A son with a big foot-fetish focused on his mom, and a mom who has a big testicular-fetish focused her son

Jeff was in love with his mother Patricia’s feet. He was 18, she was 38. They were absolutely gorgeous as far as he was concerned. He often fantasized about licking her size 8 soles and sucking on her big toes. Aside from having a foot fetish for his mom’s feet, he also kept a much

A dad turns into something more when he is gently seduced by his beautiful daughter

Third Waiter Shen could hardly contain his excitement. He’d spent a month’s salary on the love potions. The pink one would set ablaze the pubes of a woman whose thighs were held closed by an ice dragon. The black potion was blood of tiger. Once he’d drunk it, Shen would have the speed, tenacity and

A beautiful mystery gift on my 30th Birthday

Being a working wife and mother there is rare opportunity for adventure. But on my 3oth birthday my husband surprised me with an incredible adventure and fantasy come true. He wouldn’t tell me what he had planned for the evening, but it went without saying it would involve sex. Or so I hoped. I am