Bobby gets drunk and dresses like a girl

In high school young Ed caused a scandal when he got caught fucking the female girl’s gym teacher. She was madly in love with Ed and his fantastic ability with his hormone charged young cock. Her husband was boring and a self-centered lover. Ed, on the other hand knew how to take time and please

A great fuck

Her name was Deena and she’s about thirty years. She’s a little chubby, not much but I find her “FUCKING SEXY!” Why? Because when she cut my hair, she rubbed her body against mine, which caused my cock to stir. When she shampooed my hair, she’s rubbing her thighs against my shoulder. When I’m in

Fantasy I have with my hairdresser

My name is Gary and I’m married and I’ve had this thing about a hair dresser I use to visit. Her name is Deena and she’s twenty years younger than me. I haven’t had Deena cut my hair in a couple of years and missed her. So I called her for an appointment as I

Jess, a black counselor

Jess watch as the four white women entered the room and took seats. She always enjoyed watching new faces enter her class on race relations not knowing what they were getting into. Her class was a non-profit class for white women who had trouble coping with black women at work and was all voluntarily to