Clair Goes To the Wrong School

“Why sure, you may sit here, Sir.” Marie Clair said to the kind-looking, middle aged gentleman. She was glad to have a “gentleman” sit next to her on the train, considering there was some “riff-raff” getting on behind him. She sure wouldn’t want to sit next to one of them. Her aunt had warned her

Beth the compulsive masturbator

They’ve tried everything they can to stop Beth, at this fancy New England prep school. Why? Because her persistent masturbation is past being a joke. It’s getting beyond control, and turning into a disciplinary issue. The administrators are convinced that she’s setting off a wave of self-a***e among the other girls, and is a leading

Teacher and schoolgirl

I am a high school science teacher that teaches everything from biology, to geology, to physical science. It was the end of the school year, and I had turned in my grades and was cleaning up the class and lab room. “So here you are,” I heard a voice say. I turned around and, after