A story about Enzo’s Niki who has sex with anything that moves just about

One day I was talking to me friend Enzos Niki and brought the subject up. Enzos Niki had never read such a story before. Since we were at my house, I got the magazine out and let her read it. She didn’t get as turned on as I did, but said that she’d like to

A story about a hike I took a few months ago and the hairy friend I met

I live in Rhode Island, but take trips to Seattle about once a month. The following happened on one of my trips last September. It was cool and raining lightly, perfect weather for a nude hike. I doubt there will be many people (if any) on the trail, so I can be bare and play

A Dom pushes the limits of his submissive, while giving his dog a taste

This extreme story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. “Easy Enzo,” he said as she began to struggle. He held her arms behind her. Her legs were held apart by the spreader, and he felt her stiffen as the dog started to taste her.