A friend fixes a couple up with a black man to fulfill the couple’s fantasy about sharing a stranger

Diane said, “I didn’t forget about fixing you up.” Pam laughed. “Fix me up?” “You know, with a black man,” Diane said smiling. Pam’s heart beat a little quicker. Diane handed Pam a piece of paper. “Here’s his number. He lives in Round Rock and he’s bi-sexual like your husband, too.” “How do you know?”

My wife’s best friend photographs our loving

“Go to the bedroom and get naked” Erica told me. Turning to Dianne with a grin she added “We’ll be in there in just a few minutes.” Dianne grinned back at her. I was only too happy to obey, but I wondered what they had in mind. Bondage, maybe? Not really Dianne’s style. Not a

Slutwife cheating

I doubt very much if I’m the perfect husband. I have a stressful job and I know I sometimes come home a little grumpy. Maybe I’m not the best provider, I’m certainly no millionaire, but we do alright. We have a nice home, two luxury cars, my wife has a closet full of beautiful clothes

An incestuous relationship between a frustrated mother and her son gone violent

Warning, this novel was written as a fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. Sheila Verona stood in front of her kitchen sink staring blankly out the small window above it. She was under a tremendous amount of stress at this time and it was beginning to show in the