This is a true account of some of my later experiences with my dog

I’ve been into the lifestyle for twelve years now. I was recently diagnosed with both HPV and cervical cancer. Although the cancer is under control now and I’m doing fine, I had to find a new outlet for my frustrations. This story is true, and one of my last experiences. I don’t know what bestiality

I couldn’t do anal with my husband because his “equipment” was too big, so he helped me out another way

After some of the things I’ve done and enjoyed doing, it sure seems really strange that my husband’s friend Jimmy manages to make me feel sleezier coming to my house all by himself than I felt going to a construction site and fucking and sucking every guy there while everyone watched. I’d almost say he

A boyfriend suggests to his girlfriend that they expand their sex life by having threesomes

They were a cute couple, the young two. Those that knew them or met them knew that the two were deeply in love and had a potentially successful future with each other, both professionally, emotionally, and any other way imaginable. They couldn’t see each other much, just a day or two out of the week,

A wife must take on a new job to help support her family, little does she know that the company is a modeling agency for lesbians

Angela got ready for her first day of work at the LE GIRLS agency in downtown Manhattan. She felt anxious but mostly disgusted with having to get the job. It was only because of her husband that she got it to begin with. He had lost another job and now hung around the house in