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After what happened Saturday morning with Em on our couch, I was worried about how things would be between us going forward. After I came I went to shower and Em cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. When I got done she was in her room. I knocked to check on her from the bathroom

Four of a Kind – A strip poker story

Five cards stared up at me while the implications of their configuration suffused my being. Four queens, the heart suit carefully arranged on the left, followed by her sisters, each card a mirror image of the previous except for the suit. The last card, the ace of spades, broke the pattern, but served to complete

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He fought hard to believe if what he had been noticing for a while now was true. It was difficult to conceive it would be that easy, easier to believe there was a catch. Daniel was twenty-eight years old and had had his fair share of flings and relationships, but nothing that would stick; nothing

Pervert adventures

Every man just loves to watch two girls get it on…… all those legs and asses and tits and tongues rolling around. One of his favorite things had been sneaking down to the Cheetah club to watch some girl-girl action and try to pick up one of the dancers. “Were you two experimenting a little?

Thrasher Girls 3 – Geeks

It was a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago, and it was fucking cold. I was in my leather with a sweater on and about three tee-shirts underneath, and I was still freezing my tits off. Nikki, tams and I were sitting in Magic Beans at a back table after school. As always, we were

Thrasher Girls 2 – Pierced

We had been discussing getting tam-tams pierced for about an hour after we did the guys in the Lincoln. tams was pretty much stalling on us, trying to change the subject. But nikk wouldn’t let it alone, and neither would Nicky. He liked to watch us get pierced and tatted, and the idea of seeing