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It was a Tuesday afternoon, the grade 11 class of girls all jumped into the pool; Ms. Robins watched as the girls stretched and occasionally splashed each other. “Ms. Fields, please watch the girls, make sure each girl does 20 laps, they can play some water polo after that. I’m going to the office to

Kelly in the college 2.

When her eyes refocused, I slid out of her and put her leg down. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “Oh God that was awesome. I think you ruined me!” she chuckled. “No problem” I joked. “Next time I’ll just do you in your ass.” I chuckled cheezily, trying to

Kelly in the college 1.

Kelly was my best friend’s little sister. I met her my freshman year in college when she came in for a visit. She was a senior in highschool, but she looked 21, easily. She was up for a visit for her 18th birthday, my roommate Tim and I had decided that we would take her

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Actually what happened was all my own fault. We were only in our second year of marriage, so Trish and I were still practically newlyweds. Trish was twenty-two, and she never failed to turn heads whenever we were out on the town. I liked her to wear short skirts and high heels, and for some

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The previous weeks had been difficult. In a household breaking apart, each night we would go to sleep to the bitter shouting matches of our parents piercing the wooden floorboards. The only way to protect ourselves against the ravages of the interminable conflict and terror of the not knowing what might happen next, was to

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It was a nice sunny day and the school bus schedule was almost complete. As usual, the four boys were the last to get off and they were fooling around in the rear of the 48-passenger bus. Today the tomfoolery was louder and rougher than normal and as hard as Lori tried, it was too