A night out on the town turns into a nonconsensual gangbang

Sharon’s heart pounded with excitement as she turned on the water to shower. It had been months since Mike had asked her to go out. Sharon wondered if he had lost interest in his wife since the three children. Sharon knew she was 37, but since their last child was born four years ago she

A long and boring train ride turns into a most pleasant one

This story is real except for the names. It took place on September 1985. This is my first story ever and I hope you’ll like it. I dry docked my 28 footer in Perama near Athens, packed my clothes and started my journey to Amsterdam to join a nice Dutch woman I met while sailing

The Lesbian Factory

When Jill woke she found herself strapped to a bed, nude and spread eagle. Standing around her were several women, also nude. “What’s going on?” Jill said, confused. A beautiful redhead, with a shapely figure stepped forward. “My name is Erika. Welcome. You have been sponsored into our lesbian society.” “But I’m not gay!” Jill

Gangbang team (part 4-8)

Susan finally got tired of the writhing, moaning, sweating girl and took off the dildo. She put on a robe and left Lannie to play with the toy herself. Lannie stayed in bed, legs spread, pumping the dildo down into her pussy as she came again and again. Faint cries of pleasure drifted out into

Gangbang team (part 1-4)

Susan was never quite certain when it started, when the feelings began to change inside her, when they began to take on the taint of lust and heat and sexual desire. It happened sometime after her adolescence, not her own, but her daughter’s. Susan remembered her own adolescence all too well. She remembered her budding