Chloe and Zoe in sex orgy

Chloe your boyfriend’s at the door, Which one? I don’t know do I, maybe if you got off your ass and stopped fingering yourself and had a look you would know! How old does he look? About the same as you, ?? Now come let him in. Fuck sake, ok. I got up and went

My Brother’s Girlfriend

My brother, Paul, was always in the city. You could find him at any strip club, picking up the dancers and taking them home. Abby, has an extremely beautiful face, shoulder length brunette hair, usually with some kind of highlights. Her body has obviously popped out at least one kid. She’s not fat, she only

Prince of the street

Dad raised his hand and was about to hit me. He was drunk as usual and complained that I was costing him too much. He wanted me out of his life. Tears were running down my eyes. I was a young 11-year-old boy living in a city in Russia. My name is Nicholas, and I

The Royal family

This sex story is totally fiction! The Royal family was extremely popular. Even the republicans had a hard time disliking them. The country was lucky. It was well off and people were happy. It was respected by other countries. The latest was the fight against ITO (Islam terror organisation) in the Middle East. Our beloved