A night of entertainment between good friends and their pets, makes for a kinky bi-sexual orgy

Mmm, listen to the quiet susurration of rain on the tile roof. A comfortable sound in the warmth of the lounge. The fire has burned down now, only the embers flaring briefly to life when the wind outside causes a draft in the fireplace. Lightning is flickering on the hills to the east; a reminder

A Closet View

I saw through the louvered closet door a sight that made my knees almost buckle. He’s taking her to our bed! I almost screamed out, but managed to choke it to a whimper that was covered by the sagging of the bed. But, another part of me was getting wet and I had to see

Two girlfriends come up with a scheme to share each other’s husband’s sexual favors

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I was standing by the front desk of this swank condominium when I saw a five-foot nine-inch casually dressed black woman get off the elevator. “Aretha, is that you?” “White Girl? Oh my god, what are you doing here?” she called back and came running towards me. We