The Black(cock) Dealer

My boyfriend Dave had been getting me into interracial sex for a while now. I must admit, at first I thought it was gross. But now, I find it as hot as he does. Those monster black cocks are so erotic, so animalistic. So taboo. I was beginning to have a true lust for a

Bhabhi’s Consensual Rape

“Fuck! It’s 6 o’clock,” I said looking at my watch, to no in particular. “You got anything to eat man? It feels like I haven’t eaten anything for ages,” I asked one of my final year project group partner. “Nahh man,” replied the one whose room we had ‘hijacked’ for near about whole last year,

A Hole in the Wall

It hadn’t been my first trip to a place like that. Every city of any size has them. The trick was finding them. Lawrence isn’t big for a city but it’s a university town. This was before the Internet and its incredible simplification of the process of finding a dick to suck. Hell, back then

Magical Lover

We sat out on the balcony looking at the people walking by on the sidewalk below. I was smoking a cigarette and lying in my lawn chair. “Anything else you need?” the little munchkin said sit- ting across from me, buttoning up his little pants. “Ummm…a real boyfriend?” I said sort of jokingly. “You big

Midnight Movie

Wendy waited impatiently for the movie to start. It was already fifteen minutes past midnight and the girl’s foul mood was obvious even to the popcorn boy. Her date for the evening had stood her up, none of her friends were around, and the only resort for entertain- ment was a lonely midnight movie. Sighing,