A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple’s fantasy about sharing a stranger

Diane said, “I didn’t forget about fixing you up.” Pam laughed. “Fix me up?” “You know, with a black man,” Diane said smiling. Pam’s heart beat a little quicker. Diane handed Pam a piece of paper. “Here’s his number. He lives in Round Rock and he’s bi-sexual like your husband, too.” “How do you know?”

My wife’s best friend photographs our loving

“Go to the bedroom and get naked” Erica told me. Turning to Dianne with a grin she added “We’ll be in there in just a few minutes.” Dianne grinned back at her. I was only too happy to obey, but I wondered what they had in mind. Bondage, maybe? Not really Dianne’s style. Not a

Slutwife cheating

I doubt very much if I’m the perfect husband. I have a stressful job and I know I sometimes come home a little grumpy. Maybe I’m not the best provider, I’m certainly no millionaire, but we do alright. We have a nice home, two luxury cars, my wife has a closet full of beautiful clothes